5 Tips for a More Productive Day

January 5, 2017

 With the New Year in full swing I thought I would share some of the little things I do to ensure I have the most productive day possible…

Get a good nights sleep and have a sleep routine

I know a lot of people mention how important a good nights sleep is, but whenever I get a solid 8 hours I always feel so much better for it. Since going to bed at around 10 and waking up at 6 I’ve created a body clock for myself giving me so much more energy. To drift off a little easier I love to use the This Works Deep Sleep pillow spray – it’s a game changer and sooooo worth the hype! I also try my best to leave my phone on the other side of the room at 9.30pm and leave it there until the morning, I drift off much better having a tech free half hour beforehand (or even 15 minutes can sometimes be enough…) 

Drink as much water as possible throughout the day 

Anyone else keep telling themselves they will start drinking more water but then forget the next day? Well here’s your reminder! In work I manage to drink a lot of water and it definitely keeps me on track, I know water makes a difference because when I’m at home and I forget to keep hydrated I start to feel so tired and unmotivated. I think having a big bottle helps with this, or if you’re really struggling there are a couple of apps that send alerts to your phone reminding you. I also love that drinking water comes with so many other benefits too, how can it be so hard to remember!?

Take up Mindfulness

The buzz word of 2016, but don’t knock it till you’ve tired it. My best ideas and creative thoughts always seem to pop up when I’m driving, and I’ve realised it’s because my mind has a break from everything else! I love using the calm app to have 10 minutes of mindfulness, afterwards I’m refreshed and full of new ideas. 

Get organised and plan your day

I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to planning, I just hate no knowing how my day will pan out! All of the little things like getting my lunch ready the day before and picking out something to wear the next day means the next morning is pretty stress free and I can spend more time on important things. I never used to be this organised but since sticking to it and making it part of my routine I’ve managed to get so much more done.

I find writing lists really helpful and then keeping them visible throughout the day, there is nothing more satisfying than being able to tick off tasks.

Take breaks

Taking breaks for me, like mindfulness actually makes me feel more refreshed and ready to work harder. By a break I don’t mean going on my phone (when I do this my ‘break’ turns into full on procrastination), but have a little walk around or just move from where ever it is you’re working/ attempting to do something productive can make a whole lot of difference.

I’m really starting to feel motivated for 2017 now, and being as productive as possible is something I want to keep up… What’s your tip for a more productive day? 



Jennifer Frank says:

ah i always try and push myself to drink water but i'm so bloody forgetful! definitely need to remember a few of these pointers, i've been so lazy lately!jen | velvet spring

Jodie Moores says:

Ditto, that's why I thought I would include it haha! Funny because I always want to and feel amazing for it, it's just remembering too x

Parie Joshi says:

This post could not have come at the right time, January is such a 'blue' month and being that little bit more productive is so helpful!Parie x

Jodie Moores says:

So glad to hear that, I was feeling the same and I always find being productive in January helps me get through the grim weather and short days x

Jessie-Ann Lewis says:

Love this! It's actually nice being back in work and having a sleeping pattern again. I'm going to try and take up mindfulness too – sounds so helpful in productivity! xxJessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

Jodie Moores says:

I agree, I hate feeling all over the place and I definitely did over Christmas! It really is, especially when you need to try and be creative. I don't know about you but spending so much time on social media leaves me a little brain dead, mindfulness is like a clearing system haha! x

Jess | The Indigo Hours says:

I love your tips! You can't beat a good tick list 😀 And thanks for the reminder about water – I've just found my water bottle and had a good drink 😉 ♥

Jodie Moores says:

Oh good, glad I could help 😉 happy you've found the tips helpful x

Lucy Cole says:

Fab tips! I bought the deep sleep pillow spray and haven't actually given it a go myself – I'll have to! XxLucy x //

Jodie Moores says:

Yes it's fab, I always manage to drift straight off to sleep using it x

Kizzi Webster says:

I am so awful at drinking enough water but have just down loaded an app to help keep me on track! Water is meant to be really good for your skin aswell so that will hopefully be an added bonus! Lovely post! Kizzi xx

Jodie Moores says:

Exactly, it really is I always notice a difference when I drink more of it 🙂 x

Josie says:

I love these tips! I need to drink less coke and more water and also go to bed earlier (she says, still on the laptop at half 11…) xSick Chick Chic

Jodie Moores says:

I got into the habit of drinking coke, I think it's addictive! Ahh on the weekends I do tend to stay up later (I sound so old don't I haha!) x

Torey Noora says:

Yes! All of these! Being organized makes a world of a difference in my day!

