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My all time favourite liquid eyeliner

(from L-R: Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro, Rimmel Scandaleyes Thick and Thin, L’Oreal Precise Slim, L’Oreal Superstar, Stila Stay all day, TOM FORD Eye Defining Pen)

Anyone out there that has oily skin will know the constant struggle of finding a liquid eyeliner that actually stays put. I have spent everything from £2.99 right up to £43 in the hunt to find something that works for me. This is a round up of all the liquid eyeliners currently in my collection, and I can finally share a liquid eyeliner discovery that I love!


In my eyes I could justify this, I had tried and tested so many eyeliners that just didn’t work – to me, spending £42 on one was a instant guarantee it would be special! Of-course the packaging is gorgeous, and I do like the double ended applicators, but like the high street liquid eyeliners I’ve tried, it just didn’t stay put and it was the formula that let me down. I found this to last around 4 hours before it started to fade. As luxurious as this is, for me it just wasn’t worth it.


Out of all the L’Oreal eyeliners I’ve tried this is my favourite. The thin nib is long and flexible making it easy to create a winged liner look, or a really thin line along the lash line. Again, this misses the top spot because the formula just isn’t up to scratch, for the first two hours it looks fab, but once by skin starts to become oily the product breaks down and any winged liner I attempted that morning has smudged. 


Considering how affordable this liner is, I’m impressed. If you don’t have oily eyelids and don’t tend to get much smudging, I think this could work for you. The liquid is dark and definetly black – not watery looking like some. The small applicator makes this really easy to apply too. A good starting option if you are new to liquid eyeliner and don’t want to splurge. 


I used this for years in conjunction with the other eyeliner until I found my favourite, I could get 6 hours of nice wear out of this before it start to fade and look a bit of a mess. The applicator is the biggest out of them all, and once I got used to that it made liquid eyeliner a really quick and fairly easy thing to do. Another good high street eyeliner if you don’t have the oily eye lid problem!


You’re probably bored of me complaining about the formulation by now – but again, this just didn’t last on me. I love the applicator, I can create thick and thin lines as intended, so it’s a really clever design, but I would be lucky if this lasted 3 hours on me. I do really love all of the high street options, the only issue for me is how oily my skin is.


The star of the show is the Stila Stay All Day liner, how this stuff stays on I don’t know, but FINALLY a liquid eyeliner that just doesn’t budge. It is the blackest black, easy to apply and has made wearing liquid eyeliner so much more enjoyable. I can wear this all day without any fading or smudging, and it is still easy to remove at the end of the day, I have had this for around 2 months now and it is still going strong. It isn’t the cheapest of the bunch but certainly no where near the £43 mark, so if you have been struggling with getting your eyeliner to last, you need to try this!

Bear in mind that I do have really oily eyelids, I think if you have normal skin a lot of these will work better on you. I would love to know if you think anything tops the Stila liner? I really thought that the TOM FORD defining pen would be the ultimate liquid eyeliner, price tag definetly doesn’t reflect love for a product in this case.



    Leanne Saunders

    October 26, 2016Reply

    I for some reason have oily eyelids too so really struggle with the eyeliner thing too and hate it so much when it fades on me so my holy grail is Stila Stay All Day too – amazing I'd recommend you try benefits eyeliner or cheaper alternative is the Maybeline gel liner pen Leanne |

      Jodie Moores

      October 28, 2016Reply

      Ahh so nice to hear that someone has the same issue! The Stila one is just amazing compared to the rest, so impressed! x

    Sharmili R

    October 26, 2016Reply

    That's a bummer the Tom Ford one didn't work for you– I've heard so many rave reviews about it! Stila is also my go to liquid liner. It's the only one that doesn't smudge! At the moment I'm trying to work through two KVD liners but after they're done I'm heading straight back to Stila. Mili | Sharmtoaster

      Jodie Moores

      October 28, 2016Reply

      I know, considering the price it's so annoying. Oo that's good to know because I did have the Kat Von D liner on my wishlist


    October 26, 2016Reply

    Ah such a shame about the Tom Ford eyeliner, I thought it would have magical powers! The Stila eyeliner sounds fantastic, I think you have converted me. I like Eyeko and NYC liquid liners, they stay put and are easy to use, thanks for sharing xxxALittleKiran | Bloglovin

