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Tips on securing a job within Social Media

It’s pretty amazing to think that jobs within social media didn’t even exist a few years ago, now more and more job roles are becoming available with businesses realising how powerful a marketing tool it can be, but with that comes competition as more people want these roles. If you want a bit of background as to how I got into my job then click here… Briefly, my work is inhouse and I also do some PR and photography for the company too.

There are a couple of things you can do to help you get noticed and stand out from the crowd, some people may have relevant qualifications, but that doesn’t mean they are ahead of you necessarily.

1) Do everything you can to make your own social media profiles as professional as possible. Plus try and manage as many platforms as you can…

As much as I like to think of my blog as a hobby, the fact that it has brought me opportunities that are career related, makes it something worth investing in. When you have your own blog and start using social media to promote it, you are effectively doing the same thing that a brand does. Track everything that you are doing, numbers aren’t crucial to blogging success, but they help to demonstrate that you are doing something right. If you can pin point moments where your followers have increased and you can say why, it shows you have a good understanding of what works well when using social media as a marketing tool.

I know “blogging success” is subjective, but if you are able to demonstrate that you 1) know how to grow social media platforms (not just numbers, engagement is crucial) 2) know khat is essential to their development AND finally provide evidence of you doing it for your own blog, then that is pretty impressive. If you are unsure of the most effective ways to promote your blog then simply Google it! I might do another post on how to use social media to promote your blog in the future, but there are already so many fabulous posts on it out there, some of my favourite are from Media Marmalade.

2) Get yourself to events, no ifs or buts! They’re game changers…

Not only will attending events increase your blog/ social media following as you meet more people, it is also one of the best places to make contacts in the industry. It may seem a little extreme, but it makes all the difference if you take business cards with your blog and social media platforms on them, not only does it show you are serious about what you do, it also means people can remember who you are.

Before you go to the event look at any hashtags associated with it on Twitter to see who is going, spark up conversations with people who are also attending so you have already started networking before you arrive. You never know, someone you meet there may work for a company who needs someone to manage their social media, it is a easy way to get your foot in the door. To find events a lot of the time PR companies will reach out bloggers over twitter, keep a look out on the hashtag #PRrequest.

3) Get as much experience as you can

Like every role, experience within the field is invaluable. Experience can come in many forms, you don’t have to do a placement or internship (although obviously they are pretty great for again meeting more people and understanding even more about how to utilise social media).

This is quite a simple tip, but if you know someone who has a business and they’re not already using social media, then why not ask if you can set something up for them? I work freelance for a jewellery brand and I got this experience through a friend, it means that I can say I work freelance for a brand and offers me again, more experience!

Experience can also come through growing your own blog, I do believe that you have to invest a little money to make money, so buy yourself a DSLR, I’m not taking £1000’s but something that will enable you to take nice photography, I taught myself how to use my camera and now I take professional photos for brands.

There are some fabulous blogging communities that offer the opportunity to manage their social media platforms. I gained a lot of experience by volunteering as a social media manager for “BloggingGals,” by giving up one day a week for a couple of months it meant I was able to say that I have been responsible for the social media of something other than my blog, which is pretty good experience (and volunteering always looks good, it shows that you are driven and passionate about what you want to do).

4) Network, network network

I have touched on this a little throughout this post because I think it is one of the most valuable things you can do. Another method of networking is through Linkedin, setting up a linkedin profile seems a little pointless at first, you start out with hardly any connections and personally I felt a little lost in the crowd of all these fabulous professionals. Once I made more of an effort and improved my profile I found linkedin to be a really handy way to see how people have managed to get roles within social media. Looking at the different routes people have taken to get to a role in social media, you’ll see that it is people with a whole host of different experiences.

At the start of this year I had no confidence, I was socially awkward and I never thought I would be where I am today, one little quote that I try to remember everyday is “fake it till you make it.” I found pushing myself out of my comfort zone scary, but rewarding at the same time and it helped me find confidence with what I am doing. Not confident now? Try to fake it, and it will soon come!

I hope this has been useful! If anyone would like more specific information/ tips on any of the subheadings from this post then let me know (I could ramble about them for hours).

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    Lexi Life

    October 2, 2016Reply

    Lovely post! This interests me a lot as I'm currently studying an MA in Digital Marketing and the social media side of things is what I currently enjoy most. Thanks so much for sharing hun! Found your blog through Bloglovin xx

    Alina Bostan

    October 3, 2016Reply

    Such an interesting post and something which I have been looking into for the past couple of months. It's great that working within social media is an option now xBeauty with charm

    Manja Zdravković

    October 4, 2016Reply

    Very impressive text! Love it!& check out my blog, I am new here! Thanks!


    October 18, 2016Reply

    Really good tips here! I never thought of the volunteering one before, and it's such a good thing to do. Thanks!

    Isobel Celine

    October 21, 2016Reply

    I've definitely been looking at the social media and PR department for jobs and it really interests me, but I have no idea where to start with it all!Isobel xLatest post: Video:


    November 21, 2016Reply

    Great post! Keep doing it this way <3

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