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How I Got Better At Saving Money

I haven’t always been good at saving, whilst a student I was definitely the irresponsible one always in Boots shopping the 3for2 makeup I didn’t need…

I don’t want this post to be preachy, this definitely isn’t me telling you how to spend your money… I just wanted to share some things that have worked for me. I feel like money is almost a taboo topic to discuss and speak about, but it really shouldn’t be, and actually it’s a massive part of everyones life. I know it’s not easy and there’s often so many temptations to spend (Charlotte Tilbury, I’m looking at you). Here’s how I’ve managed to get by, save money and not feel like I’m missing out.

Stop worrying about what everyone else has
I’m a social media manager and blogger, so I probably spend atleast 50% of my day on Instagram – seriously! I’m constantly seeing designer handbags, hauls and lavish looking, expensive lifestyles, and it’s easy to fall into thinking what I already have isn’t enough! Over the past year I’ve realised there’s no need to worry about what anyone else has, if I can’t afford something, I can’t have it – it’s as simple as that. There’s always a little pressure (I feel it anyway) to keep up with the latest trends and launches and impulse buy, but I’ve realised my money is better spent else where.

Know exactly what I spend my money on each month
Looking back two years ago I would have absolutely no idea where my money was going, the odd £10 here and there, before I knew it I was down to £0 and eating pesto pasta for weeks on end. Now there isn’t as much of a shock when I look at my statement. I found it helpful to look at a month of spending and write down exactly where my money was going in sections e.g. bills, food and drink, makeup/ clothes. I was surprised by how much I spent on really random things, that I could have been saving.

Get any credit cards/ products on finance paid off asap
The more monthly out goings I have the more stressful my finances feel, I’ve really stripped it back and cancelled anything that doesn’t bring me any joy. I did buy both of my cameras on finance with Argos, this was so useful and allowed me to buy them when I did, but the following months after doing this I made it my priority to get them paid off. I’m going to be buying a new Macbook Pro this year and I’ve told myself I’m not buying one until I have £700 saved for it. In the long run this really does just make life easier.

Capsule wardrobe 
Honestly, I’ve spent hardly any money on clothes over the past year. I haven’t worked it out but I’ve been so strict with myself and just recycled my wardrobe as much as possible. I used to buy a new outfit for every single night out I went on, now I tend to wear the same things, if it’s a top I’ll wear different bottoms and vice versa. I’ve also sold a lot of unwanted things on Depop and then used the money to buy myself something new.

It’s only a good deal if I actually need it
Linking back to the whole 3 for 2 thing… Any kind of offer and I’m a sucker for it! When I know sales are coming up I actually bookmark lots of things from my favourite stores (mainly ASOS,  lets be real), if the things I’ve bookmarked haven’t gone into the sale then I don’t bother looking. It’s only a bargain if you truly want it.

Use cash as much as possible 
If I’m going away for the weekend or doing something I know may be a little pricey, I always get money out of my bank and use that instead of using my card. Having physical money and having to hand it over really makes me aware of just how much I’m spending, and it helps me stick to my spending limit and not go overboard.

Have expensive taste but don’t go mad
This is a biggie for me. I’ll happily get a Jo Malone candle and watch my money burn right before my eyes, but, I buy maybe two a year. I managed to treat myself to a Gucci purse last year, that’s definitely something I don’t do often but I knew at that moment in time financially it was absolutely ok for me to buy it, and I wouldn’t miss or need the money. I’ve realised having expensive taste is absolutely fine, but if I can’t afford it then I have to go without, and when I can afford it, be grateful for that and don’t go overboard.

I hope this has been helpful for anyone else who is trying to save money. I have been fortunate enough to stay at home for the past year and a half which does make saving easier, but with the wedding and move always on my mind I knew I wanted to save and make sure we were prepared. I have managed to live off £300 a month for 4 months, then I got a payrise and it went up to £450 a month that I had as disposable income (after putting money in my savings and paying all monthly outgoings). Yes, it’s not particularly glamourous, but I knew I had more important things to pay for.

Is there anything you do to help you save money?

