The Best High End Concealer

We all know there’s a lot of hype around these 3 high end concealers, there seems to be a divide with some loving the Nars offering, a fair few preferring that from Urban Decay, and a couple raving about Too Faced. Being the makeup addict I am, I wanted to test all 3 and see how they compared…

Starting with the first I tried which was the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Concealer (£17.50). After just one use I fell head over heels for this, a little goes a long way and used with a damp beauty blender under my eyes, it covers a lot. This feels hydrating and comfortable – like all of the concealers I use I set this with the Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder, in combination with this it lasts around 6 hours with no creasing/ loss of coverage.

For under the eyes it is incredibly brightening, long lasting and hydrating, making it a good option for all skin types, but especially dry skin as it sits well without clinging to any dry patches. The shade “fair neutral” is very light so perfect for highlighting, this is also slightly more yellow toned rather than pink, helping to counteract any blue/ dark bags.

 1) Urban Decay   2) Too Faced    3) Nars

On a whim in the Oxford Street Debenhams I decided to pick up the Too Faced “Born this Way” Concealer (£18), the assistant was really unhelpful making the experience pretty hectic – but that’s a story for another day! I ended up going for the shade “Very Fair” which isn’t actually that fair at all, but it does have a yellow undertone which works well for covering dark circles. This concealer is definetly best suited to someone with dry skin who doesn’t need much coverage, it is very hydrating but for me it creased far too much. The formulation is incredibly watery and it lacks the coverage I need for the 6am starts. This didn’t last too well on me either, I looked tired and as if I hadn’t even applied concealer by mid day.

Lastly, having tried the other two I knew I needed to pick up the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (£22.50) spoiler alert, I’ve saved the best till last. You thought the Urban Decay concealer sounded good? For me this just ticks all the boxes as it is long lasting, covers dark circles and doesn’t crease!

I find the name of Nars products to be really deceiving, when I think of “radiant” I expect a light weight, light/ medium coverage concealer, but this stuff is industrial! The formulation is much thicker than the other two concealers (which I think you can see from the swatches) but it doesn’t feel heavy. Again using the Laura Mercier powder this just doesn’t budge. I have the shade Vanilla, from the swatches you can see that it isn’t the lightest shade, but it has that yellow undertone so it does work for me.

In terms of spot concealing, I think it depends on your skin type. I wouldn’t recommend the Too Faced concealer as it doesn’t have the greatest coverage and doesn’t last long on the skin. The Urban Decay concealer is great as it doesn’t cling to dry patches, but if you have oily/ normal skin and want maximum coverage then the Nars concealer is perfect!

So, the Urban Decay and Nars concealer do come close, if you have dry skin I would 100% go for the Urban Decay as the creamy texture of the Nars concealer may cling to dry patches and be a little too heavy – but for oily/ normal skin girls, it’s Nars all the way, the extra coverage it provides just can’t be beaten. I’m going to purchase the lightest shade and mix it with Vanilla for the perfect match.

What is your all time favourite high end concealer?



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  1. Francisca Carvalho says:

    Gorgeous pictures! I simply love the Urban Decay concealer! It's so lightweight and is amazing at covering spots and dark circles. I was considering giving the Too Faced one a go but now I might skip it in favour of the NARS…Francisca |

    • Jodie Moores says:

      Thank you lovely. It is really good, I think it works well for all skin types which is why so many people love it. Yes, I would, the Nars may be quite heavy under the eyes if you have dry skin, but other than that it's a winner from me! xx

  2. Shay Holly says:

    I have heard great things about the UD Concealer!! Need to try it! Gorrrgeous photos too!

  3. Sharmili R says:

    Thanks for all the reviews! The nars one doesn't come in my color but that's okay since it sounds like the UD one would be better for my drier skin 😉 My favorite high end concealer is either bare minerals or chanel. But I do want to try the UD and Tarte ones to see how they compare! I'm glad that after this post I was able to strike the Too Faced one off my wish list :DMili | Sharmtoaster

    • Jodie Moores says:

      Yes the Nars shade range is pretty poor… But the Urban Decay concealer is just amazing. I have heard a lot about Bare Minerals as a brand but I'e never tried anything which is crazy, I have oily skin and I think it would work really well for me. I want to try the Tarte concealer too, it sounds really nice. Yes, if you like a good coverage I don't think you'll be keen on the Too Faced concealer xx

  4. Becca Fletcher says:

    These are 3 concealers that Ive been wanting to try out for a while. The UD one sounds amazing!

  5. Lucy Alice says:

    I think you've sold me on the Urban Decay offering, looks/sounds amazing!Lucy | Forever September

  6. Honey says:

    so Nars it is :Dgreat post!xo Honey – blog Royal Lifestyle – Twitter – Instagram

  7. Ariadna Morell says:

    I haven't tried any of these, but since my NYX concealer is running low I might treat myself (I mean, it's almost Christmas so…) and try one of these! xAriadna || RAWR BOWS

  8. Guilianna Marie says:

    Definitely going to look into the Urban Decay concealer, as I have dry skin during the winter months. Lovely post, Jodie! x

  9. mika says:

    Oh great review and comparison of all three! I have both the UD and NARS concealers and really prefer UD as it's a lot more thin and doesn't set so dry under my eyes. NARS is a really nice one though when I like to highlight, but I find the lowest shades are not as light as I want them to be (hence UD comes to my rescue). Great post!

