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The Ideal Christmas According to Instagram

Over the past few days I’ve been thinking about exactly what I share on social media. Christmas is the time of year when everyone seems to be happy, full of joy and having a good time with family and friends – but for some this isn’t always the case.

Not a day goes by when I don’t scroll through Instagram or tweet about something, and usually if not always my posts are positive, sharing only the good things. Throughout December there’s so much talk of gifts and the ideal festive activities to do, but is this realistic and a true representation of what actually happens? Or instead leaving content consumers, like myself, underwhelmed with the Christmas that they have in comparison?

Everyone’s Christmas is different, but the “ideal” Christmas represented on social media seems to be the same, with the best Christmas containing expensive gifts, a beautifully decorated home and everything running smoothly. Of-course it’s lovely to have all of those things, they definitely add to the experience and I’m not saying that I go without them, but what about everything else? I’ll most probably be that person sharing those things on my Instagram/ twitter, but what I won’t be sharing on social media come Christmas Day is the most important and special thing about Christmas – time with family.

Whether it’s just having a catch up with my brother or helping my mum set the table, it’s those times that make Christmas special. Over the past few days I’ve learnt how precious life can be, the materialistic side of Christmas really isn’t important and this year I’m going to make the most of having my loved ones in one place. I’m sure I’ll be on my social media platforms on Christmas Day, but whilst scrolling I’m going to be remembering that one picture, or one tweet really doesn’t speak a thousand words. Just because someone has Chanel under the tree or a gorgeous selection of Christmas food doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the most important thing, or that they are happy!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year! If you’re feeling overwhelmed when you flick through your social media profiles on Christmas day, don’t compare! I hope I have managed to put my point across well, everyone’s Christmas is different and remember that the most important thing really is family, not the bits that are often shared on Instagram.


    Ashley Christabelle

    December 23, 2016Reply

    Totally true! Whilst gifts and all that shizzles makes Christmas fun, the most important thing is spending time with our family. I hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year!

    Cindy Yue

    December 23, 2016Reply

    For starters I love this photo!! And I love all the points you made in this post, sometimes social media is great but sometimes it leaves us comparing our own lives to that which we see others have. I think it's important to enjoy what you have and know that not everyone is or has to be the same. Hope you have a lovely time spent with your family! Cindy |


    December 23, 2016Reply

    This photo is so pretty. Totally agree though, social media is there only to show the positive things so people really shouldn't compare.Jaynie Shannon | Beauty & Lifestylexx

    Gemma Louise

    December 24, 2016Reply

    More people need to hear this, especially young children! My little sister is constantly having friends brag about getting expensive gifts for Christmas like that's what it's about. I personally think she gets spoilt anyway even if it's not as much as they do but I keep telling her it's about spending valuable time together as a family, and no amount of gifts can replace that! One of her friends dads is never around so she gets the latest iPhone… it's not always as perfect as it seems, I know what I'd rather have! XGemma Louise

    The Makeup Directory

    December 24, 2016Reply

    This is such a lovely post and SO much truth in it. I definitely try to appreciate the smaller things on Christmas day more than lavish presents, but it is always too easy to compare your day to others. Going to take a page out of your book and try take all social media with a pinch of salt tomorrow!I hope you have a lovely Christmas Jodie :)The Makeup Directory

    Ambar Syed

    December 24, 2016Reply

    Such a lovely post, it's so important to reflect on the real value of the holiday season, spending time with the people you love. Have a lovely Christmas and New Year Jodie 🙂 Ambar x | Her Little Loves

    Molly Simpson

    December 24, 2016Reply

    For a lot of bloggers and content creators Christmas is a peak time of year, but for me it's a time to put blogging aside and to focus on spending time doing things with family rather than writing about them! This is a great post, and we all need to remember that there are more important things in life than keeping to our content schedules. Thanks for sharing! Molly

    The Makeup Aficionado

    December 26, 2016Reply

    This is a wonderful post. Presents is definitely not what makes christmas. In fact this year my family kept the presents to a bare minimum. Literally each one of us got something small and simple because none of us really wanted presents. I feel like you get to an age where you don't really want to receive presents but you do want to spoil friends and family at the same time. http://www.themakeupaficionado.com

    Leanne Page

    December 27, 2016Reply

    This was such a great post, Jodie! Its not about the presents at all. Spending time ones loved ones is far better and so much more fun! Hope you had a great Christmas xxLPage Beauty

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