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Fleur de Force by Eylure Lashes Review

As soon as I saw the Fleur de Force lashes by Eylure I knew I wanted in and had to try all of the styles. I don’t wear false eyelashes daily and the styles I do opt for are pretty natural, but I get that feeling of my makeup being complete once I apply a pair. The range has styles that have every occasion covered, I’ve been wearing the Fleur de Force and Eylure lashes for years and not found styles I love just as much, so they’re a clear winner when it comes to

Fleur Loves*
When I first tried the Fleur de Force lashes (way back – here’s my first review) the Fleur Loves lashes were by far my favourites. I still absolutely love them and how easy they are to use, but I think rather than 3/4 length I prefer to have lashes going across the whole lash line when the lash is wispy. This style is light weight, easy to apply and blends really well with my natural lashes. If you’re a fan of the Ardell Wispies but want something a little lighter for day to day, I highly recommend these.

Fleur and Fabulous*
To be honest these are probably my least favourite style. They are more dramatic than the other styles in Fleur’s range and add a lot of volume – I prefer my lashes to be softer, adding length, definition and a little volume. Having said that, they are incredibly easy to apply and although a little thicker I couldn’t feel them on my eyes at all. I think these would work well with a dark smokey eye and I’ll be saving them for a more dramatic makeup look.

Fully Fleur*
This is a more recent style added to the collection, and I have to say I love them! They’re similar to the Fleur Loves lashes as they are very wispy, but they add just a little more drama as it’s a full strip. This style definitely mimics expensive weekend/ semi permanent lash treatments, adding a good amount of volume and length. I have actually worn these twice now (as you can see from the picture), after I’ve removed the dried glue I’m sure I could get another 2-3 wears out of them.

Petit Fleur* (now discontinued) 
I didn’t think I would love this style as much as I do as I tend to go for wispy lashes, however I was pleasantly surprised and I’ve actually been reaching for this style the most! It’s a 3/4 length lash like Fleur Loves but I think it blends a little better with my own lashes adding just the right amount of volume and length. I can imagine a lot of brides getting on well with this as they are so easy to use.

Simply Fleur*
I’m lucky to have quite long lashes anyway so with the helping of a little mascara they’re really not too bad. The Simply Fleur lashes are very natural and the lash band is incredibly thin, this style does give my lashes a little boost but generally I want more volume and length. I decided to let my mum try them and see what she thinks of Simply Fleur – she absolutely loves them! If your lashes are quite short and you struggle to really get anywhere with mascara then you need to try these lashes, they looked amazing on my mum.

Couture Fleur*
For my birthday this year I decided that I wanted to give individual lashes ago, baring in mind the last time I tried to use them was 6 years ago, failing miserably along the way… Anyway, I was feeling brave and I’m so glad I was because I absolutely loved the look of these lashes. The Couture Fleur individual lash pack contains knot-free individuals and the majority are a medium length. Having knot-free individuals makes it 10x easier to apply them and they look a lot more natural, medium is also the perfect length for my adding a wispy yet natural lash look.

These were so easy to apply too, it does take a lot longer than strip lashes but the look at the end is so worth it. They also last 2-3 days instead of one so they are the perfect option for a weekend away. I’ve decided I’m going to do a whole post on individual lashes, my favourites and how to apply them soon.

Buy the Fleur de Force lashes

1) Use a lash applicator, it really does make a massive difference
2) Wait until the glue goes tacky, if like me you’re quite impatient then be aware that you really do need to wait 45 seconds for the glue to dry slightly, otherwise the lash will just slide around and it won’t stick down
3) If you need to trim them that’s ok! I trim most of my strip lashes down so they are the perfect fit for my eye. Just take a little off at a time to make sure you don’t over do it.
4) Apply 1 coat of mascara before you apply the lashes, this just helps your natural lashes blend better, especially if they’re fair

Overall I’m seriously impressed with the Fleur de Force x Eylure false eyelashes. I feel like there is something for everyone! The quality, price point and the design of the lashes themselves is so perfect and inline with Fleur’s own style. Fleur, please bring out more?! Which style is your favourite style from the range?

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    Natalie Leanne

    July 23, 2017Reply

    I've never used false eyelashes before but I think I would definitely for go some of Fleurs!

    Fa nny

    July 23, 2017Reply

    I'm not a huge false eyelashes fan, but I really want to give individual lashes a go, so I'm glad the Couture Fleur worked for you, I might give these a try! Lovely post 🙂

    Cliona Hill

    July 23, 2017Reply

    Those lashes look amazing on you! I must check out this lash range!


    July 23, 2017Reply

    I love the sound of the Fleur Loves lashes. I haven't worn lashes in quite a while now but really want to pick up a few for special occasions, and 3/4 lashes sound like they would be a great way to ease myself back in. Kristy |

    Mel Eaglestone

    July 23, 2017Reply

    Your photos are lovely and really crisp as well, you can properly see what the product looks like! Nice review, I've seen these lashes in Boots but been reluctant to try them because I'm a full time glasses wearer so can hardly wear falsies.Mel ★

    Spring Lilies

    July 23, 2017Reply

    I have both petite fleur and fleur loves and they are my favourite lashes ever!Vanessa x |

    Lucie Alice

    July 23, 2017Reply

    I absolutely love the fleur de force by eylure range, I think my favourite lashes are fleur and fabulous!Lucie | Forever September


    July 23, 2017Reply

    I always use this range. My favourites are Fleur loves and Fleur and Fabulous! Jaynie Shannon | Beauty & Lifestyle xx


    July 23, 2017Reply

    The Petit Fleur lashes look absolutely gorgeous on you! I need to get a pair that adds a little oomph without looking overly fake for special occasions. I'll need to see if they stock Fleur's lashes anywhere near me in the US!Cindy |


    July 24, 2017Reply

    Wow.. It looks so natural and gorgeous!I love Fleur's products!

    Lilies Beauty

    July 24, 2017Reply

    The Fully Fleur lashes are my fave! They all look amazing, though – I always love a good pair of lashes! Gorgeous photos as always, lovely! xxMelanie // Lilies Beauty

    The Makeup Directory

    July 24, 2017Reply

    I always buy the Fleur Loves lashes, they are just my absolute favourite. I haven't tried individual lashes before as I've always assumed it was really hard but I'm definitely going to give these a go, especially as you can leave them on for a few days!The Makeup Directory

    Katia Damborsky

    July 24, 2017Reply

    I need to start wearing false lashes, I've never managed to get the hang of them properly. The Simply Fleur ones look great as I'm just starting to get to grips with false eyelashes and these look super natural and pretty.Tia | The 10am Blog

    Ailsa Hymers

    July 25, 2017Reply

    These are by far my favourite range of fake lashes to use! Fleur has created the loveliest natural looking range.

    Charlotte Lane

    July 27, 2017Reply

    I'm not a massive false lash lover (I'm terribly bad at applying them..), however I am intrigued by the individual false lashes, as I feel like these would be much easier for me to apply. I know it takes longer but you can definitely achieve the look you want, either by keeping it simple with a few lashes on the outer portion, or layering them up to create a more dramatic look. Loved this review and your photos are perfect, like always 🙂 xoChar |

    Carenza Fleur

    July 30, 2017Reply

    Thank you so much for this! I am Awful at fake lashes but now I think I know why- I had no clue you had to wait so long for the glue to get tacky! I'll definitely have to try those Petite Fleur lashes, they look stunning on you xxx

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