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What I Learned From My Social Media Break

Social media is a massive part of my life, and I got to the point where I just needed a break...
A few weeks back I took 5/6 days off social media. It was a Sunday evening and I had just had enough, sick and tired of feeling unproductive because I was just sat there on my phone. During my little break I realised just how much time I spend online, and that I needed to make a change.

I spend far too much time looking at a screen
Not only do I write my blog but I also work as a social media manager too, so I would say that 11 hours of my day is spent behind a screen, if not more! I know this is bad, I definitely want to educate myself further because I'm sure there's going to be some side effects from that health wise - it's crazy. Whether it's a television, laptop or my phone my little break has given me the boost I need to do more offline. I'm going to the gym now, listening to music and reading, and I already feel so much better for it.

Breaks work wonders for productivity levels and ability to be creative
Writers block is real, and for me I get a similar feeling when it comes to my photography too. Publishing endless amounts of posts, pictures to the gram and pointless tweets is incredibly time consuming, leaving no time to experience life itself. I know that sounds dramatic but having a social life offline and seeing the world often makes for better content, and helps to give you boost leaving you feeling more inspired and productive - I found it to work for me anyway!

Only share content you are proud of and would like to read yourself
I always always always try to keep this in the back of my mind. I don't feel like I've published posts I'm not proud of in general, but I haven't put as much effort into some as I would like. Whether this means posting less for me because I work full time, or just managing my time better, having a break from social media made me realise why I love it, and the main reason being able to share things I'm proud of, so it made me realise that I can't let my content slip.

I'm going to make a 3/4 day break a more regular thing, maybe once every 3 months? I felt excited to get back to blogging and social media which made me create content I'm really proud of.

Have you ever had a social media/ blogging break?

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