5 Inspiring Instagram Accounts to Follow

Despite the constant changes and introducing the algorithm, Instagram is still at the top when it comes to my favourite social media platforms. 

I follow just shy of 650 accounts – so quite a few, but here are some of my favourites that have inspired me over the past few months…

Sallyokelly – Sally

One thing I love about Sally’s photography is how recognisable it is, she goes against the norm of crisp white backgrounds and injects colour into her product shots/ flatlays – and it really works. Sally’s profile combines her stunning flatlays (usually focused on makeup and beauty) with lifestyle shots such as the sweetest pictures of her puppy – who also has her own Instagram account! Sally inspires me to follow a style of photography I love and to stick with it – being unique is definitely a good thing.

Gemellisx – Gemma

Not only will you find the cutest pictures of her little baby Reuben, Gemma also shares the best makeup looks, flatlays and crisp clear product shots. Her photography skills are unreal, and inspire me to know my own DSLR a little better! I just spotted on twitter that she has picked up a new camera lens and I’m actually excited to see all of the new images she will be sharing!
Hellohimawarii – Mika

If you love all things beauty then prepare yourself for Mika’s amazing makeup/ skincare collection before you take a look at her profile. Mika’s product photography is just spot on, and I love that she adds a bigger description than most with mini product reviews – it’s so helpful! Mika’s profile has inspired me to put more time and effort into my Instagram, why post just a picture of a lipstick when I can do a mini review of it at the same time!? Mika’s photography is clear and light too, which is always my aim, not one picture looks out of sync!

Aimeysherwood – Aimey

Another gal with a makeup collection I envy! Aimey’s instagram is actually beautiful – think gorgeous flowers, makeup shots and cupcakes/ sweet treats that look too good to eat. I love how Aimey’s profile looks as a whole, she seems to stick to the same filter/ editing style and it looks fab! Aimey’s consistently good content inspires me to always try and get the best shot I can!

Stylelobster – Emily

Firstly, Emily is just stunning and my complete fitness inspo, her profile is a mix of travel, beauty and fashion related content. I love how much personality she injected into her profile, and if you want a good laugh then check out her Instagram stories, they are hilarious! Emily has just gone full time with her blog, the quality of her content and the amount of effort she puts into everything is incredible, inspiring to say the least!

Let me know who is inspiring you on Instagram at the minute! There is also a similar post I published back in may with more Instagram accounts that I love (just incase you need even more inspo)…



24 responses to “5 Inspiring Instagram Accounts to Follow”

  1. Sharni says:

    I wasn't following any of these accounts until I read this post and now I'm following all of them! Love your photography xSharni // http://www.agirlandgrey.com

  2. The Makeup Directory says:

    Thank you so much for featuring me Jodie and I'm so glad you like my splashes of colours as I'm always doubting my Insta feed!! Love all these other girls too, I look to all of them for inspiration!!The Makeup Directory

  3. Fa nny says:

    Even though I'm really annoyed of Instagram at the moment (despite a public account, my hashtags don't work and a good part of my followers don't see my posts, which means that I have lost more than half my followers within the last 3 months and Instagram don't do anything about it), I still really enjoy it as a follower and Emily's account (Stylelobster) is one of my favourites at the moment!http://fannyanddailybeauty.com

  4. Hannah Lucy says:

    Lovely accounts, always like discovering new ones to follow!www.ohjanuary.co.uk

  5. Shay Holly says:

    such gorgeous accounts! xwww.shayholly.co.uk

  6. Leanne Saunders says:

    I followed one of these already but I've now followed them all, really beautiful feeds including yours JodieLeanne | http://www.oohsimplething.blogspot.co.uk

  7. mika says:

    Aww you're so so kind to feature me Jodie, really it's so sweet of you! You know how much I adore you and your account, you inspire me to do better with my photos and I love your style so much. You're really so kind thanks so much again :')))) I really feel so insecure with my photos but I'm very glad that you like them!xoxowww.hellohimawari.com

    • Jodie Moores says:

      Ahh ditto! Your comments and general kindness always makes me so so happy… I love your style of photography and your instagram, a lot of people do! xx

  8. Gemma Louise says:

    Thanks for the feature Jodie! Your photos are always inspiring me, love your insta! XxGemma Louise

  9. Dea Andriany says:

    I've followed Mika and Sally, I'll check the other accounts, thanks for mentioning them! I've been loving chyism & joeyennc lately, they have such beautiful feeds.Selene Addicted

  10. Lynnsay says:

    I found some really great accounts from this post! I am loving @sophia_rosemary at the moment, she has the most amazing 70s style!Lynnsay xwww.sartorialscot.com

  11. Ambar Syed says:

    Some lovely accounts to follow in this post! Thank you for sharing Jodie :)Ambar x | Her Little Loves

  12. The Makeup Aficionado says:

    I follow all of these accounts, I agree they are awesome. http://www.themakeupaficionado.com

  13. Lucy Alice says:

    I love Sally's instagram and blog for that matter – I need to check out the others!Lucy | Forever September

  14. Laura @laurantaina says:

    Beautiful feature! I love Mika of Hello Himawari. She's not only a talented photographer with excellent taste in beauty but a wonderful person who always cheers me up. Going to check out the other accounts as well!Laura xx Laurantaina Beauty Blog

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