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Managing Combination Skin

Over the past year I’ve been figuring out just what products/ routine suits my combination skin. It was when I realised that my skin didn’t just fall into one category but several that I understood which products both skincare and makeup wise my skin needed to look its best.


My skin is both oily and dehydrated which does make finding products that provide a balance for the both quite difficult. Not only have I found that certain types of products seem to work best for me, but also how I use them.



Layering my skincare has been a game changer for me. After cleansing in the evening I tend to layer different types of products but I’ve found layering toners to be most effective for combination skin. Kelsey from beautywithkelsey did a post on the 7-Skin Method which inspired me to give it a try, that night I layered a toner aimed at dehydrated skin and then a toner for oily/ blemish prone skin 7 times and hoped for the best. The results were pretty darn impressive! This method provided my skin with moisture and hydration and it just felt soft and healthy. I couldn’t quite believe how quickly my skin was drinking up the toners, now I tend to do this 4 times a week to keep my skin at it’s best.


So many brands are jumping onto the bandwagon with this and I can see why. Although it does mean having to spend more money on different products using face masks that suit different problem area’s of the skin makes sense. I used to use charcoal, pore refining masks on my forehead which would only result in my skin feeling parched. Now I stick to using that on my nose and chin and opt for a creamy hydrating mask for the forehead which works much better.


I haven’t tried too many oils, but the Trilogy Rosehip Oil is a staple in my routine all year round. This gives my skin the hydration it needs without feeling too heavy or making it produce more oil throughout the day. I’ve recently been teaming this with the Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Gel Cream. Although this does contain AHA’s and hyaluronate (said to be hydrating for the skin as it holds onto water) I don’t use this as a moisturiser as it’s not quite hydrating enough for me. Instead I use it as an additional step in my routine just on my t-zone and I find it really helps to leave my skin clear and hydrated.

When I first started getting into skincare a holy grail product for me was the Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream. It’s still something I reach for a fair bit – I’ve gone through 5 pots of it! I love this moisturiser because although basic, it really does manage to keep my skin moisturised and hydrated and restore it back to being manageable. Investing in products that were hydrating was probably one of the best skincare choices I made to help clear my skin and control both the oil and dehydration levels.


With any skin type I’m a firm believer in concentrating on skincare and making that a focus, in return this has made my makeup look 10x better. In terms of makeup I feel like I’ve found some absolute gems that really work well together to create a long lasting, fresh looking base.

Like my skincare, applying thin layers of product gives a much better finish for me and tends to work well managing oil and levels of hydration. A primer I’ve just not stopped banging on about is the Too Faced Hangover Primer, this is hydrating without feeling greasy creating the perfect base for foundation. I tend to use this on my forehead and then go on to use either the Benefit Porefessional Primer or the No7 Airbrush Away Primer one my nose and cheeks to minimise pores and prevent any oils appearing throughout the day. I can’t skip this step if I want my makeup to last more than 7-8 hours still looking good.

I’ve also found using different types of concealers to work better for me than just sticking to one. I have been loving the SEVENTEEN Phwoarrr Paint for really precise concealing, the formulation is perfect as it isn’t too creamy that it will slide around and transfer, but it isn’t too dry either making it easy to blend and stay crease free for hours – a real affordable makeup gem!

Regardless of whether you have dry/ normal skin or oily and dehydrated like me, a setting spray is always a good idea. I have loved the Urban Decay All Nighter for years and I haven’t found anything that competes with it. My makeup lasts ALL DAY when I use this and maintains looking fresh and non-cakey. Seems pricey for something that essentially seems like water, but they really do make a difference.

If you have combination skin how do you manage it?

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    April 10, 2017Reply

    I have combination skin as well! I stick only to Clinique, Vitamin E and Coconut Oil, I also love to tone my face. Layering also helps me as well!Lee |

    Izzy K

    April 10, 2017Reply

    I have the exact same problem with my skin and it's so hard to find a balance of products haha! I like the sound of the hangover primer lol :)

    Parie Joshi

    April 10, 2017Reply

    The photos are so gorgeous Jodie! Love the sound of the Too Faced primer too, must get my hands on it x


    April 10, 2017Reply

    This was so great to read! I have to try some of the products you talk about because I think they will be good for my skin too xxx

    Alice Snell

    April 10, 2017Reply

    Some days my skin can be really dry and some days it feels shiny. it is so bizarre!Alice | alicemaysnell

    Sophie Wuthrich

    April 11, 2017Reply

    I've always struggled with my skin as it's combination and acne prone. Thank you for sharing these products, I'll definitely be checking these out!-Sophie xx | Cherries & Perfume ♡

    Caterina Sosso

    April 11, 2017Reply

    If you look after your skin you can also use "lighter" makeup 🙂 I have normal skin with some dry patches during the winter and sometimes things can get a bit oily, but I can't complain. 2 weeks ago I went to Kiehl's to buy a new hydrating cream. Well, I was browsing around and I saw this new cream super refreshing and revitalizing and I bought it without looking at the price tag, because I knew the standard cream price at Kiehl's. It was 59 euros (49 pounds), so a little bit more than usual and I actually don't like the smell and the consistency :'( what an epic fail!!Caterina |

    Danielle Alexa

    April 12, 2017Reply

    This is such a helpful blog post, I always used to think that I had oily skin, but when I went for a facial they said that I have combination skin!Danielle xx

    Lucy Alice

    April 13, 2017Reply

    I have combination skin, and it tends to really irritate me as its so hard to deal with – I have oily skin mostly, but with dry patches around my nose and dehydrated skin too. I must try the trilogy rosehip oil, sounds great!Lucy | Forever September

    Gemma Louise

    April 14, 2017Reply

    I have combination skin but have days where I'm oily and days where I'm dry so I'm always mixing up my products! I love the Too Faced Hangover Primer for my dryer days and the Rimmel Stay Matte primer for the oilier days (hot days especially!) I love the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream too for hydration, but always opt for Tea Tree moisturisers to control oil, they're fab! xGemma Louise

    The Bookworm Beauty

    April 16, 2017Reply

    My skin isn't really combination but I do love multi-masking becuase it works wonders! The Bookworm Beauty

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