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Rimmel London The Only 1 Matte Lipstick // Lip Swatches + Full Review

1) Run the show   2) Leader of pink   3) Salute    4) High Flyer     5) Trendsetter     6) Take the stage      7) Look who's talking          8) The matte factor      9) Call the shots
When the A/W months roll in, I can't help but fall back in love with matte lipsticks...

You may have spotted these on my Instagram already, as soon as I opened up the package I was so excited... Rimmel, you've done good. These are everything I want from a matte lipstick - brilliantly pigmented, long lasting and incredibly comfortable.

The pictures of the lip swatches were taken just after the lipsticks were applied, they quickly dry down to a matte finish similar to that of the swatches. I have to say, the shade range is pretty much perfect and I can't think of another shade I would want from this collection. The middle row aren't great for this time of year, but I'm sure I'll get plenty of use out of them in the warmer months.

The scent isn't my favourite, I find with most Rimmel lipsticks they are quite similar and have a distinctive smell, but I can live with it! I thought with the bullet of the lipstick being round it would make application quite difficult, but I actually found them really easy to apply. Considering these are a matte finish the lipsticks really glide across the lips leaving an even, opaque colour - they feel almost creamy until they dry down. These last a good 6 hours before needing to be touched up, teamed with a good lipliner these really aren't going any where.



I have been a fan of MAC's Velvet Teddy for a while, and Trendsetter is the perfect dupe. With just a little more of a pink undertone (which I actually prefer), trendsetter is the perfect nude for anyone with a pale complexsion.

High Flyer

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that I love a good mauve lipstick. High flyer is a gorgeous mauve/ dusky pink purple shade that everyone should have in their collection. This reminds me of MAC's Twig which is one of my all time favourite shades for Autumn.

Call The Shots

I'm so surprised to be including this as one of my favourites, I'm not a bright lipstick wearer by any means but I find this shade to be really flattering. Call the shots is a bright pink/ coral shade that will be perfect for summer.

The Matte Factor

Similar to the Rimmel 107 lipstick (which I raved about here), the Matte Factor is the perfect, berry/ wine toned red that everyone loves this time of year. This is incredibly comfortable, long lasting and I actually prefer this to the 107!

Overall I'm really impressed with these lipsticks, if you were to take away the packaging and the distinctive scent there would be no telling these apart from high end lipsticks. The lipsticks retail for £6.99 so you really can't go wrong.

Will you be trying any of the Rimmel The Only 1 Matte lipsticks? What is your favourite shade?

*Some products within this post have been sent for review purposes, all opinions my own


My all time favourite liquid eyeliner

(from L-R: Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro, Rimmel Scandaleyes Thick and Thin, L'Oreal Precise Slim, L'Oreal Superstar, Stila Stay all day, TOM FORD Eye Defining Pen)

Anyone out there that has oily skin will know the constant struggle of finding a liquid eyeliner that actually stays put. I have spent everything from £2.99 right up to £43 in the hunt to find something that works for me. This is a round up of all the liquid eyeliners currently in my collection, and I can finally share a liquid eyeliner discovery that I love!

In my eyes I could justify this, I had tried and tested so many eyeliners that just didn't work - to me, spending £42 on one was a instant guarantee it would be special! Of-course the packaging is gorgeous, and I do like the double ended applicators, but like the high street liquid eyeliners I've tried, it just didn't stay put and it was the formula that let me down. I found this to last around 4 hours before it started to fade. As luxurious as this is, for me it just wasn't worth it.


Out of all the L'Oreal eyeliners I've tried this is my favourite. The thin nib is long and flexible making it easy to create a winged liner look, or a really thin line along the lash line. Again, this misses the top spot because the formula just isn't up to scratch, for the first two hours it looks fab, but once by skin starts to become oily the product breaks down and any winged liner I attempted that morning has smudged. 

Considering how affordable this liner is, I'm impressed. If you don't have oily eyelids and don't tend to get much smudging, I think this could work for you. The liquid is dark and definetly black - not watery looking like some. The small applicator makes this really easy to apply too. A good starting option if you are new to liquid eyeliner and don't want to splurge. 

