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Is the Morphe 35O worth the hype?

Honestly, I got a little bored of all the hype around the Morphe 35O – but then I got my hands on one! The website, well known for helping us out with our lash needs now stocks the Morphe 35O! With 35 different shades providing a mixture of both shimmer and mattes, this palette appears to have everything I need. I’m going to go through the palette row by row and come to a conclusion as to whether I think it is worth all the fuss


The first two rows are the ones I favour the least out of the whole palette, but I will still be getting some use out of them. Some of the lighter matte shades are slightly chalky in texture, although the first pale shade does act as a good base for any look as it does have a fair amount of pigmentation. These two rows house some great crease/ transition colours that would work perfect to seamlessly blend a smokey eye look, but on their own they’re a bit bland.

I love both of the warm orange/ red tones at the end of each row, they compliment blue eyes really well and the pigmentation is pretty impressive when teamed with the Urban Decay Primer Potion. The shimmer shades out perform the mattes as they are beautifully pigmented and that does transfer to the eyelids well, but some of the matte shades could be on the softer side.


Now we’re talking… I think the swatches say it all, just look at how flippin’ gorgeous these shades are – I wish they had names! The 2nd one in from the bottom isn’t really for me as I tend to stay clear of cool toned shadows, but the rest of them are perfect and these on there own make the palette worthy of investment. The shimmery shade is almost like a foiled eyeshadow giving off amazing pigmentation, to get the most out of this shadow I like to apply it using my finger, that way there is less fall out and it applies to the eyelid exactly as it looks swatched.


Like row 3 this is another gorgeous selection of shadows. Highly pigmented, soft and easily to blend they certainly don’t feel like eyeshadows that cost less than £1 each! I can see me getting a lot of use out of these over the festive season, paired with a red lip I think some of the darker, chocolate brown shades will look stunning. These shadows are pigmented and the mattes on this row were the softest in the palette, they are certainly comparable to the MAC and MUG eyeshadows I own.


The last row has all of the darker shades in the palette. For me I feel like a lot of other palettes lack variety when it comes to darker shades only including one or two, which are often a dull brown or black. Obviously as this palette has 35 shades, I’m now spoilt for choice. I love using dark matte shadows in the outer corner to add more of a dramatic finish to a makeup look. I also find using warm, dark brown shadows as eyeliner with a small angled brush looks so much softer and compliments my eye colour better than black. The last two shades of this row are also pretty special additions to the palette, the end shade reminds me of MAC’s Amber Lights, which is one of my all time favourite individual shadows.



Hit and miss, some of the paler shades could have more pigmentation but the majority of them when paired with a good primer are seriously impressive – especially the shimmer shades!


Surprisingly, these lasted really well on me. I have oily eyelids and I didn’t notice any creasing or movement when wearing a combination of the shadows. I decided to test the red/ warm orange shades as they are often the most chalky/ least pigmented in eyeshadow palettes, but they are actually pigmented without being chalky and feel fairly soft.

Value for money

This palette is incredible value for money and a fab way for people to experiment with colour and create so many different looks.

Fall out 

I did notice more fall out with these compared to my MAC and Urban Decay shadows, but when wearing eyeshadow I tend to do my base first anyway, so for me it really isn’t a issue.


It feels sturdy yet incredibly lightweight. This palette is so slim making it will be perfect for travel. I have also found that the individual pans are really secure within the palette casing, so fingers crossed there will be no accidents with it!

Overall, I really do think this is worth the hype. I’m not even a massive eyeshadow wearer but I know for the occasions when I do want to wear shadow I’ll be reaching for this.

p.s. I’ve just checked and it’s still instock at! – £24

What are your thoughts on the Morphe 35O palette? Have you tried it yet?



    Abigail Alice x

    November 13, 2016Reply

    I definitely think it's worth the hype! I think for the price you really can't go wrong with Morphe's quality of shadows!Abigail Alice x


    November 13, 2016Reply

    I've got the 12s palette and noticed a bit of fall out too, but the colour payoff is amazing on these shadows and the price is awesome! Definitely need to get my hands on this palette xx

    Rosa Fairfield

    November 13, 2016Reply

    Those colours and just so beautiful, need to get my hands on one of these.

    Zaire Q

    November 13, 2016Reply

    I think the consensus is that this palette is totally worth it and every time I see swatches of it my need to have it increase a little more. Honestly what sold me on wanting this palette was the orangey shades in it because they just pop out but looking at the swatches the last two rows are definitely have a few fun looking shades. I'm a little sad to hear about the fallout but so long as it's not massive I couldn't be too worried!

    Kate Rose xo

    November 13, 2016Reply

    I've got the 350s palette and love it, I'll definitely have to add the matte version to my collection! xKate//

    Nicole Baxter

    November 13, 2016Reply

    I love the look of this palette however I feel like it being so big would mean I would reach for it less! Coleoftheball xx

    Elena from Loovelle

    November 14, 2016Reply

    i love the morphe palettes and i actually want so many different ones. also, i think is amazing how affordable they are.❥

    Alina Bostan

    November 14, 2016Reply

    For the price these Morphe palettes are pretty amazing, but I do personally get put off by the size. I wish they created smaller versions of these with less shades but similar tones. I love the look of the last three shades, gorgeous shades xBeauty with charm


    November 14, 2016Reply

    This sounds well wort the money, it's so big! Great review xxxALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    Lipstick & Confetti

    November 14, 2016Reply

    This one has been on my wishlist for ages, glad to hear it's worth the hype!xo, Liz


    November 14, 2016Reply

    Gorgeous shades, that's all I can tell.NIKA

    Sweet Passions

    November 14, 2016Reply

    This palette looks absolutely gorgeous. The variety of shades is amazing. I love how warm and pretty they look. Definitely going to check it out. xo Antonia || Sweet Passions

    Lucy Alice

    November 14, 2016Reply

    I have the Morphe 35OS which I loooove – really want the original!Lucy | Forever September

    Gemma Louise

    November 16, 2016Reply

    Agree that row three is the best! I definitely think this palette is worth the hype, all Morphe shadows are such good quality for how affordable they are & you get so many shades! XGemma Louise

    Megan Elizabeth

    November 18, 2016Reply

    I really want this palette now. It's going straight on my Christmas list 😀

    Abi Street

    November 18, 2016Reply

    I am dying to get my hands on this palette! The swatches are absolutely stunning xAbi | abistreetx


    November 24, 2016Reply

    Holy moly, now that's what a call a pigmented, value for money palette! Looking gorgeous as always :)xxx Claire

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