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Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk Lipstick & Pillowtalk Lip Cheat Review

charlotte tilbury pillowtalk lipstick and lip liner with white backdrop

Name me a more hyped up lip liner than Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk… It’s been a go to lip product for me the past year. As soon as I spotted Charlotte Tilbury had released a Pillowtalk lipstick, I knew I needed to give it a try. In a nutshell, Pillowtalk is a wearable and classic nude pink shade, and I actually ended up wearing it on my wedding day I love it that much. I wanted to do a full review of the Pillowtalk lipstick and lip cheat together, share which one I use most, and answer whether you really need both in your collection…

The Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillowtalk

The Charlotte Tilbury Lipcheat in Pillowtalk £17

Although it looks like a standard nude pink shade, I honestly haven’t found anything quite like this (if you’re looking for an affordable alternative, the Rimmel Exaggerate lipliner in East End Snob is close, but not quite as nude).

The shade and texture are spot on for me. The Lipcheats have a waxy feel to it that makes slightly over lining the lips really easy, there’s no dragging or clinging to any dry patches – it’s perfection! I also find it to last really well, I usually get around 3-4 hours wear with other lipliners, but I can get around 5-6 hours wear from this alone. The formula is waterproof, making it great for the office where you’re drinking, but don’t have the time to do a lip top up. I really do think this shade flatters all skin tones and makes the perfect everyday lip liner.

As the name suggests this really does help to cheat the appearance of fuller looking lips, which I definitely need a help in hand with. Even worn alone with no other product it’s a beautiful shade and actually works well just worn completely all over the lips for an ultra matte finish.

swatches of the pillowtalk lipstick and lipliner side by side

side by side images of the charlotte tilbury pillowtalk lipstick and lipliner worn

The charlotte tilbury pillow talk lipstick and lip liner comparison

The picture on the left is the Pillowtalk lipliner, on the right is the Pillowtalk lipstick paired with it. As you would expect the shades are pretty much identical, that beautiful dusky nudey pink we all love. The matte finish makes this so more than a ‘your lips but better shade’, it manages to really bring any makeup look together without it becoming too over done – literally perfect for any occasion.

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Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Pillowtalk

Pillowtalk has become the number one lipstick in the UK luxury makeup market! Firstly, I’ve got to cover the CT packaging. The lipstick is cased in the usual luxurious rose gold packaging.It really is one of those lipsticks I look forward to using, and it made the perfect wedding day shade for me. As soon as I saw this I knew I would love it.

The matte revolution formula is amazing. It’s such a comfortable matte shade, and does a pretty good job at hiding any dry lips. When comparing the Pillowtalk lipstick to the lipliner, I have to admit they’re very similar. If you’re on a budget I guess the one thing you notice is that the lipstick is £8 more expensive. Of-course with the lipstick you get more of a pigmented and opaque finish, and the matte revolution formulation, but if you use the lip liner to fill in your whole lip, there isn’t a whole lot different. I absolutely love the lip liner for it’s ability to make my lips just slightly bigger, and wearing the lipstick alone I just don’t get that.

Worn alone I’ll get around 4 hours wear out of this, with the lipliner that’s extended to 6 hours, so pretty impressive. The lipstick is designed to change slightly based on your natural lip colour, which is why I think on me it comes out slightly darker. So it will look a little different depending on your skin tone. One thing I would say in terms of buying these products is definitely get the lip liner, then if you want the lipstick for a longer lasting finish of the shade to wear over the top then go for it.

I purchased this because I had it in my head that it would be limited edition, but I have heard it’s now here to stay – which doesn’t surprise me.

I’m so happy to have both of these in my collection, however, when you consider the cost of the lipstick and how multi functional the lipliner is, if you don’t have either of these in your collection yet, I would definitely say get the lip liner first!

Have you tried either of these?

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    Jessie-Ann Lewis

    March 12, 2017Reply

    Great post! This is such a gorgeous shade, and I'm so tempted to get this lip cheat! xx

    Laura Kroczek

    March 12, 2017Reply

    I'm really considering getting the lip liner over the lipstick now! Thanks for that review Jodie 🙂 Xx

    Jennifer Frank

    March 12, 2017Reply

    This is such a great post. I love that the liner works just as well by itself because Charlotte Tilbury products can build up to be expensive! Jen, Velvet Spring. xo

    Fa nny

    March 12, 2017Reply

    Very interesting, especially since I'm not sure if I would like the Matte Revolution lipsticks' formula (I've swatched them once and didn't really like the result on my hand), I definitely think I would only try the lip liner for now! Thank you for the honest reviews!