I used this for years in conjunction with the other eyeliner until I found my favourite, I could get 6 hours of nice wear out of this before it start to fade and look a bit of a mess. The applicator is the biggest out of them all, and once I got used to that it made liquid eyeliner a really quick and fairly easy thing to do. Another good high street eyeliner if you don't have the oily eye lid problem!


You're probably bored of me complaining about the formulation by now - but again, this just didn't last on me. I love the applicator, I can create thick and thin lines as intended, so it's a really clever design, but I would be lucky if this lasted 3 hours on me. I do really love all of the high street options, the only issue for me is how oily my skin is.

The star of the show is the Stila Stay All Day liner, how this stuff stays on I don't know, but FINALLY a liquid eyeliner that just doesn't budge. It is the blackest black, easy to apply and has made wearing liquid eyeliner so much more enjoyable. I can wear this all day without any fading or smudging, and it is still easy to remove at the end of the day, I have had this for around 2 months now and it is still going strong. It isn't the cheapest of the bunch but certainly no where near the £43 mark, so if you have been struggling with getting your eyeliner to last, you need to try this!

Bear in mind that I do have really oily eyelids, I think if you have normal skin a lot of these will work better on you. I would love to know if you think anything tops the Stila liner? I really thought that the TOM FORD defining pen would be the ultimate liquid eyeliner, price tag definetly doesn't reflect love for a product in this case.


The Perfect Jumper for Under £10!


What better post to bring to you on a Monday than one that features a bargain... I don't usually post style related content as I'm not very adventurous when it comes to fashion - In fact, I'm so basic it hurts. My style is quite girly and I tend to go for a smart/casual kind of look. When I saw this jumper I loved it straight away, and even more so when I saw the price tag.

As much as I love to invest in the clothing I buy, sometimes it just isn't a option. This jumper is only £9.99, I pop a thermal on underneath and I'm good to go. It feels lovely and soft, and I'm happy with the way it hangs. I've tried on so many jumpers and they end up just looking huge on me, so it's nice to find a option that's a little more fitted. This jumper comes in 6 different colour, so I think I'll be heading back to New Look and buying a couple more soon...

Missguided Coat (old)
Newlook Boots (old)

What is your favourite fashion purchase this Autumn? I'm obsessed with knitwear and jumpers!


Products on Trial/ First Impressions

I have been trying out quite a few new things this month, a lot of which was sent to me, so "blogger mail" if you like. I often do unboxing's on my snapchat so if you like that sort of thing then add me (jodiemelissaxo). I thought I would do a round up/ first impressions of the best bits and show you a few new things.


If you are a little lazy when it comes to washing your brushes (like me) then I think you will love this. Honestly, I was sceptical as to how well this would work. Obviously this isn't a deep cleanse for your brushes, but to take off excess eyeshadow this is pretty fab. I find it a really handy tool to clean my blending brush when doing a smokey eye look so I don't have to have more than one brush. I think this would make a fab *dare I say it* stocking filler for any beauty lover.

What a gorgeous package to receive. Having never tried any Roger and Gallet products before I was so excited to get my hands on some. My favourite of the two has to be the Beauty Vinegar, I can't even put into words how refreshing and lovely this feels on the skin. I have been using this as a toner after cleansing and before moisturising, I find that my skin feels refined and smooth after use, exactly as the product says. The ingredients are gorgeous, and I can't wait to see the long term effects of integrating this into my routine. 

When I saw the wand to this my first impression was that it just wouldn't work. Typically I prefer bristles over plastic, so this was a little out of my comfort zone. I decided to go for it anyway, when I first used this it added a little too much volume for my liking, making my lashes look a little spider like - Now I have the hang of the applicator and how much to apply, I like how much volume this provides in just one coat, it is incredibly quick and easy to use leaving me with thick, long lashes all day. With no transfer either, which is a massive thing for me as a lot of mascaras let me down when it comes to this.


Subscription boxes are great, is there anything better than a little gift for yourself once a month? One thing I have been loving from the box in particular is the Lash Unlimited lashes in the style #8. They remind me of my absolute favourites - Ardell Wispies. Overall I love the packaging and branding of the box, a lovely one to check out if beauty boxes are your thing! 


