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April Goals

Anyone else extremely happy that it's spring and warmer weather is finally on the horizon? I am! I'll be honest, I failed at pretty much every single goal I posted last month. I didn't book a holiday or practise any yoga/ pilates, so I'm hoping this month with the longer days I'll find the time to do both. I'm thinking Barcelona at the start of May for a few days! Anyway, onwards and upwards - here are my goals for April

1) Upload a fitness related post

I'm by no means an expert and I'm scared of coming across as that preachy, annoying person raving about exercise when in fact I'm still a long way off my end goal. However since October last year I have been going to the gym 3-4 times a week most weeks and I have so much to say about it. I'm thinking it would be nice to either share my gym routine, how I stay motivated to go in the first place or my 'gym story' in general, because I've not always liked exercise at all.

2) Go Chocolate FREE

If you follow me on twitter you'll know I'm raving about some sort of chocolate on a weekly basis (my current obsession is Cadbury's mini eggs, they're my all time favourite treat). Every time I eat more than a cube of chocolate my skin goes into melt down mode, well that's my theory anyway. This month I want to quit chocolate (I'm already scared) and actually see whether it's that which turns my skin into a disaster zone. Also, I love a challenge, and as sad as it sounds I really do think it will be hard to cut it out!

 3) Do something spontaneous 

If something isn't planned usually I just won't do it, but it's the spontaneous things I do that I seem to enjoy most! I want to become more laid back and just say yes to every opportunity I get rather than worrying about things that don't even matter. Today (it's currently Wednesday 29th) I said yes to going for afternoon tea with Boohoo with only 5 days notice, and I'm pretty proud of myself for just doing it - fingers crossed it will be worth it!

What are your goals for April?

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The Perfect Highlighters for Pale Skin

Over the past year highlighting has become a solid part of my routine to the point where my makeup just doesn't feel complete without it. Although I have a reletively small collection compared to some, here are my top picks when it comes to highlighting a paler complexion...

This is the first highlighter I ever owned and I think I did pretty well picking out something as beautiful as this. When swatched it looks quite garish, but used with a fan brush it offers a light peachy highlight with pink shimmer running through it. I love using this in the spring/ summer months to complete a pink makeup look. Admittedly this isn't as finely milled as the rest of these picks and doesn't last as long on the skin, but I still reach for it and love the fact the pink iridescent undertones make it a little different to the other highlighters I own.

Whenever I use this I fall back in love with it, it really is the ultimate spring/ summer must have for me. The shimmering gold liquid gives me the perfect glowing finish when mixed in with my foundations, aswel as working nicely worn to simply highlight the cheek bones. For special occasions I love blending a little bit of this on my collar bone too for some added glow. This is a really fab multiuse product and an easy way to wear a highlighter.

theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer  £20

This was the highlighter that really started the addiction off. This is so worth the hype, and if you have pale skin you need it! It's a beautiful, intense shimmering powder that isn't too pink or golden but the perfect inbetween shade. Used with a light hand this offers that lit from within look, but you can also achieve a really intense highlight from this that looks equally as beautiful. The formulation is also perfect, no chunky bits of glitter insight! I can apply this at 6.30am and i'll still be glowing 12 hours later. ps. this is currently on offer for £13.50 on Feelunique!

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle £24

Like the Mary-lou Manizer this is another staple for me. I seem to gravitate towards this for nights out/ evening makeup as the shimmering champagne finish is a little more intense. This also has a touch of pink/ peach which compliments pretty much any makeup look. The formulation and lasting power is also impressive, although I would expect that considering the price tag! If you've had this on your wishlist for a while, it's definitely worth the investment.

BECCA Opal Glow on the Go Collection £20

I thought no other highlighter would compare to the Mary-lou manizer for me, but this blows my whole collection out of the water when it comes to the perfect everyday highlight. The Opal powder has such a buttery formulation it almost melts into the skin, offering a stunning natural looking glow. Combining both the liquid and powder highlight gives a more intense golden/ peach glow that works so well with a paler complexsion. I also love the liquid highlighter as it doesn't interfere with my foundation/ base makeup and sits well over the top. Forget highlighting the high points, I wanna cover my whole face in this!

swatches from left to right: Soft and Gentle, Mary-lou Manizer, Crescent Moon, Opal powder, Temple Spa, Opal liquid

What's your favourite highlighter?

