The Beauty Box Worth Buying…

It’s pretty clear that I love all things beauty, yet never have I ever purchased or really been interested in a beauty subscription box… Until now! When I noticed the contents of the Latest in Beauty Harpers Bazaar Beauty Box it just seemed like too much of a good opportunity to miss.

I honestly don’t know where to start with this as I’m truly amazed by what the box contains for the price. First of all it retails at £45 with £3.95 delivery, me being me I had a quick google to see if there were any discount codes floating around – it was my lucky day… The code HB10 saved me £10, it just confirmed that I really needed to get it ordered! Also this is a one off beauty box, no subscription or monthly box turning up at my door, although Latest in Beauty do offer that aswel if you like the element of surprise.

I’ll start with what got me interested in this box in the first place, the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray £20. It’s certainly done it’s rounds in the blogosphere, but splashing out £40 on a texturising spray just didn’t feel right to me. If you read my recent 4 to try post you’ll know I’ve been loving the Ouai Texturizing Spray, and that just made me even more curious to try the Oribe spray. I have my fingers crossed that this will be just as impressive as the other sprays I’ve tried. Another haircare item in the box is the Moroccan Oil, I remember back in the day when everyone raved about this but I always thought that my hair is too fine, nether the less I’m excited to try it.

Onto skincare, the box contains a 15ml tester of the Zelens Essential Anti-Aging Cream, although sold as an anti aging product it contains Ursolic Acid to increase skin elasticity and one of my favourite skincare ingredients Hyaluronic Acid to improve moisture levels – it retails at £95 so I’m interested to see how I get on with it. There is also an impressive full sized version of The Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask, this is one of my all time favourite masks to combat dehydrated skin so I’m glad to have a back up.

The two skincare bits that I’m most excited about is the Tan-Luxe Illuminating Self-Tan Drops and the Omorovicza Queen of Hungry Mist. If you read my recent fake tanning post you’ll know that I haven’t been tanning my face, I’m trying to have more makeup free days so I’m hoping this will come in handy for that. As for the skin mist, there is nothing I love more than trying luxury skincare so I’m looking forward to giving it a go.

Lastly are three makeup bits, honestly I’m not overly fussed with the Nailberry nail polish so I’ll probably pass that onto my mum. There is a travel sized Laura Mericer Radiance Primer that I’m really excited to try, I’ve heard so many amazing things so I’m hoping I love it just as much as a I love the Too Faced Hangover Primer. Finally there is also a mini Lancome Hypnose mascara, I rarely splurge on mascara so it’s always nice to get a small sample size.

This box really is a mix of amazing haircare, skincare and makeup that suits so many different people, it’s definitely got me curious about beauty boxes and I’ll be keeping my eye out for others in the future!

Have you ever tried a Latest in Beauty box?

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19 responses to “The Beauty Box Worth Buying…”

  1. SheerBeauty (Kayla) says:

    Great post, for me I love fab fit fun I used to subscribe to them. :)KaylaSheer Beauty Blog

  2. Yiotou_La says:

    It is a great box, the Origins mask is something I want to try for ages.The mini Lancome mascara would be perfect for travelling! xYiotaPinkDaisyLoves

    • Jodie Melissa says:

      It's literally filled with amazing products! The Origins mask is one of my all time faves, really rate it!

  3. Isobel Celine says:

    See id love to have a box like this coming in every month and I know in the long run they save you money and you get to try new products but it's just so exspensive :/ around £50 each month for products that you don't know are in there and you may not like them but you might love them. I'd love to try them out but it's just the cost of it! :(Isobel x New post: Video: :

    • Jodie Melissa says:

      This is only a one off box, I don't like traditional beauty boxes because like you said I always end up hating something! I really wanted to try the oribe spray and restock on my origins mask so it made sense for me to pick this up!

  4. Miriam Elizabeth says:

    Loved this! I need to try out Origins products, I've heard so many great things about the brand.XXLove,

  5. Parie says:

    This is such an amazing box, these limited edition ones are so much better than subscribing! x

    • Jodie Melissa says:

      A bargain isn't it! Agreed, I would rather not have the element of surprise and know what I'm getting for my money x

  6. Amanda says:

    This is such a fantastic box and great value for money considering the products that are included! I love a good beauty box. Amanda xx

    • Jodie Melissa says:

      I know it was too good to miss! I'm definitely going to keep my eye on some others now x

  7. Sophie Wuthrich says:

    I love reading about what's in these boxes but I've never wanted to subscribe myself ahaha, reading this post though is just a little bit too intriguing! The products sound lovely and definitely worth it!-Sophie xxCherries & Perfume ♡

    • Jodie Melissa says:

      It's so good because you don't have to subscribe, it's just a one off box!

    • Sophie Wuthrich says:

      Ohh! I thought these required subscription, I know you wrote that it doesn't so I have no idea why that slipped my mind! hahaha

  8. Lucy Alice says:

    I had glossybox for a while, but gave up on it because I wasn't getting things I liked – but this box looks incredible!Lucy | Forever September

    • Jodie Melissa says:

      Yeah I've not heard amazing things about Glossybox! I'm so impressed with this, and I love that I didn't have to sign up and commit to something monthly x

  9. Veronica Bizzarri says:

    OMG this box is filled with so many great goodies and such a bargain! I love that Moroccan oil is included the little bottle is so cute!Ronniewww.veronicabizzarri.comxx

  10. Tressie Dawson says:

    Great list of products shared. One should keep up with the healthy skin glow by using revitol anti-aging cream for a glowing and moist experience. It keeps your skin hydrated and give you a totally bleamish free skin. Thanks for sharing such an informative post.

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