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Life Update & Taking a Break…

Over the past two weeks I’ve felt a little distant from blogging/ Instagram and all the things I usually love about social media – so, I’m taking a little break!

You may know that my other half Jay has gone away for 4 months, he helps me so much and encouraged me to create fashion/ lifestyle content – but without him here I have no one to help me do that! This has kind of left me in a bit of a rut as I work Monday to Friday 8-4, so my time to take any photos is now very limited with the early nights.

I blooomin’ love photography and that feeling of being proud of my photos, but it’s something I haven’t had in quite a long time which makes me so sad! My plan is to spend part of Saturday having a huge photography session which I’m hoping will keep me inspired and motivated, there are so many festive post idea’s that I have whizzing around my head that I’m so excited to take pictures for. Another blog related thing I wanted to mention was my comments section, there is nothing I love more than seeing people comment on my posts and I feel so awful that I just haven’t been replying lately. That’s going to change and I’m going to make it my priority, because it honestly means the world.

Also, another thing I haven’t mentioned too much is my skin. I’ve been having some major skin issues the past 3/4 months and some really awful breakouts across my chin that just won’t clear. It seems like it may be stress related so I just want to invest more time in looking after myself to be honest. I have some big things left still to sort out for the wedding that will fingers crossed be coming along nicely by the end of this week.

So yeah, I guess I’m just adjusting to what’s going to be a pretty crazy few months ahead of me and finding my feet. I’ve decided that I’m going to try and put together a little vlog of this week on my YouTube channel  if you are interested in seeing what I’m up to. My next post will be going up Monday 20th November and it’s a Christmas Gift Guide! I hope you all have a wonderful week x

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    Sophie Wuthrich

    November 12, 2017Reply

    Taking care of yourself is definitely most important! I have been in a rut myself for the past few months but I recently started picking myself back up. And the skin thing, oh boy can I relate to those annoying breakouts that just do not seem to go away. I've been using Sudo Creme as a spot treatment continuously and it's been working. I get a decent amount for around $9 (AU) at Coles, it's the stuff people use for babies when they have nappy rash or other skin issues!-Sophie xxCherries & Perfume 

    Gemma Louise

    November 12, 2017Reply

    I will miss you dearly Jodie! Hope you come back feeling more motivated and inspired than ever! I’ve had some horrible breakouts lately and they still haven’t cleared up, winter is the worst for it! Can’t wait to see your gift guide! Xx


    November 13, 2017Reply

    Take care of yourself! Completely understand! You’re content is always lovely!

    Jessie-Ann Lewis

    November 13, 2017Reply

    I hope you enjoy your break – I absolutely love your blog & am looking forward to seeing more of your content, but sometimes it's so important to take some time out. In terms of breakouts, I've been having them badly on my cheeks and have had antibiotics in the past to help with it. It worked wonders! xxJessie | allthingsbeautiful-x


    November 13, 2017Reply

    Aw Jodie! Take all of the time you need darling! I hope you can get re-inspired and fall in love with your photography again! xxFrances Kayleigh | Fashion Beauty Lifestyle


    November 13, 2017Reply

    I feel you, I´m going through a little break too…but the best thing is to feel good and only post when you´re loving what you´re doing no matter how long it takes and it will get better I promise!xx from Germany, Kirsten

    Danielle Alexa

    November 14, 2017Reply

    It can sometimes be really healthy to take a break and have some time to yourself. I can see myself having a break very soon, hopefully around Christmas time so that I can fully relax!Danielle xx


    November 15, 2017Reply

    I'm also entering the crazy-few-months-zone now so I totally get it. Blog will definitely suffer, but I'll try to keep up with it. However, taking some time off to deal with real life is definitely more important and not bad at all from time to time :)xo Honey – blog Royal Lifestyle – Twitter – Instagram


    November 15, 2017Reply

    Omg this post is SO relatable! I could have wrote those lines! I feel like something is broken with my passion for blogging and Instagramming. I'm never completly satisfied with my pictures no matter how much effort I make and that drives me crazy. Your post really cheered me up ♥

    Anika May

    November 16, 2017Reply

    I definitely want to try focusing on photography a lot more too, loving this post! Will definitely check out your YouTube channel too! :)Anika |

    Charlotte Lane

    November 20, 2017Reply

    I read this post when it first went live, but I didn't manage to leave you a comment! I hope your break has helped you to feel more motivated – I'm catching up on blog posts at the moment and I'm super excited to read your gift guide!xoChar |

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