I thought I would save the best till last. I have been wanting to try a facial cleansing brush for about a year now, I have oily skin prone to blackheads and breakouts, so as you can imagine this really appealed to me. I don't have one bad thing to say about this, if you are on the market for a reasonably priced daily cleansing brush then look out for my autumn/ winter skincare post where I'll be doing a full review of this little gem!

What products have you been trying this month?


My Favourite Autumn Lip Combo

I don't tend to wear a classic, cherry red lip, I'm yet to find the perfect shade for me and I just don't feel confident wearing them - When Autumn comes around and the burgundy, brick red lip shades are back in season, I put away all my favourite nudes and welcome a change. I wanted to share my current favourite combo, both from a affordable brand, this is the perfect A/W lip look for under £10.

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick (107) - £5.49

I know a lot of people love this lipstick but I just had to mention it. This universal shade looks fabulous on any skintone, and is a must have for any lipstick lovers collection. It has a matte finish leaving a gorgeous pigmented colour with one application. I have pretty dry lips all year round, so after 8 hours wear this does feel a little tight and drying, but up until that point it is comfortable, and I can't feel it on my lips. I love this lipstick and I repurchase it every year, if you haven't given into the hype yet, then you must.

Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tint Lip Liner (61 wine) - £2.99

A new addition to my collection is the Rimmel lipliner, which makes the perfect match. I cannot believe that this is £2.99 - The formulation reminds me of MAC lipliners, they are pigmented, and the perfect mix of creamy and waxy making it the ideal base for the lipstick. This lip liner really does keep the lipstick looking better for longer. I'm definetly going to be buying more shades from the range, seriously impressive.

I'm all for luxury lip products, but who doesn't love a good bargain. If you already have the infamous 107 lipstick, then I think you'll love the matching lipliner. What is your favourite Autumn lip combo?
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If you buy one thing this month...

Of-course I love beauty, I write a whole blog about it, but honestly I don't have the money to be splashing out £100's each month trying out new products (as much as I would love to). When it comes to making a pricey makeup purchase, I always do my research first. After seeing so many people rave about the Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder  I knew that this month, I would just have to treat myself to it.

I have oily skin, so using a powder that is able to mattify my skin throughout the day is pretty important. Before using this I have been loyal to pressed powder, but it just wasn't working and after only 4 hours my skin was looking pretty oily. This powder claims to be "light weight, sheer and silky" and honestly I agree with all three of those things.


How I apply this depends on the areas I want to set. For under my eyes I love using a damp beauty blender to gently press the product into my skin. For the rest of my face I either use a brush for a light application, or to increase the staying power of my makeup even further, a makeup puff is amazing. I only use a really small amount and almost layer this up if I feel I need more (which isn't usually the case, a little goes a long way). I'm going to buy the Laura Mercier powder puff next month to use with it as mine is looking a little worse for wear.


This powder is translucent, which for me definetly works best to stop my skin looking cakey. When I first used this I couldn't believe how light weight it felt on my skin, this powder is so finely milled and soft, much nicer than using a pressed powder for sure! 


What impresses me the most is how beautiful the finish is. I have visible pores around my nose/ cheeks that I'm starting to become quite conscious about, this powder manages to conceal them without looking cakey or obviously, it just leaves my skin looking incredibly flawless. A powdery, matte look I cannot stand - which I was scared would be the case, instead this leaves a satin, natural looking finish, the brand describe it perfectly claiming it creates a "soft focus" which I completely agree on.


Paired with a foundation suitable for oily skin, I can go ALL day without having to blot or top up. Of-course by around 2 or 3 in the afternoon things aren't looking as flawless as they did at 6.30am, but after years of struggling with the longevity of my makeup, I can live with that! I don't tend to take this powder out with me as I just don't need to (and lets me honest, translucent powder isn't the easiest to cart around). If I know I'm going to be out from 6.30 until later then I will take it along with some blotting powders and a 

For under my eyes, the concealer literally doesn't budge! I think that may have something to do with applying it with a beauty blender and actually pressing the powder into my skin rather than just dusting it over the top. 