    March 12, 2017Reply

    I hate it when a lip liner drags on the lips it's a pet hate. We all know that having a matching lip liner and lipstick is the best way to go. Now that you've got them both it's not as if you're going to give one away…Perfect duoCharlotte / Charlotte's Picks


    March 12, 2017Reply

    I'm obsessed with both of these! I think everyone needs them in their life! xxBeautylymin


    March 12, 2017Reply

    I have the liner and have been debating getting the lipstick. This is so helpful – I think I can feel okay about passing on the lipstick for now! Great lip swatches!Jenn │ Beauty by Jellybean

    Leanne Page

    March 12, 2017Reply

    I haven't tried either. I really want to see them in person because I think they might be a bit to pink for me, but I don't have CT Counter near me 🙁 I might just by the lipliner at some point soon though xxLPage Beauty

    Victoria Goodman

    March 12, 2017Reply

    Oh goodness, every time I see posts about CT Pillow Talk, I just want to buy it! It's also such gorgeous packaging too!! Maybe I'll buy the lip cheat to start with (so much cheaper!) xxVictoria | VictoriaaHelenn


    March 12, 2017Reply

    That's a very nice rose nude shade!!!! NIKA

    Grace Kate

    March 12, 2017Reply

    I love this shade and this post was super useful because I have been debating whether to get the liner or lipstick but I think you are right, the lip liner seems much more functional!Grace xx

    Kate Winford

    March 12, 2017Reply

    Great post! I have both and think they are both must haves – I am even considering buying a backup of the lipstick since it is Limited Edition!Kate |

    Izzy K

    March 12, 2017Reply

    I was so excited to see that they released a pillow talk lipstick! Now I deffo need to add both to my collection haha :)

    Katherine Tran

    March 12, 2017Reply

    I love the color, it's so beautiful!


    March 12, 2017Reply

    Gorgeous photos and swatches! I really love the lip liner so much, I've just got the lipstick but haven't tried it yet! xxLaura |

    Faye Laura

    March 12, 2017Reply

    They are really similar, and I'm thinking I should have got the liner first but I love the lipstick too much to ever regret it! It's just so lovely for everyday wear. The photography in this post is stunning as always!

    The Makeup Aficionado

    March 13, 2017Reply

    While both of these shades do look so similar I am the kind of girl who will by tons of similar nude-ish lipsticks even if they look the same. I got to have them all haha. Great post as

    Gemma Louise

    March 13, 2017Reply

    I think I'm going to pick up the lip pencil eventually, glad I opted for Very Victoria over Pillow Talk though, it's pretty but VV is definitely more my shade! xxGemma Louise

    Charlotte Lane

    March 14, 2017Reply

    This shade is so perfect! I've heard the lip liner raved about a lot, so I definitely feel as if it's something I should pick up. I think it's quite nice to have the same shade lip liner and lipstick, as then there's no worry of the lip liner looking an obviously different colour! Gorgeous photo's by the way and great review 🙂 xoChar |

    Lucy Alice

    March 14, 2017Reply

    Its such a gorgeous colour – the lip liner was so highly raved about, but then again so has the lipstick, kinda want them both haha!Lucy | Forever September

    The Makeup Directory

    March 14, 2017Reply

    I'm still holding out that it will be here for my birthday, going makeup shopping next week so it bloody better be!!It looks gorgeous and I already have the lip liner so I cant wait to pair the two!The Makeup Directory


    March 15, 2017Reply

    They are very similar in those photos! Gorgeous shade. Lauren x Huggled


    March 15, 2017Reply

    I'm not going to lie, as soon as I read the title I thought, "yes!"I love looking at swatches of pillowtalk. I still don't own it, which is insane, so I need to buy my own soon. I like the practicality of the Lip Cheat, but I'm sure I'll end up favouring the lipstick most, just for the creamy texture.Shanelle || SLovesAutumn

    Isobel Celine

    April 1, 2017Reply

    I really want to try out the Charlotte tilbury lipsticks as well as every other product they have! I've never tried any of them before and I've read so many reviews and loads of people rave about the brand! Definitely need to try them out!Isobel x New post: Video: :

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