    • Jodie Moores says:

      Aw thank you Mika, glad you liked it! Yeah true, because I have oil skin around my eyes still I just find the Nars one lasts longer for me… But, I still adore the UD concealer, I love the shade and how brightening it is! I'm in exactly the same situation, I did see that they made more shades so maybe there is some lighter one, I need to go instore and have a swatch x

  10. Kelly says:

    The Urban Decay concealer is so amazing. I love how it doesn't crease and it lasts all day. Perfect Shade of Mauve

  11. Shakira Jasmin says:

    Great post, I think the Urban Decay one has to be my favourite for my skin type but I loved reading your opinions! – Shakira / Shakira Sacks

    • Jodie Moores says:

      Thank you Shakira, I do still love the Urban Decay concealer and I'll keep it in my collection, but for now its Nars for me 😉

  12. Caroline Malone says:

    I use concealer so much that I couldn't really justify buying a higher end one as I know it would go down so quickly, but the urban decay one has me so intrigued especially because I have dry skin! This is such a good comparison post, I hear so much about these three and the new tarte one as well!

    • Jodie Moores says:

      That's true, I use it everyday – I really think the Urban Decay concealer is worth trying. I have tried a few from more affordable brands and nothing comes close to both that and the Nars offering. So glad you liked the post, I want to try the Tarte one too! QVC always have good deals on for Tarte x

  13. Lubna Umar says:

    Gorgeous pictures ! This convinced me to buy the NARS one ! Sounds divine !

  14. The Makeup Directory says:

    Such a useful post! I've never really used high end concealers but have been debating between these three for a while, I was always slightly leaning towards the NARS one so this has definitely confirmed that! Great review Jodie!The Makeup Directory

    • Jodie Moores says:

      So glad you think so Sally! Yes, you will honestly love it. After trying these I want to try more high street/ drugstore options to see how they compare x

  15. Amber Marie says:

    I loved this post, it was very informative and I have no question which one I will go for! Great job!

  16. alittlekiran says:

    For most people it's either the Naked or the Creamy concealer that stole their heart, most bloggers seem to prefer the UD Naked Skin concealer so I am surprised that the Nars came out on top for you. Going to have to try them out for myself! Thanks for sharing, glad I didn't get the Born This Way concealer, have you tried the foundation? XxALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  17. Millie Robinson says:

    The Urban Decay Naked is one of my favourites!

  18. Leanne Page says:

    The NARS concealer is my ultimate favourite as well. It just works so well on my dark circles. I wanted to the too faced one, but I don't think I'll like it – it like my concealers to be full coverage. You have to the Kat Von D one, it has amazing coverage xxLPage Beauty

  19. Lipstick & Confetti says:

    The Urban Decay one is my personal favourite! I love how heavy duty it is while feeling lightweight.xo, Liz

  20. Townhouse Palette says:

    I have tried both the UD concealer and NARS concealer, and I have to say that I like the NARS a little more because of the thicker texture. Laila from Townhouse Palette

  21. Tara says:

    I've been trying to decide which of these three to try for ages! I hoped Born This Way was going to be so much better than you've found it to be- it's definitely out of the running now- but it's going to be difficult choosing between the others! I could use the thicker consistency of NARS for blemishes but my under eyes are a little dry so I NEED the Urban Decay one too…Thanks for the help, I might just have to buy them both!

  22. Charlotte Colours and Carousels says:

    I love both the NARS and Urban Decay foundations, so I'm not surprised to hear that their concealers are great too! I really want to try both of them but the Urban Decay one looks perfect for my super pale skin xCharlotte / Colours & Carousels

  23. Lizzie ♥ says:

    Ooh thanks very much for the review! I've been very bad and haven't been wearing concealer since I switched from BB Cream to Foundation, but I do need something for everyday life! I love the sound of the Urban Decay one, and there's a store not too far from where I am which is a bonus. Lizzie Bee //

  24. Jasmine Stewart says:

    I have to say the Urban Decay is definitely my personal favourite! To me the Nars is a bit drying for round the eyes sadly :(Jasmine xx Jasmine Talks Beauty

  25. Rosy Ferry says:

    I've not tried any of these, I am a slave to my Benefit erase paste, I love the stuff.Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  26. Alina Bostan says:

    I went to get matched for the NARS concealer before and they just couldn't find the right shade, I would have had to buy two different shades and mix them. Plus the sales assistant was so snobby too and totally put me off. Might try venture to a counter again soon, hopefully will have a better experience as it does sound like the perfect concealer xBeauty with charm

  27. Janinafran says:

    These totally would've been my three picks as well! These are essential for me :)XO Janina

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