Rimmel London The Only 1 Matte Lipstick // Lip Swatches + Full Review

1) Run the show   2) Leader of pink   3) Salute    4) High Flyer     5) Trendsetter     6) Take the stage      7) Look who’s talking          8) The matte factor      9) Call the shots

When the A/W months roll in, I can’t help but fall back in love with matte lipsticks…

You may have spotted these on my Instagram already, as soon as I opened up the package I was so excited… Rimmel, you’ve done good. These are everything I want from a matte lipstick – brilliantly pigmented, long lasting and incredibly comfortable.

The pictures of the lip swatches were taken just after the lipsticks were applied, they quickly dry down to a matte finish similar to that of the swatches. I have to say, the shade range is pretty much perfect and I can’t think of another shade I would want from this collection. The middle row aren’t great for this time of year, but I’m sure I’ll get plenty of use out of them in the warmer months.

The scent isn’t my favourite, I find with most Rimmel lipsticks they are quite similar and have a distinctive smell, but I can live with it! I thought with the bullet of the lipstick being round it would make application quite difficult, but I actually found them really easy to apply. Considering these are a matte finish the lipsticks really glide across the lips leaving an even, opaque colour – they feel almost creamy until they dry down. These last a good 6 hours before needing to be touched up, teamed with a good lipliner these really aren’t going any where.



I have been a fan of MAC’s Velvet Teddy for a while, and Trendsetter is the perfect dupe. With just a little more of a pink undertone (which I actually prefer), trendsetter is the perfect nude for anyone with a pale complexsion.

High Flyer

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I love a good mauve lipstick. High flyer is a gorgeous mauve/ dusky pink purple shade that everyone should have in their collection. This reminds me of MAC’s Twig which is one of my all time favourite shades for Autumn.

Call The Shots

I’m so surprised to be including this as one of my favourites, I’m not a bright lipstick wearer by any means but I find this shade to be really flattering. Call the shots is a bright pink/ coral shade that will be perfect for summer.

The Matte Factor

Similar to the Rimmel 107 lipstick (which I raved about here), the Matte Factor is the perfect, berry/ wine toned red that everyone loves this time of year. This is incredibly comfortable, long lasting and I actually prefer this to the 107!

Overall I’m really impressed with these lipsticks, if you were to take away the packaging and the distinctive scent there would be no telling these apart from high end lipsticks. The lipsticks retail for £6.99 so you really can’t go wrong.

Will you be trying any of the Rimmel The Only 1 Matte lipsticks? What is your favourite shade?


*Some products within this post have been sent for review purposes, all opinions my own


12 responses to “Rimmel London The Only 1 Matte Lipstick // Lip Swatches + Full Review”

  1. Ashley Christabelle says:

    Me too! I find that matte lipsticks are best worn during A/W. Great review, Jodie! My favorites are the first three colors, they're ones that I see myself wearing on a day to day basis. :)www.ashrealasitgets.blogspot.com

  2. Hannah Louise says:

    Great post! Might definitely have to invest in some of these! Salute & High flyer are my favourites! xo Hanney | Blog About Hanney 

  3. Caroline Malone says:

    The Matte Factor is stunning! I saw these in store and was totally intrigued! They look like they have a bit more of a comfortable feel than the original Kate Moss ones. I definitely have my eye on High Flyer as well! Gorgeous muavey nude! xxwww.iridescentplaces.com

  4. Lucy Alice says:

    These lipsticks look gorgeous – must pick up look whos talking!Lucy | Forever September

  5. Melanie Rose says:

    This is a great post, thank you sharing! x These lipsticks look and sound amazing – might actually get my hands on a few of these! :)Melanie | Lilies Beauty – A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  6. Lana K says:

    Thanks for this,you did a awesome job! Love the colors.

  7. Zaire Q says:

    I really need to get my hands on these! I love look who's talking and high flyer and salute! The fact that they apply so smoothly is definitely a bonus. I feel like there's a couple matte lipsticks that don't really apply that nicely. I do think that run the show is a really fun color, albeit not a typical autumn color.Hey Zaire!

  8. Alina Bostan says:

    Such a gorgeous range of lipsticks, shades 3, 4 & 5 are right up my street for my go-to nude everyday lip. Good to hear the formula is also a winner xBeauty with charm

  9. Julia Lundin says:

    Amazing review girl! Love the first shade!www.julialundin.com

  10. Honey says:

    These look great. I would probably go for High Flyer :)xo Honey – blog ROYAL LIFESTYLE – TWITTER – INSTAGRAM

  11. Becky Smith says:

    I love the look of Call the shots, that's just my kind of shade x Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  12. Isobel Celine says:

    The lipsticks are so well pigmented! They're gorgeous!Isobel xLatest post: https://goo.gl/v6mjhz Latest Video: https://youtu.be/182tNHtkifIInsta: https://goo.gl/WGxKx2Bloglovin: https://goo.gl/EG8OQW

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