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Four to Try

I never seem to accumulate enough products to do a traditional monthly favourites, but there are a few things I'm using as a part of my daily makeup routine that are too good not to share! 

Too Faced Hangover Primer - £27

I can't believe that I never used to use a primer before this - believe the hype, it's a game changer! I have combination skin that can become quite dehydrated, this manages to hydrate my skin without clogging my pores or making it any more oily, leaving me a soft and makeup ready base without feeling at all greasy. I'm now on the hunt for a more affordable option that I can use daily though, £27 is a little steep when most days I'm just going to work.

GOSH Velvet Touch Lip Liner in Nougat Crisp - £4.99

Earlier this month I had a little makeup clear out and discovered an amazing dupe for my trusty Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk lip cheat.. In terms of both formulation and colour 'Nougat Crisp' is actually pretty similar. The formulation isn't at all drying and the soft, velvety texture makes cheating a fuller lip easy, exactly like the CT lip cheats! One thing I would say is that when swatched the colour does look slightly darker, but on the lips it really does create the same perfect base for a natural lip look.

Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette - £18

It's rare that I will wear eyeshadow on a day to day basis, but when I do I will more often than not reach for this beauty. I love warm toned shadows and this palette is jam packed with glistening golden browns, the perfect matte crease shades and colours that look stunning teamed together or worn alone. The formulation of both the shimmers and mattes is exactly what I look for, pigmented, blendable and soft to the touch. I really need to invest in more Zoeva palettes as I'm so impressed with this, my favourite shades are Pure Ganache and Freshly Toasted (Warm Notes is also stunning for a bolder look)

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows - £18.50

This is a more recent addition to my brow routine, and a brow gel is definitely not something I usually splurge on after finding more affordable alternatives - but, I do like to make exceptions for Charlotte Tilbury. Unlike a lot of my other brow taming gels, this really does manage to add volume and give me a naturally thicker looking brow. I have the shade Cara and it's the perfect medium cool toned brown, it doesn't leave my brows looking stiff yet they stay groomed and in place throughout the whole day. As the wand is so small it does take a little longer to go through all the brow hairs with this, but the extra time is well worth it for the results.

Have you tried any of these products?

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Hydrating Overnight Face Masks

Sleep and skincare, two of my favourite things in the whole world! Having combination skin, I find it best to use moisturising products overnight that leave my skin feeling hydrated and makeup ready by the next morning. There are 4 products that I gravitate towards for overnight use, all


After discovering how much of a game changer the Ultra Facial Cream was, I knew I needed to try some other products from the ultra facial range. This is a thick, gel consistency (reminds me of old school hair gel) which I apply, leave for 10 minutes and then tissue off any access before calling it a night. In the morning my skin feels incredibly hydrated, nourished and visibly my skin looks almost clearer overnight! This also helps my daily moisturiser do its magic keeping my skin hydrated throughout the day. This one does leave an almost sticky feel to the skin, something to bare in mind if you're not a fan of that.


A more recent addition to my overnight skincare stash. This masque is made up of 100% natural ingredients - papaya, jojoba oil and sweet almond, all of which are well known for their ability to actually make a difference to skins radiance, suppleness and levels of moisture. I have been using this the most recently and I've found it does an amazing job at reducing the appearance of fine lines in my skin caused by dehydration! It's a lightweight, thin cream that doesn't clog my pores or cause me to be any more oily either. I think this is the perfect overnight masque for anyone with combination skin.


If you have dehydrated skin and haven't tried this, where the hell have you been?! Unlike the Dr Botanicals masque this has more of a thick and creamy texture which feels like it's working from the get go. The morning after using this my skin looks much more radiant, plump and definitely feels hydrated not only in the morning but throughout the day. One thing to bare in mind, this does have quite a heavy peach scent which personally I love and actually reach for this sometimes just because I love the scent so much! As the packaging says, this one really does quench skin's thirst!


I rediscovered this mask when I started thinking about writing this post. This is my favourite to use during the warmer months, it provides my skin with the additional moisture it needs whilst still being lightweight and not overly rich. In the past if I've ever suffered with any dry patches I've also found that this works a treat at clearing things up. I think this is another mask that will work well for anyone with combination skin.

While sleeping our skin looses moisture rapidly, so whether you have oily, dry or normal skin I would really recommend investing in a good overnight facial mask!

