2016 Skincare Favourites

2016- The year I became skincare obsessed. Since my early teenage years I’ve had issues with my skin, not quite acne but I was at the point where leaving the house without makeup just didn’t happen.


Before telling you my favourites it’s probably useful for you to know exactly what my skin is like, for around 2 years it’s been a combination of oily and dehydrated, why is nothing ever simple? Finding products that strike a balance between hydrating yet not too over powering is a mission and a half, but this year I have found some real gems that have really helped calm down breakouts and oil production whilst keeping my skin plump and full of moisture.


I only started using it in September but the Kielh’s Calendula Deep Foaming Facial Wash £22 is now my go to cleanser! I debated buying this as soon as I heard the dreaded “foaming facial wash” but the product description fit my needs to a tee, so I took the plunge anyway. My skin feels incredibly clean after using this, and most importantly it doesn’t feel stripped of moisture. Since using this my skin isn’t anywhere near as oily throughout the day and my skin is looking clear. This is also lasting me well, I think I’ll need to repurchase in January so it’s pretty good going.

In my Autumn skincare routine post I raved about the Magnitone BareFaced Cleansing Brush* £70, I’ve wanted one of these for years and luckily it lived up to my high expectations. Combined with the Kiehl’s facial wash this leaves my skin feeling soft and looking clear, the perfect duo for anyone with oily/ blemish prone skin.

In terms of moisturising there have been two stand out products. The first is a facial oil that I couldn’t go without mentioning, the Trilogy Rosehip oil £19.50 is a godsend for anyone with dehydrated skin. The morning after using this my skin feels nourished and it has also helped with some fine lines I have on my forehead. I’m currently trailing the Kielhs Midnight Recovery Concentrate which is another gorgeous oil that I’ll definitely be purchasing!

As a daily moisturiser of-course it’s the Kielhs Ultra Facial Cream £24, raved about by pretty much everyone but with good reason. This is lightweight and comfortable yet manages to keep my skin hydrated throughout the day, makeup sits so well over the top and it’s just a simple moisturiser that really does the trick.

Lastly for any pesky breakouts and blackheads the Avene Cleanance Expert serum * £15 has been fabulous! This serum manages to control breakouts without drying out my skin, it’s the blemish treatment that I always go back to (admittedly alongside Sudocrem for sorry to be graphic any under the skin spots that are sore).

That’s it, some of my absolute, must repurchase skincare favourites from this year! What skincare products have you loved throughout 2016?


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  1. mika says:

    Oh that's great you started out telling us your skin type! It's so helpful to know beforehand, sometimes I've almost bought products based on a review but realized that the person's skin type was totally different than mine so it would provide a probably different result. I adore that Trilogy rosehip oil, it's so nice to use and my oily skin really enjoys it during these colder days here in Southern California. It's light enough to absorb quickly and doesn't leave any real residue behind, really just a nice product! I don't think I've so far met a Trilogy product I've not liked. I've just recently got the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate as a gift so going to see how I work with that. Hope you have a great NYE!xoxowww.hellohimawari.com

    • Jodie Moores says:

      Glad that was helpful! Do you have any other oil recommendations? I love this and really need to try more. I really want to try more from Trilogy as a brand, glad to hear you like their products. I did thank you, hope you had a lovely NYE too and Happy New Year 🙂 x

  2. Ambar Syed says:

    I've been wanting to try a cleansing brush for ages! They sound like such a treat for your skin cleansing routine :)Ambar x | Her Little Loves

  3. Laura Scott says:

    The Kielhs Ultra Facial Cream sounds quite lovely, I have been hearing some great things about the brand, and it was actually recommended to me recently.Some great picks!Thanks for sharing them with us!Wishing you a very Happy 2017!Laura xowww.shehearts.net

  4. Lucy Alice says:

    I've gotten into skincare in a big way as well, can't get enough of it haha – I'm so keen to try the kiehl's cleanser, as I have tricky combination skin, sounds fab!Lucy | Forever September

  5. Caked to the Nines says:

    I have combo skin and the struggle is real! 2016 was the year I became skincare obsessed too so I'm going to have to give some of your favorites a try :). I've tried one product from Avene, and was really impressed so I want to explore more of their range :)xxNida | Caked To The Nines

  6. Zara says:

    I have the rose quartz magnitone too and I absolutely love it! Definitely worth the investment! I've been a big fan of serums and oils this year and I think my skin is thanking me for it! misszarabelle.blogspot.com

  7. Beautilicious D says:

    I love using Avene products. Your routine doesn't seem to complicated and since we have the same skin type, I will consider buying some of these products you recommended. Great post xwww.beautiliciousd.blogspot.com

  8. Morgs says:

    Must get myself a cleansing brush in the new year! I've wanted one for ages! <3Morgan // http://www.justmorgs.com

  9. Stephylately says:

    Hi Jodie, I can relate to you because I have combination skin too. I have always been procrastinating getting the cleansing brush . But I feel I will treat myself and see how my skin transforms. I love wearing makeup so I ensure that my skin underneath is healthy. Thanks for sharing the products you use.xwww.stephylately.com

  10. Eva IV says:

    I need a magnitude face brush! I've wanted one for ages but the price tag always puts me off – I think i need to invest because it's definitely worth investing in your skin, especially if the product makes such a difference. Loved this post!whatevawears.blogspot.co.uk 

  11. Sara Louise says:

    Sounds like we have have same kind of weird & complicated skin type. I'll have to try some of these products out! x Sara | Sara Spoke

  12. The Makeup Aficionado says:

    These skincare picks sound awesome. xwww.themakeupaficionado.comhttps://www.instagram.com/themakeupaficionado17/https://au.pinterest.com/bernadette_95/

  13. Gemma Louise says:

    I have the same skin type as you and find it to be a nightmare! I love the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream as you know, and I really want to try out more from them 🙂 xxGemma Louise

  14. Shellie Skillen says:

    I've been wanting to try the Trilogy Rosehip Oil for a while! I've heard some really good things, I might have to give it a go.Shellie Skillen

  15. Jasmine Stewart says:

    I have a similar skin type 🙂 the Trilogy Rosehip and Avene Cleanance Expert are two of my favourite products tooHappy New Year!Jasmine xx Jasmine Talks Beauty

  16. Jess | The Indigo Hours says:

    It sounds like we have really similar skintypes so I'll definitely be checking out your recommendations! The Kiehl's Facial Wash sounds really lovely ♥

  17. Catherine W says:

    That pink Magnitone looks utterly beautiful! xoLove, Catherine

  18. Mel Eaglestone says:

    I want to try the Kiehl's product, I may have to pop in store and try a sample if it's that goodMel ★ http://www.meleaglestone.co.uk

  19. beano54 says:

    Got the magnitone recently will be getting the Kiehls products you mention x

  20. beano54 says:

    Do you use this daily

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