Learning To Take Time Out and Managing Stress

I’m the type of person that always likes to keep busy, there’s no such thing as having too many things on my to-do list… Well, atleast for a long time I thought so anyway. It’s dawned on me recently, being busy isn’t all that. In fact, taking time out to relax, destress and just take a step back does so much more good than anything else.

As a student at uni I was always pretty good at stress management, the constant reminders from tutors to relax and take care of my mental health really stuck with me, and I managed pretty well. I never imagined that I would experience the same feelings after leaving, so I guess I was unprepared. Since then I’ve made a promise to myself that I’m going to put my well-being first, no late nights doing emails or cramming in photo sessions after work.

Managing Stress

During the health module of my Psychology degree we learnt about stress and the impact it has on health, and that’s something that’s always stuck with me and I’m consciously aware of. A study found that wounds of people with higher levels of stress took longer to heal than those with lower levels of stress – How crazy?! It has an impact on physical and mental health. I’ve decided to revisit some of the things I did during my time as a student and try to implement them into my day to day adult life (adult in italics because I’m still incapable of making toast without burning it)


I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this on my blog but I actually took part in an 8 week mindfulness course this time two years ago. I learnt so much from it and really tried to inject mindfulness into my day to day routine in a less formal way, basically by focusing and being in the moment during mundane every day tasks like brushing my tea or eating breakfast. Mindfulness really makes me relax and just live in the moment which definitely puts everything into perspective for me.


I would say that I exercise on a regular occasion but I want to get into a really specific schedule and try to do some form of exercise 5 days a week. I’m sat down most days at work so getting away from a desk and being active has actually become something I enjoy. I feel more motivated and having that time away from a laptop screen helps me think creatively and I can focus on getting things done.

Getting organised

I picked up the beautiful blush pink diary pictured from Kikki.k last week and I’ve found it so helpful to organise everything and make sure everything I need to do is noted down. When I’m organised and have everything I need to do laid out in front of me it definitely makes life easier, then I don’t have the added stress of forgetting to do something (which has happened on one or two occasions). I think being organised is so important, without it I’m never as productive.

Taking Time Out

There’s hardly ever any time during the day when I’m not looking at a screen, I always give myself a little tech free time before I go to sleep but I don’t feel like it’s enough. As well as going to the gym, after work and before work I’m going to make sure I just have a little time to myself doing absolutely nothing – no phone, laptop or even a book, just relaxing!

What’s your top tip for managing stress?



    May 8, 2017Reply

    These are great tips! I've suffered really badly from stress over the past year and it is just one of the worst things ever to deal with. One of my biggest tips is to know when to say no – you can't do absolutely everything and you have to make time for yourself somehow!Lynnsay

    Lucy Cole

    May 8, 2017Reply

    Some brilliant tips here. The main thing for managing stress for me while I'm at uni is being organised, getting started with things earlier than needs be can be so helpful in the long run!xx Lucy x |


    May 8, 2017Reply

    These are great tips! Thanks for sharing :)xo, Liz

    Candice Petersen

    May 8, 2017Reply

    Thank you for sharing these really helpful tips! Beauty Candy Loves

    Frock Me I'm Famous

    May 9, 2017Reply

    Bloody love this post girl – some fab tips! I'm the same as you and like to keep busy! I always feel guilty if I'm not doing something but now I make sure I take time out to look after myself and relax! The gym is a great way to work out both your body and mind!Hayley

    The Makeup Directory

    May 9, 2017Reply

    Love this post Jodie. I'm really struggling with time management at the moment, it's so hard to manage blogging and work! Definitely going to practise more mindfullness!The Makeup Directory

    Caterina Sosso

    May 9, 2017Reply

    My life is getting more and more stressful and I can't "cut" anything (most things are Uni related) and I'm getting so anxious even if I make hundreds of lists :(Caterina |

    Danielle Alexa

    May 9, 2017Reply

    I know exactly what you mean, I think without even meaning to our blogs just take over. It is healthy to take a step back every now and again!Danielle xx

    Alice Snell

    May 9, 2017Reply

    I love to keep myself busy to, I hate days at work where I feel like there isn't much to do, I can't cope haha! Lovely post, it's so important to think of ourselves and to take a break if we need it.Alice | alicemaysnell

    Lung Shepherd

    May 10, 2017Reply

    This is really nice because it well informative for me and hope for others also keep it continued so that we can get benefits.Lung |


    May 10, 2017Reply

    Loved this post – it's so easy to let everything get on top of you! Mindfulness is a great tool for me too and I always find if I talk about the thing that's stressing me out that helps me as well. Also – I didn't know you did a Psychology degree, that's what I did too! 🙂 Beautiful photos as always xxLaura |


    May 11, 2017Reply

    Shopping is a good option to reduce stress, you should try that 🙂

    Sylvia Said

    May 11, 2017Reply

    Jodie, let me start off my saying your blog is absolutely wonderful! I absolutely love it. Stress is never good for anyone and I hope your stress levels go down soon, hun! Your advice is very thoughtful I'll definitely be keeping it with my summer semester right around the corner. Sending you lots of love and good vibes <3 xxxShe Will Be

    Lucy Alice

    May 11, 2017Reply

    I think it so interesting that it takes longer for someone to get better if they're stressed, it really goes to show how much stress effects the human body! Great post Jodie!Lucy | Forever September


    May 17, 2017Reply

    I have just come across your blog and find many of your posts so relatable, I'm really enjoying reading them! I've just started getting into blogging and can see similarities in the way we think. :)Steff

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