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The Perfect Nude Lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury

Going into a Charlotte Tilbury store and walking out empty handed is impossible, everything is just so beautiful!
I popped in the other day and ended up leaving with a new edition to my lipstick collection from the Matte Revolution range, and it looks like it’s going to be my go to nude for the autumn months.

The lipstick in question is Very Victoria from the Matte Revolution collection – known for it’s incredibly comfortable formulation and soft matte finish. I’ve have a few of the lipsticks from the range and they are definitely some of my favourites. I have quite dry lips naturally and for me they are comfortable to wear all day without any drying. One thing I will say is that if you are used to a matte lipstick lasting 6-7 hours on you then these may disappoint as I have to top up every 4-6 hours depending on the shade – however with a lip liner they do last longer and for the finish I think it’s worth it.

Very Victoria is actually inspired by the absolute babe Victoria Beckham! It’s a cool toned taupe nude shade with a hint of purple which really helps to make the teeth look whiter. Nude lipsticks are a go to for me but finding the perfect tone can be tricky, a lot of them will either look too dark or wash me out. Luckily Very Victoria really is the perfect nude shade, the cool undertone and matte finish make it gorgeous for this time of year too.

Like the other Matte Revolution lipsticks the formula actually contains 3D glowing pigments, for me this is the game changer that makes it the perfect nude over other lipstick I’ve tried. My lips look plump and hydrated rather than flat and dull like a lot of other products I’ve used do. The formula is also made up of oils and waxes which really does help make wearing a matte lipstick all day everyday possible.

I wanted to compare it to Bond Girl, which as you can see is a little darker with more of a berry tone to it. In the swatch you can also see the 3D particles I mentioned earlier, such a clever way to add dimension to a lipstick without taking away from a matte finish.

A bit of an old school style post but a lipstick as beautiful as this deserves it’s own post in my eyes. Do you have a favourite shade from the matte revolution range?

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    Amber Gregory

    September 26, 2017Reply

    Charlotte Tilbury's packaging is just to die for! Who wouldn't love a rose gold lipstick?!


    September 26, 2017Reply

    I really wanna try the shade Pillow Talk! But this one look so pretty too!

    Charlotte Lane

    September 26, 2017Reply

    I love this post! Your photos are beautiful as well!! The shade Very Victoria is right up my street and I need to add this to my ever growing makeup wishlist 🙂 xoChar |

    Charlotte Morgan

    September 26, 2017Reply

    That shade looks absolutely stunning! Beautiful photos as always xx

    Hannah Morris

    September 26, 2017Reply

    I love CT lipsticks and this is a really gorgeous one! Very Victoria looks like a really stunning shade. Beautiful photos too xxHannah | luxuryblush


    September 26, 2017Reply

    What a stunning shade, so need this in my collection!Lotte |

    Caroline Malone

    September 26, 2017Reply

    I have Bond Girl and now I think I really need to get Very Victoria as well! This is beautiful and love that it's still got that creamy formula even for a matte shade which is so ideal in the winter months when my lips are a bit drier!

    Wildfire Charm

    September 26, 2017Reply

    Omg, this shade is so pretty for autumn! I love it

    Jessie-Ann Lewis

    September 26, 2017Reply

    This is such an amazing shade for this time of year! I love it xxJessie | allthingsbeautiful-x


    September 27, 2017Reply

    Bond Girl + Very Victoria are my two favorite shades from the range!! Totally reminds me to bring them out for Fall! I have Pillow Talk + Glastonberry but tbh they're definitely lesser loved in my collection. The Matte Revolution lipsticks are definitely a great investment if they're well used in your collection!Cindy |

    Emily Vyse

    September 27, 2017Reply

    I only have one Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in the shade "walk of shame" but it is my absolute favourite. This looks gorgeous too

    Shiana Jarvis

    September 27, 2017Reply

    I adore this shade! I got this in one of her quick and easy kits last year and it knocked Bond Girl off the top spot for me! :)Shiana xx Shiana Jarvis

    Danielle Alexa

    September 27, 2017Reply

    Very Victoria is the most incredible shade that I have in my collection, I reach for it all of the time!Danielle xx


    September 27, 2017Reply

    OKay I need this in my life Ellie xx

    Jennifer Frank

    September 27, 2017Reply

    LOVE very victoria, such a pretty shade! jen, velvet spring x


    September 28, 2017Reply

    I love every single color of lipstick that CT has! I don't know why I haven't bought any yet! xxCarolina's Makeup Life

    Gemma Louise

    September 28, 2017Reply

    I believe Very Victoria is the most recent addition to my CT collection and I agree, it's such a beautiful shade! I have Bond Girl too and they're both so perfect for A/W xxGemma Louise

    Lucy Alice

    September 29, 2017Reply

    I really want bond girl, such a gorgeous shade!Lucy | Forever September

    Beeing Sophie

    October 13, 2017Reply

    This is so strange as Very Victoria is the shade I CURRENTLY own and Bond Girl is the shade on my wishlist! Great minds think alike? I adore the formula of CT lipsticks; by far the best i've tried, as it's not too drying and lasts really well. I haven't tried the lip liner though, you may have sold it to me! It's just whether i get a lip liner to go with my existing colour, or go all out with Bond Girl AND the matching lip liner… oh decisions!Bumble & Be

    Richard Butler Creagh

    October 17, 2017Reply

    It's a great lipstick and the shade is perfect for both day and night wear!

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