      Jodie Moores

      October 28, 2016Reply

      I know, especially considering the price tag! I have heard good things about the Eyeko eyeliner, maybe i'll try that one and see how it compares x


    October 27, 2016Reply

    You have to try the black liquid liner by Ciate, its amazing! So black and so easy to slide on the eyelids :)XO Janina

      Jodie Moores

      October 28, 2016Reply

      Ahh I haven't heard much about that, I want to try more liquid eyeliners just to see how they compare to the Stila one now!

    Georgiana Teglas

    October 27, 2016Reply

    On me the Rimmel eyeliner lasts for hours, but my eyelids are more dry than oily. It`s definitely in my top 3, with the NYX one and the Master Precise Eyeliner from Maybelline.

    Rhiain Liquorish

    October 27, 2016Reply

    I've tried so many liquid liners and have realised the problem is that I'm rubbish at applying it!! The best one I've tried though is the L'Oreal Superliner Precise Slim.Rhi

    Caroline Malone

    October 27, 2016Reply

    I've heard amazing things about the Stila Stay All Day liner from a lot of Youtuber/Bloggers! I go through eyeliner like water because I wear it everyday and agreed, it's really difficult to find a drugstore one – I originally tried the L'Oreal one but didn't think it was pigmented enough, but they apparently changed their formula since so I should try it! However now I'm totally thinking I need the Stila one and bite the bullet, because it's really not THAT bad of a price for such a good product!

      Jodie Moores

      October 28, 2016Reply

      Exactly, if you wear it everyday it's worth investing in it so you know it is going to look fab. I only regret not trying the eyeliner sooner, I'm so happy I have it in my collection now 🙂 x


    October 28, 2016Reply

    Stila All Day seems to be everyone's star, need to see what the hype is all about xxxALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    Zoe Mountford

    October 29, 2016Reply

    I recently started using the rimmel scandaleyes ones and love them x Zoe Mountford x

    Alina Bostan

    October 29, 2016Reply

    The regular L'Oreal superliner (with gold packaging) is one of my all time faves. I've currently found a fantastic budget eyeliner from Essence that I'm using but I have my eye on the Stila option next xBeauty with charm

    Hannah Louise

    October 29, 2016Reply

    I find that the Rimmel nips tend to loose shape really easily, making it so difficult to work with! I've been loving the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner and honestly couldn't recommend it more! xoHanney | Blog About Hanney 

    Sharlynn Ng

    October 29, 2016Reply

    Oh that Tom Ford one sounds so painful! That price and yet it doesn't last! I've only used Japanese brush tip eyeliner pens and my holy grail is from a brand called Kiss Me Heroine, similar ones you could try are quite popular brands like k-palette and dolly wink. These all are nice and black and really last very well, do check them out!

    Emmys Beauty Cave

    October 29, 2016Reply

    Im so fussy when it comes to liner, so far the only tip I found is perfect is the Essence Tattoo Liner, it is super black and literally lasts all day!EmmysBeautyCave | Bloglovin | Blog Header Services

    Katie Mills

    October 29, 2016Reply

    I really want to try the Stila liner, I've heard so many great things about it!

    Cait Snellgrove

    October 29, 2016Reply

    I haven't worn eye liner in ages but whenever I do I always use the Rimmel Glam eyes, it stays on all day and is so easy to apply! I would 100% recommend

    Caked to the Nines

    October 31, 2016Reply

    I love the Stila liner! I've been wanting to try the Tom Ford liner since I hear so many great things about it, but will definitely be passing on it now. There's no way that price is worth it if it doesn't last! xxNida | Caked To The Nines


    November 1, 2016Reply

    I have oily eyelids and I would suggest you trying eye liners by Essence. They never failed me and they cost like $3. 😀 also, I found that liquid (like a real tube and a brush) work better than these in pen shape..xo Honey – blog Royal Lifestyle – Twitter – Instagram

    Alice Diner

    November 7, 2016Reply

    I've been looking for a new eyeliner for so long, deffo going to try some of these out x

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