April Goals

Anyone else extremely happy that it’s spring and warmer weather is finally on the horizon? I am! I’ll be honest, I failed at pretty much every single goal I posted last month. I didn’t book a holiday or practise any yoga/ pilates, so I’m hoping this month with the longer days I’ll find the time to do both. I’m thinking Barcelona at the start of May for a few days! Anyway, onwards and upwards – here are my goals for April

1) Upload a fitness related post
I’m by no means an expert and I’m scared of coming across as that preachy, annoying person raving about exercise when in fact I’m still a long way off my end goal. However since October last year I have been going to the gym 3-4 times a week most weeks and I have so much to say about it. I’m thinking it would be nice to either share my gym routine, how I stay motivated to go in the first place or my ‘gym story’ in general, because I’ve not always liked exercise at all.

2) Go Chocolate FREE

If you follow me on twitter you’ll know I’m raving about some sort of chocolate on a weekly basis (my current obsession is Cadbury’s mini eggs, they’re my all time favourite treat). Every time I eat more than a cube of chocolate my skin goes into melt down mode, well that’s my theory anyway. This month I want to quit chocolate (I’m already scared) and actually see whether it’s that which turns my skin into a disaster zone. Also, I love a challenge, and as sad as it sounds I really do think it will be hard to cut it out!

 3) Do something spontaneous 

If something isn’t planned usually I just won’t do it, but it’s the spontaneous things I do that I seem to enjoy most! I want to become more laid back and just say yes to every opportunity I get rather than worrying about things that don’t even matter. Today (it’s currently Wednesday 29th) I said yes to going for afternoon tea with Boohoo with only 5 days notice, and I’m pretty proud of myself for just doing it – fingers crossed it will be worth it!

What are your goals for April?

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24 responses to “April Goals”

  1. Phoebida Blog says:

    This photo is gorgeous! My skin is the same, its so dependant on what I eat its crazy. I'd love to see some fitness posts! XxPhoebe & Abida | phoebida.blogspot co.uk

    • Jodie Moores says:

      Aw thank you, I wasn't sure whether I liked it or not so I'm glad you think that. I'll definitely do a fitness post!

  2. Lauren Victoria says:

    Love reading goal posts! I hope you can manage to book that trip to Barcelona. That would be lovely. I don't eat chocolate due to suffering with acid reflux caused by anxiety so it's far too rich for me and flares up the symptoms. So I totally know the struggle of giving it up, but my skin and digestion has definitely made it all worth it! It's easy once you've stuck to it xxLauren | itslaurenvictoria.blogspot.co.uk

    • Jodie Moores says:

      I do too, I find them so motivating! I booked it, got it booked on Saturday so I've ticked that off my list! Ahh I'm glad to hear its been worth it for you, I'm glad I'm doing it and I have a feeling it will last longer than the month, I'm loving how much of a challenge it has been (and I'm only on day 3 haha)! x

  3. Ariadna Morell says:

    Love reading this kind of posts, they're so motivational. I've been going to the gym quite a lto recently too and it feels great! xAriadna || RAWR BOWS

    • Jodie Moores says:

      So glad to hear that, I like reading them or the same reason! That's amazing girl, it does doesn't it x

  4. Alicia S says:

    Your photography is absolutely stunning! I really need to start being more spontaneous again, I've kind of fallen back into my shell since splitting from my ex and I need to get my confidence back.Alicia xwww.aestheticobsessed.co.uk

  5. Danielle Alexa says:

    Going chocolate free is one of my goals for this month too, I can already see it being hard with my whole family buying me easter eggs already!Danielle xxhttp://www.fashionbeautyblog.co.uk/

  6. Zara says:

    I've never written a fitness post either but I love going to the gym! Definitely looking forward to reading yours! xwww.misszarabelle.com

  7. Parie Joshi says:

    I'm four months into no chocolate and even though its killing me – my skin loves it! x

  8. Jennifer Frank says:

    Oo that cake looks so yummy, I hope the Boohoo afternoon tea goes well lovely! Jen, Velvet Spring. xo

  9. Regina (mybeautymusings) says:

    Looking forward to your fitness post! I need some motivation to get my lazy self out of the house and to the gym! xoxoReginahttp://mybeautymusings.com

  10. Faye Laura says:

    When I read "go chocolate free" my own heart starting having palpitations – that's my worst nightmare! I definitely have to cut down on the sugar this month though as my skin is looking awful right now 🙁 Good luck with all of these goals lovely! xxwww.fridayfaye.com

  11. The Makeup Directory says:

    Chocolate free over Easter??? Girl you crazy!! I must say though I always feel much better for no chocolate at my skin is really sensitive to it too!Would definitely love a fitness post too :)The Makeup Directory

  12. Lilies Beauty says:

    Such lovely goals! x I'd love to see a fitness/gym related post soon – my motivation is slacking at the moment! :(Melanie // Lilies Beauty

  13. Lucy Alice says:

    I need to do more spontaneous things, like you say, I always end up enjoying them most!Lucy | Forever September

  14. Laura says:

    I love reading these posts, it's so nice to see what people's goals are! I really admire you for going chocolate free, I just don't think I'd have the willpower! Good luck with your goals! xxLaura | http://www.mylauralife.co.uk

  15. Stacey White says:

    Goals post are my fave to read! I really don't know why I stopped writing them! My goal is to get back into wtitting my monthly goalsStacey xwww.staceylouisewhite.co.uk

  16. Nina Kobi says:

    There was time in my life when I couldn't live without chocolate, so I totally undersand that.Nina's Style Blog

  17. Sophie Wuthrich says:

    Hi Jodie !! (I just want to start by mentioning how lovely your photo in this post is). But also, I would really love to see a fitness related post, I've been wanting to do something like that too but for the same reasons you mentioned I've been holding it off. -Sophie xx http://www.cherriesandperfume.blogspot.com.au

  18. Diana Maria says:

    I'd really like to do something spontaneous too, those are always the best and most exciting memories! This is a great list and I hope you get through these goals this month. I love the photo in this post, you always have such beautiful photography on your blog! Have a wonderful weekend xxSending light & love your way,My Lovelier Days

  19. Honey says:

    I would love a fitness post :)my brother also quit chocolate till Easter. He's going strong so far, you? :DI love spontaneous moments :)xo Honey – blog Royal Lifestyle – Twitter – Instagram

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