Do you have a favourite overnight face mask?

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Blogging on a Budget

I've always been pretty good at saving, but I'm even better at spending - which, when you're having to pay for a wedding just isn't possible! Blogging on a budget can be tough, generating exciting content when you can't afford to buy new things to blog about is hard is hard! Over the past few months I've found there are things that can be done to make blogging on a budget possible. I'm going to refer to beauty products throughout this post but it can be applied to any kind of blogging. 

1) Have regular clear outs and sell unwanted things

Doing this is one of the main ways I afford to buy new things. Two of my favourite ways to sell are through Depop or eBay. Yes it can be time consuming but the money soon adds up, and when you're on a budget the extra money comes in handy!


1) Be savvy with postage - If you're selling small items of clothing try and keep the packages flat and you will be able to send them as a large letter instead of a small parcel. This saves me over £2 per item! Also, if you are receiving PR packages then make sure you keep all of the packaging and reuse it to send out the items you have sold!

2) Take good pictures - Whether I'm selling on Depop or eBay, I've noticed the better the pictures the more that items seem to sell for. I try to make sure they are light and bright and do close ups of any important details that may add value to an item.

3) Schedule your listings - For eBay this is a big one! I always try and schedule my items so that the auction will end on a Sunday evening, more people are active at this time so actually able to bid and remember about the item you are selling!

2) Use savings cards

I think this is a pretty obvious one, but savings cards/ store cards really do make a difference! I think my absolute favourite is the Boots Advantage Card, they send through so many offers and deals and the points soon add up. Another good one to have is the Debenhams Beauty Card, they stock so many brands now and like the boots card the points soon add up meaning money off another purchase.

3) List the costs and benefits of purchasing items 

I remember when the amazing marble Hourglass palette came out. Honestly, I was absolutely gutted that I didn't have it in my collection. It's not that I couldn't afford that palette, in reality I could. However, it would have meant sacrificing something else for it and in the end I just couldn't part with the £70 just because I wanted to review it and share it with you guys.

I have started to list the costs and benefits of buying something either in my head or on a piece of paper and pretty much every single time I do this I will often talk myself out of making a purchase - if I really want something and can 100% justify it, I will never get to this stage in the first place! 

4) Actually keep a wishlist, if it's been on there for more than 3 months, consider getting it.

My last post was my spring wishlist, in the beauty section a lot of the things listed I have been lusting after for months! I know that when I do come to buy them I'll be likely to get the use out of it. Rather than an impulse purchase that will sit in the bottom of my makeup draw collecting dust.

5) Wait for discount days

Every single month I receive email after email from different companies telling me about the offers/ discounts currently available. Honestly, for years I went without buying a MAC lipstick until Debenhams would have their 10% off beauty event or I was able to shop duty free as I knew I could save the extra money. Doing this not only gives me the time to actually think about the purchase and see if I still want it after the 3 months, BUT I save a little extra money at the same time.

6) Buy discounted products e.g. Cheshire Oaks, eBay, Depop

Buying discounted products is also a fab thing to do when you're on a budget! I'm lucky to live only 40 minutes away from Cheshire Oaks which is a designer outlet village, they have a shop which sells MAC, Estee Lauder and Bobbi Brown just to name a few all at discounted prices. I always pick up my Estee Lauder Double Wear from there and save around £8 every time. I've seen a lot of people sell unwanted Jo Malone candles on Depop for a fraction of the price, it's definitely a good way to afford luxury if you can't buy it full price.

7) Work out just how much you can afford to spend 

Like most people who are reading this, I absolutely love tying out new beauty products and building up my collection so of-course I like to dedicate some of my money to it! I have started to work out just how much after all bills/ monthly expenses I can actually afford to spend on beauty. Some months I'll have more than others, but actually planning out my spending has really helped me make more mindful purchases and stick to my wishlist. I'm currently waiting for Boots or Superdrug to have a 3 for 2 because there are some affordable makeup products I want to try.

8) Work with what you've got! 

This is another big one for me, I'll sometimes reach a point where I feel uninspired if I don't buy anything new one month - yet I have a whole draw full of makeup! I've started taking a close look at the beauty products I already have and think of ways that I can create engaging and useful content with that. An example of this is my contouring post, I really enjoyed creating that and it was a post featuring products that I already had in my collection, absolutely nothing new. This post has also cost me nothing to create, so as a beauty blogger there are definitely ways around it and ways to still talk beauty without having new products. There are also so many posts by other bloggers sharing their '50 Blog Post Ideas', so when you are stuck referring to this can be refreshing and help to park new ideas. Daisy from weardaisywent has wrote a good post for this!

