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Feeling Confident In Swimwear

Body confidence isn’t something I’ve always had, especially in swimwear! But, over the years it’s definitely improved and I’ve found there are a few things that have helped me feel my best in my own skin. 
It was my recent trip to Berlin (I vlogged it here), that got me thinking about body confidence and my own self esteem. I haven’t had a reason to be in a bikini or any kind of swimwear for years, and I actually felt a little nervous and starting thinking about the parts of my body that would be on show that I definitely, always hide! Something I noticed when on the hunt for the perfect swimwear was how hard it is to find gorgeous pieces all year round, then I found Swimwear365.

Have a good pamper
A major thing that gives me a little confidence boost is having a good pamper, most importantly applying a fake tan! A couple of days before going away I applied two layers which made such a difference, I also made sure my skin was exfoliated and moisturised whilst in Berlin which kept everything looking smooth. I booked myself in to get gel nails and applied a matching polish to my toes – I made sure everywhere looked as good as it could. It took around 2 hours all in all but something I’m so glad that I did. Before any trip I’m going to try my best to make sure I have a little pamper before hand.

Focus on the body parts you love and choose your swimwear from there
The main reason I questioned my confidence was the thought of my stomach being on show, it’s the area I’m not 100% happy with – so I decided to try a swimsuit. I had a misconception that swimsuits are a little boring, but they’re actually super flattering and there are so many different styles. I’m happy and comfortable with my legs, arms and back so I opted for this swimsuit with back detail and scoop neckline. I felt so comfortable and happy wearing this, it’s a staple and I know it’s going to come on my next holiday with me (which I’m pretty sure will be my honeymoon – how exciting!)

Step up your swimwear game
There is nothing worse than a swimsuit that doesn’t fit or baggy bikini bottoms! I’ve found investing in quality swimwear to give me a confidence boost, knowing that it isn’t see through or going to become baggy during a days wear is a massive thing for me. One way I stepped up my swimwear game was by opting for this belted, halter neck swimsuit for one of the days. I absolutely love wearing halter neck tops so having a halter neck option made sense, and the belt is really flattering helping to pinch me in at the waist. I think this is my favourite piece from the whole trip, it adds a touch of glamour which I absolutely love.

Don’t neglect your hair/ makeup
There’s no way you’d catch me with a full face of makeup on by the pool or in a spa, however, I’ve realised applying a little mascara, taming my brows and popping on some lip balm another good way to give me a little confidence boost. For my next trip I think I’m going to book in to have an LVL lash lift so I won’t even need to wear mascara. I always kept my hair tied back but had my fringe out, it sounds simple but I don’t like the way my hair looks scrapped back because of my hair line, so doing this again just helped me feel a little more like myself!

Step out of your comfort zone towards the end of your stay
I’m a massive believer in gaining confidence through challenging our beliefs and stepping out of our comfort zones. Using this method has worked so well for me, taking small steps to make big changes. I decided I wanted to choose a bikini set too, so I went for this gorgeous bandeau top and briefs. For our last visit down to the spa I braved it and wore this set, and honestly it wasn’t half as bad as I thought it would be. I felt comfortable and pretty proud of myself that I managed to do it and feel good at the same time. I think when I come to do my next swimwear shop I’ll definitely include more bikini’s – yaay!

This post is in collaboration with Swimwear365, I bloomin’ loved pushing myself out of my comfort zone, discovering that I actually love swimsuits and feeling confident wearing next to nothing!

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    Lauren Victoria

    November 1, 2017Reply

    This is such an important post! I think we all can relate to not feeling our best when wearing swimwear, but little tricks like pampering ourselves before hand, wearing our hair in a comfortable style and popping on a little bit of makeup can make us feel more confident and more ourselves xxLauren |

    Danielle Alexa

    November 1, 2017Reply

    When I am on holiday I always have to do my hair before I head out in my swimwear, it make me feel a little better!Danielle xx

    Charlotte Lane

    November 2, 2017Reply

    Jodie you have such a lovely figure! All of the swimsuits and the bikini look great on you! It's definitely soo hard to find swimwear that's flattering – I know this is something I struggle with, but trying on different styles helps and this is something I am going to do next year before I go on holiday 🙂 Great post and it's amazing to hear that you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone and felt more confident for it!xoChar |


    December 1, 2017Reply

    As summer blurs into fall 2014, we figured it is enjoyable to consider what lies ahead for 2015 swimwear and two-piece patterns

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