Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powder Review

For me brows make or break a look, the whole ‘Instagram Brow’ isn’t for my thing and I try to achieve a full, but natural looking brow instead… I was lucky enough to be sent the brand new Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powder* £5.99, lots of brands seem to be coming out with brow palettes, pomades and taming gels, but this is pretty unique!

I’m really impressed with the powder in the product. My brows stayed put all day without any budging or fading which was perfect. It’s also nicely pigmented and soft helping it blend well when combing my brows through after using it – i’ve found using a spoolie works wonders with this as it distributes the powder evenly.

The applicator is what makes this unique, it’s a soft sponge which holds the powder. As you can see the applicator is quite thick which makes filling in the brows a quick process, but that does mean less precision and the inability to create soft hair like strokes, so this is definitely for those that like a bold brow, or perfect for more dramatic evening looks. This has been marketed as a 3-in-1 product that will fill, define and line, and I definitely agree.

I think with a little practise this does become easy to use, it’s a very quick way to fill the brow with colour!

(L-R Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Black)


There are only 4 shades to choose from in this range, which isn’t really enough. At first glance I thought that medium brown would be a good match for me, but actually on the brows it looked more like a dark brown. In the end my shade of choice was the lightest in the range which is light brown, however I feel like this will be far too dark for anyone with lighter brows. 

The dark brown as you can see from the swatch is incredibly warm toned, which is something to bare in mind when deciding which shade to go for. One thing I do like about the shades they have in the range is the consideration of different tones, it’s good to see more affordable brands bringing out a mix of both cool and warm toned shades. Buying this instore I think swatching it/ actually trying it out will be your best bet to finding the perfect shade. 

I think this is a product I’ll use more for evening makeup, or in conjunction with a brow pencil to create a more natural looking finish for day time. I’m impressed with the concept but if you prefer very natural looking brows, this isn’t for you.

What are your favourite brow products to use, will you be trying the Brow Shake?

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36 responses to “Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powder Review”

  1. Faye Laura says:

    I'm really lazy when it comes to my brows but this looks like it would be quite easy to use. I'm not keen on the idea of putting anything too warm toned on my face though, so I'll definitely swatch it first! xx http://www.fridayfaye.com

  2. Shay Holly says:

    I like the idea of this for easy everyday brows! xwww.shayholly.com

  3. Amber Gregory says:

    I didn't really understand the use of this product when I saw it advertised, but now I do! Looks very natural but put together! Amber Xwww.amberatlanta.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Fa nny says:

    I really like the before and after photos, yet as you said, it would be a little bit too much for an everyday brow to me, and, my brows being quite light, I don't believe this lightest shade would suit them indeed! It's such a shame because in terms of longevity and application, it truly sounds like the perfect brow product! Great review 🙂 http://fannyanddailybeauty.com

    • Jodie Moores says:

      Thank you! Glad you like them, it's quite bold isn't it and definitely doesn't give the appearance of natural hair like strokes, but I guess it's not meant for that! Fingers crossed they will bring out more shades at some point x

  5. Beckie Porritt says:

    I really like the look of this! I'd be interested in trying it. You're right the dark brown shade is SO warm so I'd definitely go for medium brown. Lovely post.Beckie xo // The Pale Tails

  6. Megan Hobson says:

    I agree there needs to be a more varied shade range, medium brown is way too light for my black brows but dark brown is way too warm toned for me! xmeg x meghobson.com

    • Jodie Moores says:

      Ahh it's such a shame! I quite like the product itself but the applicator and shade range do let it down for me, seems to be the same with most drugstore/ highstreet brow products! x

  7. The Makeup Directory says:

    I've been using this and I'm really impressed! Although the colours are a bit off, I thought I'd be dark brown but it's much too dark, in fact even medium brown is quite dark!! I'll give the lightest one a go tomorrow which is bad as my brows are quite dark!The Makeup Directory

  8. Leanne Page says:

    These sound interesting. I'm really into brow powders at the moment so I will definitely check them out. They are so cheap too xxLPage Beauty

  9. Annabel B says:

    When I first saw this I didn't think I would like it, but seeing it on I may be converted!Annabel ♥Mascara & Maltesers

    • Jodie Moores says:

      It's good isn't it! I would have a look instore and see what you think, the applicator is quite easy to get the hang of! x

  10. Lucy Alice says:

    This is such a unique product, haven't seen anything like this before – definitely need to give it a try!Lucy | Forever September

  11. Alina Bostan says:

    What a cool concept, I haven't seen anything like it but since I do prefer a more natural brow I think I will stay away. Plus the shade dark brown has quite a strong red undertone so don't think it would suit me xBeauty with charm

    • Jodie Moores says:

      I know, it's really original which I love! It's definitely not great for a natural brow, it creates quite a bold look. Shame they don't have a wider shade range x

  12. Lucy Cole says:

    I thought this was such a strange idea when I first saw it, but it actually sounds fairly decent!!xx Lucy x | lucy-cole.co.uk

  13. Danielle Alexa says:

    I think I am going to have to take a look at this, I love any new brow product!Danielle xxhttp://www.fashionbeautyblog.co.uk/

  14. Lauren says:

    Wow this looks amazing I love those swatches they're sooo pretty. I 100% need to try this. Lauren x Huggled

  15. Laura says:

    These look really good, I really love Rimmel's brow products. I use their Brow This Way gel for taming my brows! I always struggle to find good brow products for blonde hair, because they always end up looking too red/gingery on me, but these look really good! xxLaura | http://www.mylauralife.co.uk

    • Jodie Moores says:

      Oo I haven't tried that one, I've used L'Oreal and Maybelline brow gels and love them so need to give it a go! The lightest shade will probably work well for you, it's not red/ warm at all! x

  16. Lisa Autumn says:

    This is such a cool concept! Might give it a try 🙂 xx Lisalisaautumn.com

  17. Zara says:

    I use Benefit's Kabrow which is probably my favourite brow product I've ever tried. As strange as this product looks, I am actually quite keen to give it a try as on days when I have five minutes to get ready the tiny applicator for Kabrow is just a bit too fiddly! xomisszarabelle.com

    • Jodie Moores says:

      The Kabrow looks amazing, but the benefit brow range is so expensive for day to day wear aswel! Sounds like something like this would be perfect x

  18. Charlotte Lane says:

    I'm very intrigued by these, but I can tell from the shades that none of these would be suitable for me! I also prefer a more natural looking brow that's not too thick.. It's a great concept though and I can imagine that it makes brow application quick and easy for someone who is normally in a rush 🙂 xoChar | http://www.charslittleblog.blogspot.co.uk

  19. Tas Choudhury says:

    I tried this and really not keen on it. The Smashbox brow powder is a much better formula and has a precision tip so is much easier to create natural strokes. Unfortunately the price tag is a lot higher so isn't as easy on the pocket for everyday wear.

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