I hope some of you have found it useful! Sometimes I feel like I'm the only beauty blogger that can't afford to continually buy new products, which I know isn't the case at all but I don't see many speak about the financial cost of being a beauty blogger and how it can get pricey if you let it!

Do you have any tips on beauty blogging on a budget?

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Spring Wishlist

I know my bank account won't agree, but wishlist's are one of my favourite posts to read! The majority of my beauty, fashion and even home wear purchases come about through my favourite bloggers recommendations or wishlist posts. Seen as though I find them so useful, I've decided that each season I'm going to create a wishlist myself with some of my favourite fashion and beauty finds...


Honestly I'm pretty basic when it comes to style. This spring I really want to focus on building up a wardrobe full of staple pieces that will go well together and create lots of different outfits. I absolutely love the embodied shirts that a lot of brands seem to be doing at the moment, this is my favourite. I also think a trench coat is a spring essential. A Burberry trench is the dream, but way out of my budged but I have my eye on this trench from Topshop. I love the grey cuff details and how the fit is more relaxed making it perfect for everyday.

The beautiful blush pink colour I just can't get enough of is thankfully huge this season, I already have quite a few tops and jumpers that are pink which will work well (see here), but I think this shirt will be the perfect addition to my wardrobe. I love how the girly pink colour contrasts with the masculinity of a shirt, and it's so easy to just chuck on with a fair of ripped jeans, lace up flats or Vans!


Not a season will go by that there isn't atleast one thing on my beauty wishlist. With so many different launches what seems like every single week I always try and wait atleast 3 months when it comes to high end products and then if I still want them after that amount of time then I'll take the plunge...

In terms of skincare this set from Antipodes seems like the perfect way to try out the brand which I definitely want to do this season. Also this highlighter from Dior has been on my wishlist for way over 3 months, but I'm not quite sure if I can justify the £39 splurge!

What's on your wishlist this spring?

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My Current MAC Lipstick Collection & Wishlist

There is something about MAC lipsticks that's nostalgic to me, nothing quite beats the iconic vanilla scent or using a brand new shade for the first time... I remember buying my first MAC lipstick so vividly. I went for the raved about shade 'Creme Cup', £11 later it was mine. 7 years on there have been too many price increases to count and some bad shade choices made on my part (Hue and Up the Amp, I'm looking at you). Over the next few months I'm going to be upgrading my collection, so I thought now would be a good time to share the MAC lipsticks that I currently own...

1) Plink - A sheer, baby pink which leaves an almost frosty look on the lips from the shimmery particles. It's a lustre finish which feels nourishing and creamy, but does tend to highlight any spec of dry skin on the lips. I've had this for a while now, it's definitely not something I reach for often anymore but hopefully I'll get more use out of it during the warmer months, or used layered with other lipsticks.

2) Patisserie - A more recent addition to my collection and probably my favourite for everyday wear. Like Plink this is a lustre finish except it's much more pigmented, leaving a good wash of colour on the lips. This is an incredibly wearable understated pink and it just seems to work well with any look I pair it with. One thing to note is that the lustre lipsticks definitely don't last as long as the other formulations from MAC, so I do have to top this up throughout the day. Although the high shine finish and wearable shade make it worthy of the extra effort!

3) Creme Cup - Don't worry this isn't the the same one that I picked up back in 2011, I decided to repurchase this mainly for nostalgic reasons (yes I'm that sad). Creme Cup is a satin finish making it much more pigmented that the lustre finish. This is creamy, nourishing and light weight and by far my favourite MAC formula - however, it's the fairly bright, pale pink shade that stops me from wearing this - Can I bring myself to throw this away? Nope.

4) Velvet Teddy - Out of all the shades this has been my most worn, and I'm definitely in need of a new one. It's one of the most comfortable matte lipsticks I own and the only mid toned brown nude that seems to work for my complexsion. It has a slight pink undertone to it which really manages to lift the shade and make it feel less dull. I don't think my lipstick collection will ever be without Velvet Teddy!

