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Last Minute Wedding Prep

This is going to be my last pre wedding blog post – eeek! With less than 2 months to go I thought I would share how my current to do list is looking, how I’m feeling and let you know all of the last minute things I have planned.
The main priority right now is getting suits for our groomsmen and the wedding rings. These are two things I really wanted Jay to be involved in and with him being away it’s been hard to sort out, he’s back next week – finally! And this is something we will be arranging asap. Yes, we’re quite last minute with those two things…

Remember I had a plan to learn calligraphy? Well, that hasn’t happened. I am a little gutted but I just haven’t made the time for it. I have had this tutorial bookmarked by Carrie from WishWishWish since getting engaged, and I think I’m going to give it a try. I’m still going to do the place names and table plan myself but rethink the lettering. We ordered this cake topper from Etsy and this beautiful hand-dyed silk for bouquets and some other DIY bits we will be doing – I’m obsessed. I love that with the wedding we’ve been able to buy from some independent businesses and support them. They’re two small things but I love them both and they’re going to match the theme and look of the wedding so well.

Our sweet table is going to be completely DIY, pick n mix is a little treat me and Jay both love so we really wanted to include it. I still need to buy quite a few things for it, including this gold backdrop and these sweet bags from Ginger Ray. I’m really impressed with how many affordable wedding decorations they have. I also need to order quite a few gifts for all of the lovely people in my life. I know what I’m getting my bridesmaids and just need to get them ordered, I’ll be doing a post on this afterwards. I also know what I’m ordering for my mum but there’s a couple of people to buy for still – my soon to be husband included.

There are a couple of beauty related things I need to sort, the first is my nails, I’m going to get a manicure and pedicure using bio sculpture before my hen do then again just before the wedding. I’m going to try my best to grow my natural nails as much as possible between now and then. I think I’m going to go for a soft pink with a hint of glitter.

After writing this I am definitely starting to feel the pressure haha! But honestly the lead up feels so magical and I can’t wait for the day to be here. Being apart from Jay for 4 months has definitely changed my whole outlook on getting married, I’m less stressed about the little things and the most important thing to me is having our loved ones there and actually getting married.

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    Candice Petersen

    February 20, 2018Reply

    OMG wedding is so close! Goodluck with the prep..Candice |

    Lucy Alice

    February 20, 2018Reply

    Not long to go now, ahh how exciting! Sounds like its all going relatively smooth, and the lil details like the sweet cart sound wonderful!Lucy | Forever September


    February 21, 2018Reply

    Don’t be stressed! I’m sure it’ll turn out amazing!! 😊💕

    Anika May

    February 21, 2018Reply

    Best of luck, I'm so excited for you!Anika |

    Lauren Victoria

    February 21, 2018Reply

    Ohh I'm so excited for you!! Everything sounds like it will come together very soon. Hope it all goes well for you lovely xxLauren |

    Danielle Alexa

    February 21, 2018Reply

    This is such a great post, I love getting to know about your wedding, it is all so exciting!Danielle xx

    Gemma Louise

    February 21, 2018Reply

    Not long now Jodie, I can't wait to see all your photos eek!! xxGemma Louise

    Mel Eaglestone

    February 22, 2018Reply

    Your wedding will be here before you know it. Most people get the rings last minute anyway Mel ✨

    Charlotte Lane

    February 23, 2018Reply

    Ah it's not long now, I'm soo excited for you and can't wait to see the beautiful photos! Those bits from Ginger Ray are soo cute xoChar |


    February 24, 2018Reply

    EEEeeeek! It's not long yet – It'll be here before you know it xLily

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