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5 Small Things That Make Me Happy

It’s always the little things in life that lift my spirits and make me feel good. I wanted to spread some positivity and share 5 things that have been making me happy at the moment…

Having my morning tea in peace and quiet outside… I start work at 8 so I’m up pretty early and there is nothing I love more than starting my day feeling relaxed. Even for just 5 minutes when the weather is nice I’ve been sitting outside and just thinking about the day and what I want to achieve/ do. I’m going to miss the brighter mornings, it’s definitely a time when I feel most inspired.

Putting more time and effort into my skincare routine… I’ve discovered some absolute gems over the past few weeks that my skin seems to be loving! I received the QVC Tili Beauty Box* which contains the Alpha H Liquid Gold and I’ve noticed such a difference in my skin since using it. I’ve also been using lots of oils and hydrating products which makes me skincare routine feel like a treat. There’s nothing more relaxing than taking off my makeup after a busy day!

Going to the gym… I still want to share my workout routine with you guys which I definitely will be doing soon. I just love being able to put my headphones in and focus on something that isn’t work related, I feel like afterwards I have so many more ideas.

Fresh flowers… There is something so uplifting and lovely about having a vase of fresh flowers. It’s something I’m more than happy to spend a little money on every week.

Being organised… This is a bit of a boring one really isn’t it, but with planning the wedding, having emails to reply to and recently starting a YouTube channel I feel like I need to be organised now more than ever! I’ve been using my diary from Kikki.k to keep on top of my ideas and making sure I set aside time in the evenings to do my emails. I noticed it makes me unhappy when I feel like everything is on top of me, so keeping up to date with things has become a priority.

What small things have been making you happy recently?

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    Chloe Harriet

    July 6, 2017Reply

    It's amazing difference fresh flowers and cup of tea can make isn't it?I loved this post – completely agree with everything, it's reminded me to get back into working out again too 🙂 x

    The Makeup Directory

    July 6, 2017Reply

    Loved this post Jodie, I get such a kick out of being organised, I'm such a list maker!! I wish I enjoyed going to the gym though, could definitely do with some tips for that…The Makeup Directory

    Amber Gregory

    July 6, 2017Reply

    I loved this post! It's always the little things that pick you up when you're in need.. I'm also a fan of taking time to sit in the garden

    Lucy Cole

    July 6, 2017Reply

    Would love to hear your gym routine, I'm going to really try and get into one for the next couple of months! Also totally agree with being organised, calms me SO much!xx Lucy |

    Lilies Beauty

    July 6, 2017Reply

    Such a lovely post! x I really enjoy a cup of tea and some silence as well – always makes me feel good and ready for the day ahead! xMelanie / Lilies Beauty


    July 6, 2017Reply

    Loved this post! Being organised makes me so happy but I am so rubbish at it! http://www.petiteelliee.comEllie xx


    July 6, 2017Reply

    I love these ideas! I will definitely be following some of these when I'm feeling blue. Ivory Avenue

    A Girl & Grey {Sharni}

    July 7, 2017Reply

    Fresh flowers always boost my mood – as does my quiet morning cup of tea (or three!)Sharni xoA Girl & Grey

    Sophie Wuthrich

    July 7, 2017Reply

    Such a lovely post to read, it's these types of little things that I love doing. xx-Sophie | Cherries & Perfume ♡

    Isobel Celine

    July 7, 2017Reply

    I too love to sit outside in the early morning before work as it's so uplifting and relaxing to do that and I just love to chill out before work really. Such a lovely post! Isobel x New post: Video: :

    Lucy Alice

    July 7, 2017Reply

    So nice to reflect on what makes you happy – fresh flowers is something I should pick up more often!Lucy | Forever September

    Veronica Bizzarri

    July 10, 2017Reply

    I love this post it is so cheery! Having a tea outside sounds like a lovely way to start your morningsRonniewww.veronicabizzarri.comxx

    Gemma Louise

    July 13, 2017Reply

    I wish I enjoyed going to the gym, I always feel so much better afterwards but it's such a chore going haha… also with you on the fresh flowers, nothing better! I have vases of them all over my house as you can pick them up so cheap in places like Lidl, plus I always have photography props on hand! xxGemma Louise

    Millie Bailey

    August 6, 2017Reply

    Love the idea of taking time in the morning to chill out and actually enjoy your cuppa! My morning tea always seemed to be so rushed as i usually end up gulping it down before i frantically run out of the door ha! With you on the gym as well, i've recently joined and what i thought was going to be a chore actually makes me feel more motivated than ever.Milster x

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