Jodie Moores says:

It really does! 🙂

sophiesmakeupblog says:

Such great tips! I love the ThisWorks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray! I've just recently downloaded the calm app too xxSophie | SophiesMakeupBlog

Jodie Moores says:

Thank you Sophie, glad you like them! I can't believe how much of a difference it actually makes 🙂

Ambar Syed says:

Some wonderful tips Jodie! I'm really trying to improve my productivity throughout the day with it being the new year so thank you for posting this. Really helpful.Ambar x | Her Little Loves

Jodie Moores says:

So glad you have found it helpful! 🙂

Erin Azmir says:

I'm taking care of my health by drinking lots of water and cutting down my sugary drinks intake. I also plan my days weekly now. I wanna be more organised this year x

Elise says:

I definitely agree with you on how it is to drink enough water! I made it my New Years' resolution and it's made such a huge impact on my productivity already :)Elise – Celebricious x

Ashley Christabelle says:

Oh, I really need to start having a proper sleeping routine! Haven't had a proper and healthy one for years! I might give that spray you mentioned a look to see if it could make me fall asleep easily.

Lynnsay says:

These are great tips! I'm going to leave my phone on the other side of the room tonight – hopefully it'll make me wake up earlier too, as I'll need to get up to switch my alarm off!Lynnsay

The Glitter Chic says:

Great post, thanks for sharing! I want to stick drinking more water definitely.N, xoxo. |

Becca Fletcher says:

It makes me so halpy seeing bloggers talking about Mindfulness. Its changed the way I think and my life honestly. I must write about it soon. Great tips

Rachael Cargin says:

LOVE this I could definitely do with being more productive this year :)Rachael

Prarthana Gogoi says:

Love the tips! Love your blog! You just got a new follower! ♥ Keep up the good work!With Love,Anna || Fuzzword

Layla Sprinkles says:

This is such a lovely post – I always love the motivation and positivity from the start of a new year! Life is too short to stress or worry about anything! Wishing you a wonderful 2017!! 🙂 Layla xx

JaynieShannonx says:

I had an evening completely focused on mindfulness last night and it was incredible. I haven't felt so chilled out in ages. Definitely going to be doing it more often. I really need to up my water intake though, rubbish with that!Jaynie Shannon | Beauty & Lifestyle xx

Dea Andriany says:

Great tips! I'm struggling with sleep and I really suffered with how unproductive it made my days lately.Selene Addicted

Ozioma Adora Ikejiani says:

Love this! Your blog is really pretty!Ozi

Beckie Porritt says:

I really enjoyed this post, I certainly need to sort out my sleeping pattern, hence the late post. 10pm till 6am is such a great sleeping pattern and is goals!! I love how motivated you seem, I always used to pick out my outfit the day before college but at university I am SO much lazier. This post has inspired me to do something about that.The Pale Tails- Beckie x

Jodie Moores says:

So glad to hear that Beckie, I hate how people generalise students as lazy. I only graduated last year and I only started becoming organised/ really productive in my final year, it really made a difference x

Sarah says:

I enjoy the Calm app too! It really makes meditation that much easier. Thanks for sharing your tips! XxSarah // Beautybyrah

Jodie Moores says:

It's fab isn't it! No problem, hope you found them useful! 🙂 x

Stacey Barber says:

such a brilliant post! I practice mindfulness, I have for years and it's just amazing! I love getting myself into a zone and relaxing! The bath is the best place!Fix Me In Forty Five – A Beauty & Lifestyle BlogBlog Lovin' // Instagramxx

Alina Bostan says:

Great advice lovely, I always try to sleep well during the week or else I can't function properly. I haven;t heard of the Mindfulness app before, must check it out xBeauty with charm

Jessica says:

Absolutely love this post! I need to start doing a lot of them more often! 🙂 xJessica |

The Makeup Aficionado says:

To-do lists save me when it comes to being productive. Something about writing things that need to be done down and scratching them off the list one by one spirals me into a very productive day. Lovely post. http://www.themakeupaficionado.com

The Makeup Directory says:

I know this sounds ridiculous but I've never actually thought of just putting my phone in another room. I always say I'm not going to go on it but I end up on it anyway, now I'm going to try and do what you do and leave it elsewhere! Fab tip!The Makeup Directory

Danielle Alexa says:

I literally spend every spare minute that I can in my bed, I just find it so relaxing!Danielle xx

Leanne Page says:

I must try Mindfulness. I become a bit obsessed with planning and I don't know where I'd be without it! It definitely helps me be more productive. And of course enough sleep. Great post xx LPage Beauty

Lucy Alice says:

Really good tips – I can be so bad when it comes to being productive throughout the day, planning my day is something I really need to do!Lucy | Forever September

Dany Queen says:

I have to be ridiculously organized if I'm going to get anything done. I have to write about a billion lists just to organize my thoughts. xx Dany | The Queens Empire

Simon Winter says:

I love reading your post and really appreciate the great advice you have given to all of us with this amazing post!xxSpaBreaks Discount

Jordyn Pamela says:

Breaks are oh so crucial for me as well when I want to have a productive day. I think we all overwork our minds just a little bit! Also, this is my first time looking at your blog and it is very beautiful! xxJordyn Pamela | Lovely Little Roses

Jasmin N says:

Oh I needed this so bad right now! Been feeling a little unproductive lately 😀 thank you for sharing your tips! ♥ Jasmin N |

A Girl & Grey {Sharni} says:

I always find if I'm dehydrated I feel so flat and unproductive – great tips!Sharni //

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