5) Twig - For me this is the perfect A/W Mauve lipstick shade. It's much darker than what I go for on a day to day basis, but when teamed with a warm brown smokey eye it creates a really stunning look. It's a satin finish so formulation wise it ticks all the boxes, lasting a good 5-6 hours before fading to leave a lovely mauve/ pink stain. This one definitely requires a lip liner, I recommend MAC's Whirl with this.

6) Brave - I feel like this is the more mature, grown up version of Creme Cup. For a while it was my go to, everyday lip shade, but it's definitely made it's way to the bottom of my collection over the past year... It's just a little too pink for my liking!

7) Rebel - Keeping it real, I haven't worn this shade in months - maybe years! I was actually going to throw it out as I tend to stir clear of lipstick with any kind of colour (bar the Rimmel 107 Kate Moss lipstick). However, when trying it on for this post I pretty much rekindled my love for it. Rebel really is a stunning lipstick. It's bold and fun yet not too out there, and I couldn't believe how much it managed to brighten my complexsion and just pull a really simple makeup look together. I think I'm going to start wearing this as a lip stain and gradually build up the colour until I feel confident enough to wear it.

8) Morange - Again, like Rebel I really have avoided this lipstick for a while. Of-course it isn't something I'll be wearing on a day to day basis, and it's definitely a season shade, but for hot summer holidays it's stunning. Although bright and almost neon like, teamed with minimal makeup and tanned skin this lipstick is perfection!



As I mentioned in my intro there are just a few MAC lipsticks I really want to add to my collection! The shades are Blankety, Ruby Woo, Syrup, and of-course I will have to look into the Fleur de Force and MAC collaboration which I believe is coming out in April.


I hope the lip swatches have been useful to anyone with these shades on their wishlist... If you have any shade recommendations then I would love to know in the comments!

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Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk Lipstick & Lip Cheat... Do you need both?

The Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk lipliner has been a go to for the past year, after resisting the Pillowtalk lipstick for a few weeks I eventually caved - but was it worth it? Do I really need both in my collection? 

The picture on the left is the Pillowtalk lipliner, on the right is the Pillowtalk lipstick paired with it. As you would expect the shades are pretty much identical, that beautiful dusky nudey pink we all love. The matte finish makes this so more than a 'your lips but better shade', it manages to really bring any makeup look together without it becoming too over done - literally perfect for any occasion! 

Although it looks like a standard pink shade, I honestly haven't found anything quite like this (the Rimmel Exaggerate lipliner in East End Snob is close, but not quite as nude). The shade and texture are spot on for me, it has a waxy feel to it that makes slightly over lining the lips really easy, there's no dragging or clinging to any dry patches - it's sheer perfection! I also find it to last really well, I usually get around 3-4 hours wear with other lipliners, but I can get around 5-6 hours wear from this alone! As the name suggests this really does help to cheat the appearance of fuller looking lips, which as you can see from the pictures above, I need... It's a beautiful shade that really when you fill in the whole lip can be worn alone without any lipstick needed.

Cased in the usual rose gold packaging it really is one of those luxurious lipsticks I look forward to using, as soon as I saw this I knew I would love it! However, let's compare it to the lipliner - add on £8 and you have something very similar except in lipstick form, excluding the ability to line the lips. Of-course with the lipstick you get more of a pigmented and opaque finish and the matte revolution formulation, but if you use the lip liner to fill in your whole lip, there isn't a whole lot different! Worn alone I'll get around 4 hours wear out of this, with the lipliner that's extended to 6 hours, so pretty impressive. 

Similar to Bond Girl from the Matte Revolution lipstick range, the Pillowtalk lipstick is really comfortable to wear and isn't one of those matte lipsticks you'll be itching to remove. I purchased this because I had it in my head that it would be limited edition, but I'm starting to get a feeling it's hear to stay. 

I'm so happy to have both of these in my collection, however, when you consider the cost of the lipstick and how multi functional the lipliner is, if you don't have either of these in your collection yet, I would definitely say get the lip liner first!

Have you tried either of these?

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My Manic yet Mindful Morning Routine

One of my goals for this year was to become more mindful, not necessarily sit and practise mindfulness but just stop going about my day on auto pilot and be more present during my day to day routine. In spring/ summer I absolutely love the mornings and like to make the most of them...

