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Christmas To Do List.

Christmas is just around the corner, well, next weekend but you know.
Aswel as relaxing and having a bit of time out, I have quite a few festive things that I want to do, and some bits and bobs I want to get done whilst I have a couple of days off work…

Watch more Christmas films! Last year I don’t think I watched one Christmas film, it wasn’t the most festive of Christmas’s to be honest but this year I want to make sure I watch The Grinch and Elf (atleast twice), and actually relax. For some reason I tend to associate Harry Potter with Christmas too so I might have a little HP marathon aswel.

Working full time and trying to blog I do sometimes put socialising to the back of my agenda which I know is wrong. So, over the next few weeks I want to say yes to more socialising. Over Christmas so many of my friends are back home and I’m going to say yes to every single opportunity I get to see them, I’m sure there will be plenty of eating and drinking involved so going to the gym as much as I can really should be included in here too…

Another thing I really want to do is vlog. I’m so glad that I took the plunge and started my YouTube channel this year and I think the festive period is the perfect time to document. Hopefully I’ll also get the chance to improve my channel, I need to create an end slate and sort a couple more things – which should keep me motivated to do more videos in the new year too.

I know it’s a bit of a random time to do it, but at some point on Boxing Day I really want to have a bit of a clear out. I think it’s mainly my clothing that I need to tackle, and possibly the 30+ pairs of socks I have stuffed into a draw... I always like to go into the New Year feeling organised, a tidy space is a tidy mind. 

Lastly, I really want to reflect on the past year. I feel like 2017 was a bit of a filler year for me, but over Christmas I’m going to take the time to look at the goals I set myself in January and see how far I’ve come before setting some new goals for the new year. Linking to this I really need to buy myself a new diary, I did order one from Anthropology but I wasn’t too keen on the colour so I sent it back. Now I’m on the hunt for a beautiful, yet really practical diary as 2018 is already set to be hectic.

What’s on your Christmas To Do List?

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    Charlotte Morgan

    December 19, 2017Reply

    Loved this post Jodie! I have one quite similar going up on Friday, and like you i'm looking to watch all the Harry Potters and seeing family and friends more!

    Candice Petersen

    December 19, 2017Reply

    I am definitely planning on watching some christmas filmsCandice | Beauty Candy Loves

    Lucy Cole

    December 19, 2017Reply

    Love this! I've already started reflecting on 2017 and planning goals and resolutions for the new year. I'm hoping to socialise a lot too!xxLucy |

    Bry Jaimea

    December 19, 2017Reply

    Sounds like a brilliant list and a perfect way to end the year xx

    Caroline Malone

    December 19, 2017Reply

    I'm definitely renewing my gym membership next year, but it's so hard to regain motivation after the christmas period when my gym classes end like two weeks before the holidays haha!

    The Sunday Mode

    December 20, 2017Reply

    Actually how weird, I associate the HP films with Christmas as well! I think Chamber of Secrets especially because it's snowing and they actually show Christmas trees and stuff like that in that film. I finally watched Elf for the first time (I know!) a couple days ago and I really liked it :)Julia // The Sunday Mode

    Jennifer Frank

    December 20, 2017Reply

    Harry Potter is totally my go-to christmas marathon choice, and the Grinch! I hope you have a wonderful christmas lovely! jen, velvet spring x

    Danielle Alexa

    December 20, 2017Reply

    I love to binge watch Christmas films, I could watch them all day long!Danielle xx

    Charlotte Lane

    December 23, 2017Reply

    I need to watch more Christmas films this year as well, I've only watched two so far! I'm excited to watch more of your vlogs as well because I really love them and enjoy watching them 🙂 xoChar |

    Gemma Louise

    December 23, 2017Reply

    I love your YouTube vids so I hope to see lots more next year, your vlogs are my fave! xGemma Louise


    December 27, 2017Reply

    I don't even know how this happens, but I don't watch Christmas movies. Like at all. I watch Home Alone every year and that's it. I just asked for some recommendations so I already set up a list I'm going to watch in the next few days :Dxo Honey – blog Royal Lifestyle – Twitter – Instagram

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