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5 Beautiful Must Try Eyeshadows

It’s not everyday I get to wear eyeshadow, so when I do it’s more than often something with a little sparkle!

If you like pretty, and quite frankly beautiful eyeshadows then I think you’ll love these picks…

A recent addition to my eyeshadow collection is the By Terry Ombre Black Star in Frozen Quartz, this is a little more pink that I expected it to be, but it really is a beautiful eyeshadow in terms of the shade, formulation and packaging. It’s a creamy eyeshadow stick that’s easy to blend and doesn’t budge all day, the shade itself is a glittery muted pink – perfect for spring/ summer!

A more wearable yet beautiful everyday eyeshadow is MAC All That Glitters, I remember everyone used to rave about this and I was torn between purchasing it or Naked Lunch a good 5/6 years ago (any old school beauty bloggers out there remember Naked Lunch?) anyway, all that glitters is a soft, shimmery pink that looks fab worn alone on the lid. A more wearable version of Frozen Quartz really…

Although a little messy, you can’t deny how stunning a good loose pigment is! MAC’s Tan pigment is up there with one of my favourite evening eyeshadow picks. Perfect for blue eyes this adds a sparkle to any eye makeup look. Sometimes I’ll just wear this along the lower lash line and that looks pretty too. It looks like I’ve hardly used it but a little goes such a long way!

One of my all time favourite palettes, which just so happens to be one of the most affordable in my collection too, is the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette! It contains so many gorgeous shades perfect for both day and evening wear, but one of my faves is Pure Ganache. It’s stupidly pigmented, creamy and a stunning gold shade that I’ve found myself reaching for a lot. If you have a only £20 to spend on something makeup related this month, make it this!

Lastly is Chopper from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette – a shimmering copper shade. Perfect for both summer and autumnal makeup this shade is definitely the most loved for me out of the whole palette. If Chopper was an individual shadow I think it would come everywhere with me. It’s so unique and like nothing in my collection.


What’s the most beautiful eyeshadow in your collection?

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    Candice Petersen

    August 14, 2017Reply

    That Urban Decay palette looks seriously gorgeous! Candice | Beauty Candy Loves 

    Emma Fisken

    August 14, 2017Reply

    That Zoeva palette looks right up my street! I love a good bronzey eye, looks so great with tanned skin and blue eyes. Definitely need to check out all of these eye shadows so I'm not forever hammering my Naked 3! Emma | Reverie de Paris

    Amber Gregory

    August 14, 2017Reply

    I love a bronzey eyeshadow look, especially since using browns brings out the blue in my eyes! I really need to try some of the MAC pigments.

    Becca Fletcher

    August 14, 2017Reply

    All That Glitters is one of my all time favourite eyeshadows. I bought it like 7 years ago because it was the MAC eyeshadow to buy but I remember being torn between that and Naked Lunch too!

    Izzy K

    August 14, 2017Reply

    Love the urban decay palette so much. These are all such gorgeous shades, thanks for sharing :)

    Natalie Leanne

    August 14, 2017Reply

    I can't believe I've never tried a MAC eyeshadow before, but im loving my Zoeva palette!

    Lucy Cole

    August 14, 2017Reply

    I really want to get my hands on that zoeva palette – it's so affordable and has such a great range of shades xx Lucy |

    Nicole Baxter

    August 14, 2017Reply

    I absolutely love the Zoeva palettes!

    Phoebe Tee

    August 15, 2017Reply

    Zoeva became one of my favourite brands since discovering their brushes and then subsequently their Caramel Melange palette – they have some incredibly bronzey coppery shades in that palette which from the looks of this post, you will LOVE! P

    Gemma B

    August 15, 2017Reply

    All these shades are to die for! Totally lusting over MAC's pigment in Tan! It's been on my wish list for the longest time, I think I may just have to cave after this post! Gem /


    August 15, 2017Reply

    I absolutely love the look of all of these shades, such typical "me" shades! Tan looks gorgeous though xxJasmine ||


    August 15, 2017Reply

    The Zoeva cocoa blends palette has been on my wish list for months but I am trying to hard to cut down on makeup spending!! It looks so up my street though!

    The Makeup Feed

    August 15, 2017Reply

    I love MAC All That Glitters, it's stunning!xx, The Makeup Feed

    Salma Ummbaby

    August 16, 2017Reply

    Such pretty shades. I generally steer towards matte shades but when I want to dress up and feel special I will reach for a shimmer shade. Chopper is gorgeous xxxUmmBabyBeauty


    August 16, 2017Reply

    Looooove the color of the MAC pigment! Super gorgeous!

    Charlotte Lane

    August 16, 2017Reply

    Oh my goodness all of these shades are literally to die for!! Stunning! I really need to pick up a MAC loose pigment, as I love the idea of them and the gorgeous eyeshadow looks they can create! The Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette looks stunning as well and it's a palette I've had my eye on for the longest time xoChar |

    The Makeup Directory

    August 16, 2017Reply

    Chopper is one of my favourite shades from the Naked 2 as well, it's just gorgeous! I still need to try All That Glitters, pretty sure I was always all about Naked Lunch!!The Makeup Directory

    Danielle Alexa

    August 16, 2017Reply

    MAC All That Glitters is one of my favourites, I use it near enough every single day for a light wash of colour!Danielle xx

    Gemma Louise

    August 19, 2017Reply

    Frozen Quartz is one of my all time faves, it's so so beautiful, I want more of those By Terry Ombre Blackstars! xxGemma Louise

    Jasmine Stewart

    August 20, 2017Reply

    Pure Ganache is a favourite of mine too! All That Glitters is another shade I reach for constantly :)Jasmine xx Jasmine Talks Beauty

    sazia kazia

    August 22, 2017Reply

    Wonderful article shared about palette ,Thanks for sharing………

    Elena Jackson

    August 26, 2017Reply

    I love the Urban decay palette it has fabulous shades for sure!Elena Jacksoninfo@leggyleggy.com

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