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Autumn Goals

At the beginning of this month I was kind of dreading autumn – I’ll miss the long days, excuse for an ice cream and occasional sunny weather…
Now, I feel ready, and I’m kind of looking forward to the next few months. In April I set myself some summer goals, you can read how I got on with those here. Setting goals every 3 months worked so much better for me, I actually managed to get sh*t done! Here’s what I want to achieve over the next few months…

1) Start vlogging
My main summer goal was to start a YouTube channel, which I did! But, I quickly realised that sitting down and filming videos unless it was a haul, favourites or something chatty wasn’t that enjoyable. I love watching vlogs where you just get to see someone go about their day to day life, so that’s hopefully what I’m going to be doing. I have a lot planned over the next few months so I want to document all that and just have fun with it. Plus my fiance goes away with work for 4 months at the start of November, so I really want to document what we get up to before he goes.

2) Become a calligraphy pro
I really want to hand write everything for the wedding, so I’ve set myself the challenge to learn calligraphy! I’ve been using this book and it’s been such a good introduction to it all. Over the next few months I’m hoping to go to some workshops in Manchester and continue practising. I’ve already started and I’m actually really enjoying it, it’s therapeutic to take an hour out of everything blogging related.

3) Start believing in myself
This is something I used to struggle with in school and uni, but I know my own self-confidence are starting to slip again. I’m really enjoying posting more fashion and lifestyle content, but I always have so many doubts about it. This autumn I’m going to try my best to scrap the negativity and remember that aslong as I’m posting things I love, that’s all that matters.

4) Continue living a healthy lifestyle
I’ve been a little vague with this one because I feel like I could make a separate post on my health/ fitness goals, there’s so much I want to do. My skin has been playing up a little the past few months and from what I’ve read and been told it could be down to diary. I’m hoping to cut it out of my diet completely, I hardly have any diary anyway – except chocolate – weeps… But yeah, it’s gotta go. I’ve been a pescatarian for a few months now too, I’m not being strict with myself on this, if I want meat I’m going to have some, but so far I’m enjoying not having it.

I think I’m going to do a whole post on this because there’s so much more to it, but overall I just want to continue feeling fit and healthy.


Have you set yourself any goals for autumn?
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    La Coco Noire

    September 17, 2017Reply

    i reaaaaaally need to start putting together monthly goals! it's sch a good idea to keep your mind focussed, it's just something i've never got round to yet.calligraphy is something i really wanted to get into as well, and i actually bought the same book as you! it's been sitting on my shelf gathering dust though as work has taken over my life…a reminder to get my act together and chill out a bit and do some pretty writing! ♥good luck with all of your goals my love, believing in yourself should defo be a top priority!! go kick some ass! katie. xx

      Jodie Melissa

      September 17, 2017Reply

      Yeah, I prefer seasonal goals but monthly goals are good too. Yeah, it's one of those things you just need to keep doing and get into. Thank you lovely, you too!

    Amber Gregory

    September 17, 2017Reply

    Learning calligraphy will add such a pretty and personal touch to your wedding invites and the like! Best of luck with all of your goals lovely!

    Danielle Alexa

    September 17, 2017Reply

    I would love to learn calligraphy, it is such an incredible skill!Danielle xx

    Mel Eaglestone

    September 17, 2017Reply

    Good look on changing the direction of your youtube channel and doing more of what you loveMel ★

    Becca Fletcher

    September 17, 2017Reply

    Ive just subscribed to your youtube channel. One of my goals is to keep up a healthy lifestyle too

    Sloane Beck

    September 18, 2017Reply

    I love shopping and collecting new dresses, either its winter or summer. I also have started preparing fr the autumn and this time I have got some great stuff with womens trendy clothing and accessories. I feel like I have completely prepared for the autumns.

    Diana Maria

    September 18, 2017Reply

    Good luck with the vlogging, as well as with calligraphy! I've been told I have nice handwriting since I was young, so I really want to make use of that skill and make some pretty prints. Also love the bit about believing yourself, I wish you all the best this season! xxSending light & love your way,My Lovelier Days

    Gemma Louise

    September 18, 2017Reply

    I have been loving all your content lately so you definitely have no reason to doubt yourself, I can't wait to see your vlogs!! xxGemma Louise

    Ana Céline

    September 19, 2017Reply

    Girl you look amazing! I love the jumper you're wearing

    Charlotte Lane

    September 19, 2017Reply

    I love these photo's of you Jodie, you look gorgeous! I'm excited to watch your vlogs and it would be great to hear more on your health and fitness journey/goals 🙂 xoChar |


    September 20, 2017Reply

    I, again, have to say you're so pretty!also, love your goals. all are great and I mostly hope you'll get back your confidence. but I'm also really excited for your vlogs! I can't get the courage to make a YT channel so I'm always proud when someone does :Dxo Honey – blog Royal Lifestyle – Twitter – Instagram

    Lucy Alice

    September 20, 2017Reply

    You're so gorgeous Jodie, and I love this outfit – I'd love to learn how to do calligraphy, and its something I might take up as it'd be super useful to do in my university sketchbooks!Lucy | Forever September

    The Makeup Directory

    September 21, 2017Reply

    Firstly just want to say I LOVE your outfit here, I really want to get myself a leather skirt! You look gorgeous!Can't wait to see your vlogs Jodie :)The Makeup Directory

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