6.30am - Rewind to December last year and I would start every morning by scrolling through Instagram/ twitter for around 10 minutes, now I'm slowly getting used to waking up and heading straight to the bathroom instead... I start by brushing my teeth using the White Labs Nano range*. I'll be honest, at first I thought this was just going to be a pretty addition to the side of my sink, but using the mouthwash, toothpaste and floss (in that order) has definitely helped to whiten my teeth, and of-course it's lovely and refreshing helping to wake me up.

6.35am - Time to shower... I thought this would be a good post to mention some of my hair care favourites, the Lee Stafford Fix, Build and Repair treatment has become a holy grail product for me. After bleaching my hair to within an inch of its life last year, this treatment has managed to restore it and keep the lengths and ends looking healthy again. The Tangle Teezer is also a must for me, compared to a regular hair brush it manages to remove all knots without breaking my hair.

6.45am - *Quickly boil the kettle so I can sip a cup of tea while I do my makeup - first thing I either go for lemon and hot water or stick to a good old english breakfast tea*

6.50am - It's time to get dressed, although before this, I use the Mitchum 48h Advanced Control Deodorant - the best deodorant Ive ever used. Just after getting dressed I'll light a candle and put some music on, I used to watch youtube videos but I've found listening to music to be really uplifting and put me in a good mood for the day. To save waking up the rest of the house I use the Sudio Vasa Bla earphones*, these are wireless and make listening to music a breeze (get 15% off with my discount code JMXO).

6.55am - Make myself look a little more presentable


I love a fancy skincare routine as much as the next beauty blogger, but I tend stick to the basics in the morning. I simply wash my face, tone and moisturise. My go to moisturiser at the minute has been the Philosophy Take a Deep Breath Gel Cream* moisturiser, this has a really refreshing scent and sinks into the skin quickly making it perfect to apply makeup over the top.

I switch up my makeup on a daily basis, but some products I can't help but go back to. The Too Faced Hangover Primer has been a game changer for me, it's incredibly hydrating and helps my makeup stay put all day long. Another essential is the Beauty Blender, I use this to blend my concealer -surprise surprise and finish off my foundation. Pricey and a pain to clean, but I've found no other sponge applicator that compares!

Honestly my hair routine is pretty basic. A product I'm really impressed with and use every time I wash my hair is the Schwarzkopf Got2b Mind Blowing Fast Dry Spray, I tend to wear my hair curled and this not only manages to speed up the blow drying time, but also gives my hair more texture...

7.30am - Breakfast

Now, this is where the majority of the mindfulness comes into play. It sounds odd at first, but I've started eating my breakfast in silence. Having 10 minutes to myself in peace before I leave for work really sets me up for the day. I find myself coming up with my best blog post ideas and being able to concentrate on my breakfast makes me appreciate it 10x more.

7.45am - A spritz of my favourite spring scent Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede, and I'm off!

Although I have quite a lot to do in the mornings in a reletively short space of time, there are definitely ways that I've managed to inject mindfulness into my routine and make sure I start my day in the best way possible.

Some other great mindfulness posts and resources I love:
Style Lobster: Mindfulness, the word of 2016 and what it means to me
Perfect for anyone looking into mindfulness for the first time
My favourite app when I want to actually practise mindfulness - Calm

Are you mindful while you get ready for the day?

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Mother's Day Gift Guide

With Mothers Day just around the corner I thought it would be nice to share some gift inspiration - whether you're looking to spend £100 or £5, there are so many beautiful things that would make the perfect mothers day gift.


I think my favourite gift to both give and receive whatever the occasion is perfume. Some of my current favourites are Chloe Love Story EDTYSL Black Opium Floral Shock EDP and Giorgio Armani Si. All of these fragrances have floral notes to them without being at all old fashioned, not only are they perfect for Spring but they offer a really sophisticated scent that I think any mum would be happy to wear - I know my mum is after them!

If it's a little too risky to buy a perfume and you're not too sure what your mum/ loved one would like, then another fab beauty gift option is the Ted Baker Kit for a Queen. This comes so beautifully wrapped and for £25 I think it's a really beautiful set - the body shimmer souffle is amazing. I think a luxurious lipstick is another nice option, Charlotte Tilbury's Pillowtalk lipstick is a safe option that is both stunning and sure to suit all, although this lipstick is a lovely more affordable option.

I couldn't do this post without mentioning some Lush goodies, the Coconut Hand Scrub pictured is one of those things that you don't realise that you need until you try it! Teaming this with a hand cream is a fab option for any busy mums who need some TLC.


