My Feelings On Getting Married/ Wedding Planning

As most of you will know I’m getting married next year… Recently I read a post by Lydia Millen (said post here) that inspired me to share my thoughts and feelings on getting married and how I feel about the whole planning process.

I never planned to get married at 22, and certainly never thought I would be engaged at 20 – I mean who does really? As I’ve got older I’ve realised you can’t predict anything. Everyones path in life is different. A long time before Jay proposed I some how just knew he was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, so why not get married and celebrate that.

I feel like I got lucky meeting Jay, I was so unlucky in other aspects of my life and without him I don’t really know where I would be right now. When I imagine the wedding and the emotions I’m likely to feel on the day it fills me with excitement, one part of the day I envisage the most is meeting Jay at the end of the aisle just before getting married – I think I’ll be needing some tissues for that…

When I was younger marriage wasn’t something I ever thought about, my mum wasn’t married and I hadn’t been to many weddings, so when it came to deciding on how and where we should get married it was a tricky one. In the end we looked at our day to day lives and the things we enjoy in that, and then tried to make a wedding around those – spending time with friends and family, music and food

The more I think about the wedding, the more important the ‘getting married’ bit becomes, it sounds simple but it’s what the whole day is in celebration of. The most important people in your life are there for that and everything extra is just a bonus.

Wedding planning 
In terms of wedding planning I’m probably feeling a lot more laid back than I should be at the minute. We only have 5 months to go but I’m just trying to enjoy taking things one step at a time. As much as I’m loving the whole planning process it takes up so much time and I know I need to get organised with all of the DIY jobs I want to achieve before the day.

When wedding planning it’s really easy to get lost into caring about what will make others happy on your wedding day. Of-course to a certain extent that’s fine, but I’ve started to think more about what myself and Jay would want instead – It’s our wedding after all! I’m going to mention the dreaded b work now, BUDGET. If myself and Jay can’t afford something we just accept that and move on – I know I would rather be debt free after the wedding. I think one of the main issues is that it’s so easy to get carried away, it’s looking like we’ll be going over our budget by 1/4 with all of the little costs we didn’t think about at the beginning.

Also, with the internet I feel like expectations for weddings and wedding decor are much higher than they used to be. In reality a lot of the beautiful wedding set ups are actually styled shoots, that’s something I remind myself when thinking about what we should go for and budget – fresh flowers are ££££.

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23 responses to “My Feelings On Getting Married/ Wedding Planning”

  1. Imii Mace says:

    You look absolutely gorgeous in these photos (not that you don't usually)! Best of luck with everything left to plan and organise! <3

  2. Federica says:

    This was such a nice reading Jodie! I totally agree with you when you say you are trying to enjoy taking things one step at a time, I'll probably do the same! By the way you look STUNNING in this jumpsuit, I honestly can't wait to see the Dress reveal! Best wishes to you and Jay!federica |

    • Jodie Melissa says:

      Thank you Federica, so glad you enjoyed it – I loved writing it! Hope you love my dress as much as I do haha, thank you x

  3. Jennifer Frank says:

    Such a lovely thing to read, I'm 22 and I've been with my boyfriend for five years in Feb and even though I am young, I know I want to spend the rest of my life with him! I'm sooo excited to see your wedding photos and the dress reveal! Best wishes to you both! jen, velvet spring x

  4. Lizzie ♥ says:

    I am in the exact same position right now – I'm also getting married next year (yay, wedding buddies!) but I'm stressing out so much about the whole wedding budget. Hopefully I can adopt your laid back behaviour so that I can chill out a little bit!Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee

    • Jodie Melissa says:

      Ahh congratulations! It's going to be here so soon. It's scary isn't it, I'm definitely feeling a little pressure but really trying to enjoy the whole process x

  5. cindyhyue says:

    This was such a nice read, Jodie!! I love how you and your fiance are being so responsible with your wedding budget – much better to be budget conscious than be swamped with debt afterwards. I am also in looove with your jumpsuit -it suits you so so well and you are absolutely glowing!!Cindy |

  6. PetiteElliee says:

    I am so excited for you to be getting married! LOved this post Ellie xx

  7. Frances says:

    It must be crazy trying to plan a wedding and with so many wonderful ideas floating around pinterest too. But like you say they are styled shoots so probably not realistic for most people! xxFrances Kayleigh | Fashion Beauty Lifestyle

  8. todaysouhaila says:

    you're so pretty,love this jumpsuit,good luck on everything x

  9. kerstinix says:

    oh that was such a lovely read. I'm nowhere near planning my own wedding but i'm obsessed with all things marriage on pinterest haha. also, I found it super interesting to read your thoughts on this very exciting time in your life. good luck and love on everything that's to come. love, kerstin

  10. alittlekiran says:

    You are so stunning and white is really so your colour. I am excited for your upcoming wedding and your marriage, I feel only positive energy when reading your posts and can't wait to hear all about this new chapter in your life. Good luck with the wedding planning, and thank you for sharing your thoughts xxxALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  11. The Makeup Directory says:

    You look gorgeous in these photos Jodie, white suits you so well! Your wedding planning is really exciting and you seem to loving it, I'm sure you're going to have a great day!The Makeup Directory

  12. Gemma Louise says:

    I think it's so lovely that you found who you want to spend the rest of your life with so young, I wish I had! xxGemma Louise

  13. Danielle Alexa says:

    You look absolutely stunning in the photos, I can imagine that your wedding will be so breathtaking!Danielle xx

  14. Charlotte Lane says:

    You look absolutely beautiful Jodie! I loved reading this post and hearing your thoughts and feelings on getting married. It's soo lovely that you found the perfect one for you and I'm sure your wedding will be the most beautiful day ever xoChar |

  15. Lucy Alice says:

    Marriage is such an exciting prospect, and I can't believe its come around so quickly for you! I remember reading your post on you getting engaged, its all so exciting!Lucy | Forever September

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