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Content Creators Who Inspire Me

The last time I shared the love for some of my faves was in this post published just before Christmas – how time flys! I owe a lot to the amazing people within the blogging/ YouTube community that motivate me to produce the best content I can. Of-course there are other people that inspire me day to day (I get a lot of inspiration from Instagram as photography seems to motivate me), but here are some of the people that spring to mind first…

Lily – Pint Sized Beauty
Lily is so kind, warm and has such a big heart! She’s so supportive and encouraging of others and I think her presence in the blogging community is very much appreciated. To me Lily is a reminder to support others and share the love.

Gemma – Gemma Louise
If there’s one thing Gemma inspires me to be it’s hard working, she manages to keep up with everything whilst raising her little boy Rueben, and for that I think she’s fab! I had been considering starting a YouTube channel for years and after seeing Gemma have the courage to start it really spurred me on to just take the plunge.

Morgan Alice – Morgansbeautyblog
I’ve only recently discovered Morgan Alice’s blog and Instagram, I just wish I had found her content sooner because every single thing she posts is beautiful! She inspires me to think outside the box when it comes to my content and think about new ways of presenting things when it comes to photography. It seems she posts what she loves and that’s that, it reminds me of when I first started blogging and it was all based on having a passion for something – which is what blogging should always boil down to. 

Robyn – Phases of Robyn
If you’re looking for a blogger that does it all then Robyn is your girl! I love how she touches on so many different topics, she has really inspired me to step into the world of fashion blogging too which has been a challenge but something I’m really loving! Her blog covers all sorts of topics and the advice she has for us fellow bloggers is honest, down to earth and so valuable.

Stef – The Michalaks
I’ve been watching the Michalaks vlogs for 2-3 years now and I don’t think I have missed 1! After finishing one of their vlogs I always feel happy and in such a good mood, it’s the perfect way to end a week. Both Stef and Hannah inspire me in so many ways, their whole approach to life really! When it comes to YouTube I’ve learnt to just produce content I want to create and not focus on the numbers through them.

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    Gemma Louise

    August 7, 2017Reply

    Aw thanks Jodie! I've kinda given up on YouTube at the moment to focus on my blog but hopefully I'll get back into it eventually! Lily is like the friendliest girl ever & I've also just discovered Morgan, love her content and her lil baba is so cute! XGemma Louise

      Jodie Melissa

      August 8, 2017Reply

      You're welcome… It's really hard to set up isn't it, for me I do some times struggle to think of things to post too which I rarely have with blogging! Ahhh yes I love all of her photos and Insta stories featuring Alice, so cute x

    Alice Snell

    August 7, 2017Reply

    What a lovely post! I also adore Lily, Gemma and Robyn's content, very inspiring and I always rush to read their new posts, as I do with yours! I am going to go over and check out Morgan Alice now. Alice May Snell ♡

      Jodie Melissa

      August 8, 2017Reply

      Me too, they're fab! Hope you like Morgan Alice too (I'm sure you will) x

    Ana Céline

    August 7, 2017Reply

    Thanks for sharing this post lovely, I will definitely check out their blogs and Social Media

      Jodie Melissa

      August 8, 2017Reply

      Aw no problem Ana I love making posts like this and sharing the love. Hope you love their content as much as I do! x


    August 7, 2017Reply

    I love Robyn's content so much! I now feel inspired to write the same blog post for people who inspire me. I'm gonna get my thinking cap on. Lovely post xo

    Megan Denton

    August 8, 2017Reply

    These posts are so great for finding new spaces to check out. Thanks for the suggestions xxMeganDenton & Lou 

    Lucy Cole

    August 8, 2017Reply

    Love this! Spotted some of my faves in this post too. xx Lucy |

    Lauren Victoria

    August 8, 2017Reply

    Some of these inspire me too!! I'm going to check out the new bloggers I haven't discovered yet xxLauren |

    Georgiana Teglas

    August 8, 2017Reply

    Lovely post. I only follow Lily, but I`ll check the others out as well.Georgiana / Beauty Nerd

    The Makeup Directory

    August 9, 2017Reply

    I love all of these so much, literally not a blogger/vlogger here who I don't get inspired by! I really love the Michalaks too, me and Harry watch their vlogs every week together!The Makeup Directory

    Danielle Alexa

    August 9, 2017Reply

    I already know most of these but I'm going to have to check the others out!Danielle xx

    Sincerely Sarah

    August 22, 2017Reply

    I love the Michalaks too! Watch them every week and have been since Grayson was born. Crazy how much time has passed. Their edits just seem to get better and better too.Sincerely, Sarah

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