Flowers are a quite a cliche option, so instead of just picking up a super market bunch and giving them as they come I love to buy a couple of bunches, wrap them in brown parcel paper and finish with ribbon. I always find it's the little touches to a gift that makes all the difference, and it definitely makes them look 10x more presentable.

Trinket dishes, jewellery boxes and decorative ornaments never go a miss! I have included some of my favourite finds in the widget below, and some of my go to stores are Home Sense/ TK Maxx, Oliver Bonas and Anthropology or for a more affordable option Matalan is fab, how gorgeous is this candle!

When it comes to clothing I think it can be tricky to find exactly the right thing, however at one point it became almost a tradition for me to get my mum a scarf! I love the look of this ASOS option (one I would have to borrow). Loungewear/ pyjamas are another thing that never goes a miss, this Ted Baker set is stunning!


Like perfume, can you really go wrong with a little bottle of bubbly and a sweet treat? The Charbonnel et Walker truffles  are such a good option - definitely not something most would treat themselves too, but lovely to try (also, how gorgeous is the packaging!).

I recommend the This Works Deep Sleep Spray in most of the gift guides, it's just a really great gift and actually does aid a good nights sleep!

I hope this has given you some inspiration for what to get your mum this Mothers Day!

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My New Skincare Secret #ad

It's no secret that I love skincare, having bad skin throughout my teenage years it has become something I seriously value in my everyday beauty routine. Everyone has been going crazy for the blackhead removal masks, I've been wanting to put one to the test myself for ages but I couldn't seem to get hold of one - until now!

The kit comes from the brand My Scheming, which I had never heard of before but it's a popular skincare brand in China and Taiwan, so I was happy to trust it and give it a go. After cleansing my skin and making sure it is completely dry I go on to the first step which is the 'Deep Pore Sebum Softener', this feels like a regular serum and helps to open the pores ready for the mask. I only use the mask on my nose and chin, as that's where I have the most blackheads.

The next step is applying the mask, I've found it's important to make sure that an even layer is applied so that the whole thing dries evenly. I wait around 25 minutes for it to dry, and then the fun bit - peeling it off! I thought that this would tug at my skin and hurt, but surprisingly it didn't and the whole thing came off in one pretty easily - taking all the crap from my skin with it!

I'm going to spare you any pictures of the results, but lets just say it definitely does clear the pores! I've never suffered with any breakouts after using this, infact my nose and cheeks have definitely been much clearer, not only from blackheads but also general breakouts. 

Once I've peeled off the mask I rinse my skin with water and go on to step 3. Step 3 is similar to step 1 except it closes the pores. After using this I move onto toning and moisturising my skin and leave it at that. If you have oily, blemish prone skin and visible blackheads I would really recommend trying this.

The results

If like me you tend you get blackheads on your chin, nose and cheeks then I really do think this product will work for you! It not only provided instant results but from using this once a week over the past 4 weeks it has really helped to reduce the appearance of blackheads on my skin. I'm definitely going to continue using on a weekly basis to keep my skin clear. 

What's your skincare secret?

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*This post is in Collaboration with My Scheming


March Goals

Over Christmas I remember dreading January and February, they have always been such dull months to me, but this year I've actually really enjoyed them and can't quite believe how quickly March has come around!

The Goals...

Make a start on my photo album

Earlier in the month I was offered the chance to have some free prints from Printiki* and it's definitely given me the motivation to finally get round to filling my lovely little photo album! I love the polaroid style and the fact I can write a little bit about the picture at the bottom - all I need now is some more washi tape to jazz things up!

Book a holiday

Does anyone else get that weird feeling when they really want to book a holiday but just can't bring themselves to do it? I swear I should be a gemini because I'm so indecisive! I really want to get away with my friends and then another trip with my other half, I just need to get my butt into gear and actually get something set in stone.

Practise yoga/ pilates

I went through a brief period of practising yoga last year and I absolutely loved it, but being in uni I made the excuse of not having enough time and didn't keep it up. I'm exercising 3-4 times a week now and I think it will be the perfect way to stretch everything out post workout.

Look into a new blog design

I purchased my current template from Pipdig over a year ago now and I feel like I really want to update it! I absolute love this new template but I'm thinking I may just save up a little and have a complete custom design in Summer - we shall see!

Do you have any goals for March?

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