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    Sophie Wuthrich

    February 4, 2018Reply

    Saving money can be difficult but knowing exactly where you spend your money is super handy! I'm still trying to find the best way for me to save money, but I'll get there!-Sophie x | Cherries & Perfume 

      Jodie Melissa

      February 4, 2018Reply

      You will for sure! It's difficult buy anyone can do it x


    February 4, 2018Reply

    This is really helpful, especially that you don´t have to buy everything others have, I think it doesn´t matter at all, the only thing that matters is if you like it and then you should get it for yourself.xx Kirsten

      Jodie Melissa

      February 4, 2018Reply

      I agree Kirsten, it's so easy to feel like you need to!

    Lisa Autumn

    February 4, 2018Reply

    I have struggled so much saving money when I was younger but the last year it completely changed for me.. so important!xx Lisa |

      Jodie Melissa

      February 4, 2018Reply

      Glad to hear it, it's a really important part of life! I feel like people don't speak about it enough x

    Liv Slack

    February 4, 2018Reply

    Ahhh I needed this. I'm so bad with saving money but opened a savings account last week so hopefully it gets my butt in gear a little more. These are some fab tips I will definitely be noting down

      Jodie Melissa

      February 4, 2018Reply

      Thanks Liv, I hope you find these tips useful! Even making small changes makes a difference, and once you start saving and pass milestones like £100, £500 and so on, it all becomes worth it x


    February 4, 2018Reply

    I love this idea. I'd like to say that I am quiet good at saving money, I tend to think about whether I need it or not and then if something good has happened in my life then I'll treat myself or maybe at the end of every month. I also have a spending limit per week.Lee |

      Jodie Melissa

      February 4, 2018Reply

      Thank you Lee! Such a good idea, I think when I move out in April I'll look at weekly spending limits, definitely a good way to keep on top of everything x

    Lizzie Bee

    February 4, 2018Reply

    I feel like the whole comparison game is one of the main reasons I'm so broke – I just can't help buying something if I see another blogger has it, as I get major FOMO! Everything else you've highlighted is pretty spot on with what I'm going through on a daily basis and oh dear wow I need to stop.So in terms of what I'm doing to save money… I'm not. And I'm awful at it. Oops.Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee

    Gemma Louise

    February 4, 2018Reply

    I loved this post Jodie! I’m awful with money sometimes but I’ve really been saving up well lately because I want a car and to move house so it’s all about prioritising! I am actually the opposite with cash though, I don’t know where my money goes when I use it so I use my card for everything so I can track my spending!! Xx

    Avis Furness

    February 5, 2018Reply

    A bit extreme (and I don't recommend it!) but I broke my wrist a while ago and was in plaster for six weeks. it was impossible to go shopping – I had supermarket deliveries for essentials. And I realised that although I had some extra expenses, in particular rather a lot of taxis, I hadn't spent very much in that time at all. So I got out of the habit of going shopping for the sake of it – I just don't bother any more. And I really don't miss it. No shopping, no spending!


    February 5, 2018Reply

    These are such great tips! I am definitely trying harder to be better with my money and not spend stupid amounts on stupid things. The idea of using cash is one I have never even thought of! Defo want to give it a try Ellie xx

    Abi Street

    February 6, 2018Reply

    This is so helpful! I definitely need to sort my finances out this year and get out of my overdraft. I find the amount of direct debits can be overwhelming but creating a budget is super helpful!Abi | abistreetx

    Charlotte Lane

    February 6, 2018Reply

    This is a great post! I used to be soo good at saving money and now I'm awful at it.. I definitely agree that taking cash out for a weekend away or a night out etc. is soo helpful, as you're then more strict with yourself. One thing I did last year was decrease my phone bill by around £30/35 a month which is crazy! I'll definitely be coming back to this post when I'm stuck for saving money xoChar |

    Katie C

    February 10, 2018Reply

    Great post! This year I've started dabbling in using multiple savings accounts for different goals. I've got an ISA for future housing moving funds (won't be for 5+ years so got a 1 year fixed interest rate), a regular saver for a maternity fund, and then three easy access savers with my regular bank for car/holidays, emergency, and just general budgeting/other goals. I'm find it quite good for making sure I'm not dipping in to savings I shouldn't touch!- Katie //

    Dany Queen

    February 11, 2018Reply

    I seriously need to get better at saving money, it's a problem! I will definitely be keeping these tips in mind! xxDany | Danielle Reine

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