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My Brow Routine

Out of everything in my beauty routine, brows are the one thing that really can go one way or another. Use the wrong products and I’m potentially gunna look like an extra pantomime…

I’ve realised that for me the pomades, heavy powders and super defined brow look just doesn’t work, they need to be neat but ‘not too groomed’ to suit my face shape and the rest of my makeup (which is usually pretty minimal). For a while I was using the NYX Micro Brow Pencil, that was great but I found that I would use up the whole pencil in a matter of two weeks – you can see the problem there. Now I’ve discovered two new products that are helping to whip up my brows into shape, and they’re being repurchased over and over again.

My Brow Routine
Back in the summer I did have my brows waxed and tinted 3 times, the lady did a really good job and helped me realise that I basically need to stop plucking my brows and let them grow. I’m really trying to leave them to just grow out, after years of plucking away at the hairs some are reluctant to make an appearance – damn the 2007 non-existent brow trend! 

In January I’m going to start tinting my brows and hopefully find someone who I can trust to shape them ever so slightly before the wedding. Naturally I have quite fair brows which don’t add anything to my face and I do rely on products to achieve a more defined look. Having fair brows it means any product I apply over the top is more visible and there’s the chance of it looking more unnatural, so choosing the right type of products becomes even more important.

The products I’ve been loving and how I use them
I’ve always been a fan of Fleur De Force and as soon as I saw the Brow Definer she launched with Eylure I was so excited to try it. It’s a double ended micro pencil providing two different shades, making it even easier to create a more naturally full looking brow. The nib is small so it’s easy to create hair like strokes. I use the shade medium and I’ve found both the lighter and darker shades to be the perfect mid toned- ashy browns that compliment my brows and hair colour well, they are perfectly pigmented too which makes application quick.

I start off using the lighter end of the definer to draw a straight line (well, as straight as possible) at the bottom of my brow. As you can see from the before picture below, my brows naturally still have gaps from previous over plucking, drawing this line really helps to neaten up the brow and instantly makes a difference. I then take a spoolie and comb upwards to blend the colour slightly so it doesn’t look too harsh. Using the lighter shade still I start to draw small, light strokes in the arch and towards the start of my brow. I’m always cautious to fill in this area lightly, as the next product I’m going to mention does most of the work for this.

I use the darker side to define the arch and end of my brow. Sometimes if I have a bit of extra time or if the line isn’t straight, I’ll use a small, flat top brush and concealer to straighten up the line. I’ll then take a fluffy brush and blend that out slightly again so it doesn’t look too neat.

As much as I love the brow definer and it’s the product that definitely makes the most difference I always like to use a brow gel/ taming product after, and my absolute favourite is the Glossier Boy Brow in Brown. I’ve tried the Benefit Gimme Brow, Charlotte Tilbury Legendary brows, and so many other brow gels but nothing beats the Boy Brow – it’s just incredible! I gently brush this through my brows from the start to end and it manages to coat every single hair which makes my brows look even more naturally full and thick which I love. Having this in the brown shade it also adds even more colour which is perfect for me, if your brows are already dark the clear gel would probably be enough for you.

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    Ana Céline

    December 10, 2017Reply

    Your brows look amazing! Thanks for sharing this post lovely


    December 10, 2017Reply

    I have been meaning to try some new brow products for so long! Ellie xx

    Elise Bunyatova

    December 11, 2017Reply

    Your brows look great! Recently, I started using the Charlotte Tilbury brow products which I love too but I really want to try the boy brows. ZEKALIN

    Sofia Chang

    December 11, 2017Reply

    Really liked your suggestions as I myself don't enjoy the heavy powders/super defined brow game that most people do. Already added them to my wishlist – I had no idea that using a taming product after made such a big difference! Thanks for sharing :)xoSofia –

    Charlotte Lane

    December 12, 2017Reply

    Your brows look amazing!! I've only used the Boy Brow once so far and I absolutely love it – thanks for the recommendation 🙂 xoChar |

    Jessica Arzetti

    December 15, 2017Reply

    Boy Brow is an absolute staple in my brow routine! And you're right, nothing really compares to it! Jessica

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