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My Evening Skincare Routine

It's been a while since I've spoken about skincare, the main reason being just how crazy my skin has been over the past 3 months.

All of a sudden I was getting breakouts all along my chin, and I had no idea what was causing it. Over the past month things have started to clear up again, there's been a couple of new blemishes (nice, I know) but nothing like before, so I wanted to share my current routine and let you know the products that have seriously cleared up my skin.

I had a skincare consultation back in September and I was advised to switch to a gel based cleanser rather than cream, so of-course with the recent launch of Glossier in the UK it was the perfect excuse to put in an order and get the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser. This has become my ride or die cleanser for the past 2 months. It cleanses my skin without leaving feeling dehydrated or tight, and it does a really good job at removing makeup too (although I tend to remove my eye makeup with this separately). I use two pumps combined with the Panasonic Facial Cleansing Brush* for my second cleanse and I think these two products have really helped keep my skin clear and ready for the treatments and moisturiser I go on to use. I highly recommend this combo and I'm just so grateful that I've found it now in the run up to my wedding! You can get 10% off if you purchase through this link - if you're interested!

After cleansing I'll use either the Sunday Riley U.F.O oil* or the Pixi Glow Tonic. I have only been using the U.F.O oil for 2 weeks, I've been introducing it into my routine slowly to stop any purging. It's formulated to prevent breakouts and balance blemish prone skin, which, touch wood, I really think it's doing. The ingredients list is seriously impressive and somewhat warrants the high price tag, it contains salicylic acid, and I'm no expert but from what I've researched there are proven results it helps smooth fine lines and keep skin clear. I'm so excited to keep using and give you guys a proper update soon. On the days that I haven't been using the U.F.O oil I've used the Pixi Glow Tonic instead, this is something I've really been enjoying using aswel. I see an instant result and my skin actually looks more glowy, it's well worth the hype.
My moisturiser will be no surprise to you, as always I've repurchased the Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream, it's my 5/6th pot of it! I was using the Clinique Moisture Surge Gel which I absolutely loved, but during Black Friday there was 20% off Kiehls so I decided to stick to an old fave. What I love about this moisturiser is how lightweight yet nourishing it is, it doesn't leave my pores clogged or encourage breakouts at all, if anything it helps prevent them as it balances out my combination skin. If you are after a fuss free moisturier that actually does what it days I would highly recommend.

Lastly, if there are any blemishes that need a direct treatment I have either been using the La Roche Posay Effaclar K, or, wait for it, good old sucocrem! Let me address the sudocrem first, if I can feel any angry, under the skin blemishes it honestly works a treat, calming down the redness and pretty much preventing them before they have started to form. For anything else I rely on La Roche Posay, I absolutely love the Effaclar Duo aswel for blemish treatments, but I find that can be quite drying in the winter so I stick to the Effaclar K which works just fine without being overly drying on the skin.

These are the skincare steps I take every single evening. Around 3 times a week I will also use a face mask, and I've been using the Panasonic Facial Steamer* 3 times a week too, it's pricey but I actually really enjoy using it and find it has helped keep my skin dehydrated in the colder weather - the type of thing that makes a good Christmas gift I think!

Also, I do just want to say that I have switched up a few things in my diet too. I have very little diary now and I don't drink any fizzy drinks, mainly just water/ coffee. I think this has definitely had a positive impact on my skin too, aswel as a solid skincare routine with good products.

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