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5 Random Things That Make Me Happy.

With the cold weather showing no sign of going just yet – sigh – I thought I would share a ‘lifestyle’ post and chat about 5 random things that make me happy…

Singing in the car – especially on the way to work.
Even if I’m in a right old mood because it’s raining, or I’ve been in a rush because I forgot to make my lunch the night before (this happens a lot), singing cheers me up! I put on my favourite song (currently Lorde, Sober) and sing my heart out. I’ve realised that my day gets off to a pretty good start every single time I do this.

Someone having a baby or getting engaged
Even if I don’t know who they are, if there’s a cute engagement or baby story online I’m sucked into it all. A good example being Kylie Jenner, I don’t keep up with the Kardashians, but that baby announcement definitely made my day – so cute!

My skincare routine
It’s a guaranteed 5-10 minutes without my phone, laptop or any other technology and I bloomin love it. Sometimes I’ll play some music and just take my time, I’ve kind of neglected my usual pamper sessions at the minute so it feels good to be able to just relax while I take my makeup off. Also, how amazing is that feeling when you remove your mascara and can finally rub your eyes, I feel like it’s worth wearing makeup just for that alone.

Friendly strangers
This is what actually spurred me on to write this post, I’m in such a good mood because I just had a good 10 minute chat with legit the cutest lady in M&S. It’s not often people go out of their way to create a conversation with a stranger, but I love it. Admittedly I need to get a little better at being the conversation starter,

I went to see a Psychic about a week ago (an experience I may do a post about in the future) and the first thing she said to me was ‘you love making lists’ and I thought, you know what, yeah, I really do love a good list. I probably write a list if not 2 a day, I love the feeling of 1) being organised and 2) being able to put a tick at the side of it when it’s complete. I would feel lost without a little scrap of paper with a list of things I have to do everyday.

What random things make you happy?

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    Candice Petersen

    February 6, 2018Reply

    Being organised also makes me really happy! It feels like I am acommplishing in life.Candice |

    Jennifer Frank

    February 6, 2018Reply

    I love singing in the car. I bought the Disney singalong cd and it's so fun! Would love to hear about your psychic experience! jen, velvet spring x

    Lauren Victoria

    February 6, 2018Reply

    I honestly love singing in the car! It makes me so happy and boosts my mood so much XXLauren |


    February 6, 2018Reply

    love the simple things in life,they can turn a not so great day into a better one ,it's all about the small things!


    February 6, 2018Reply

    Aw, I love the idea of this post! Lee |

    Sophie Wuthrich

    February 6, 2018Reply

    Everything you listed here I can totally relate with! Simple but bring a lot of happiness!-Sophie xxCherries & Perfume 

    Liv Slack

    February 7, 2018Reply

    Loved this post. Singing in the car makes me unbelievably happy too!


    February 7, 2018Reply

    Oh my goodness I love singing my heart out when I am feeling a little down. I came home the other night and sang through my favourite musicals at the top of my voice for about an hour and I felt so so much better after!


    February 7, 2018Reply

    There have been so many babies and pregnancies at the moment! Makes me so broody and emotional ahaha Ellie xx

    Danielle Alexa

    February 7, 2018Reply

    I love singing in the car, I play my music and sing that loud that when I am at traffic lights other people can hear me and I quite often see them laughing!Danielle xx

    Charlotte Lane

    February 8, 2018Reply

    I absolutely love seeing others getting engaged and announcing pregnancies, it makes your heart feel so warm doesn't it?! I also love singing my heart out in the car when no one is listening – such a great feeling xoChar |

    Megan Elizabeth

    February 9, 2018Reply

    Making lists and being organised in general makes me so happy and ready to conquer the day

    Caroline Malone

    February 10, 2018Reply

    Friendly strangers are totally something that make me happy too, but you know what really makes me happy, strangers with manners! Those who open doors or offer their seat on the tube, they make me so warm and fuzzy on the inside! I am so the same with lists, I have a personal list, a weekend to-do list, a work list, I fricking love a list!

    Flo la vita

    February 11, 2018Reply

    I agree with you so much on ALL of these! When someone's documenting their pregnancy on Instagram stories, and then they finally give birth I always feel so excited for them. I got wayyy to excited when Hannah gale gave birth! Haha

    atheera dayana

    February 11, 2018Reply

    i love singing while commuting to work. and also having good food makes me happy.


    February 12, 2018Reply

    I am also A Lister! There is such a great satisfaction to organizing and having things organized! My Kitties, Family, Food and Fitness are currently my happy go to's.

    Lucy Alice

    February 13, 2018Reply

    This is such a lovely list of things Jodie – singing in the car always makes me feel good!Lucy | Forever September

    Gemma Louise

    February 16, 2018Reply

    Totally agree with baby announcements, the cutest thing ever! I have never watched an episode of the kardashians in my life, but totally want to see all the photos of Kylie's baby!! xGemma Louise

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