For me, 100%! As you can probably tell from everything I have said in the above, and the title of this post, if you buy one thing this month (especially if you have oily skin), make it this!

What have you treated yourself to this month or think you might?


October Goals

I know this is incredibly late, but I really want to do this every month so I'm just going to post it anyway! I kind of hate the term “goals,” but it’s just easier than “Things I want to work towards in October”. 
In September's goals post I set out to take my first OOTD, I wasn't too happy with my outfit but I have used one of the images for this post. I also wanted to save some money towards the wedding (nearly half of my wage was saved this month – WOO!). I didn’t get back into exercise, but that is my main goal this month (I've been to the gym 4 times now, so far, really good!)

What I loved about September…

This month I did the 5 hour treck down south (and back) 3 times to see my partner Jay, a record for me! Nothing makes me happier than seeing him, so it was a pretty good month all in all. We went to Oxford, London and Portsmouth and it was just fab exploring whilst the weather was still good.

This month I feel like I started to get back into the swing of blogging. August was a weird month for me, I was feeling uninspired and hated all of the content I was producing, but I’m feeling pretty happy at the minute and slowly getting back into it.

October Goals

  • Get a solid gym routine. I'm really starting to get there with this, as I mentioned I have already been a few times and I'm feeling better for it already.
  • Film a YouTube video. I find it so strange the whole YouTube thing, how can I want to do something so much, yet not at the same time? I think a lot of bloggers feel the same way when it comes to YouTube, it’s a tough one! For me it is getting over what people will think and feeling embarrassed that people I know will potentially watch me talking to a camera.
  • Finally I really want to have a good clear out. I have a clear out probably around 4 times a year, yet I still seem to have so many things that I don't or never use. I think one day this month needs to be dedicated to getting rid of the things I don't need, and stop being such a hoarder!

I hope you're all having a great October! I feel like these three things are pretty achievable, and I'm looking forward to seeing how well I can do on the gym front! Let me know your goals for month in the comments (I loved reading them last time).



The all in one palette


Oh I do love a good brow product, I have tried everything from pencils to pomades, but I always seem to get on best with a powder, followed by some sort of taming gel/ setting product such as the Benefit “Gimme Brow” or the L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper. The Hi Impact Brow Kit* doesn’t just claim to be the only brow kit that you’ll need, but it also doubles up as a eye shadow palette (winning).

With 4 different shades this palettes allows you to custom create your perfect brow colour. I find it incredibly difficult to find the perfect shade to match my brow colour, so this is pretty perfect. A combination of the 1st and 3rd shade gives me a mid tone ashy brown that looks best with my current hair colour and natural brows.

I have oily skin so I feel like I can really put this to the test, applying it at 6.45am my brows didn’t budge until I took it off that evening, so I can say with confidence this lasts! The powders are very pigmented, one flaw is that it does kick back quite a bit of product when I put my brush in, but I just make sure to tap off the excess and that works fine. These powders are crazy pigmented, so tapping off all the excess is essential anyway.

Using the shades as eye shadow I have loved using 2 and 4 in combination with the Urban Decay Primer Potion (oily eyelid problems), I found both the black and the warm toned brown to last well, blend nicely and make this palette well worth packing when I go away as I can actually get use out of all 4 shades included. Admittedly I don’t use the brush it comes with, but that’s pretty standard with most palettes for me as I just prefer the brushes I already have. I found the brush it comes with to be a little too chunky to mimic brow hairs when applying the product, this product retails for £18.99, which is a little disappointing as the powders definetly represent that price tag, but the packaging and brush doesn't for me.

Overall I am pleased to have this palette in my collection, I took this away with me for the weekend and only needed to take one other eyeshadow to complete a smokey bronzed eye look (Sephora “Hollywood’s Calling” Eyeshadow). 

Do you have a go to palette for brows and eye shadow?


Tips on securing a job within Social Media

It’s pretty amazing to think that jobs within social media didn’t even exist a few years ago, now more and more job roles are becoming available with businesses realising how powerful a marketing tool it can be, but with that comes competition as more people want these roles. If you want a bit of background as to how I got into my job then click here… Briefly, my work is inhouse and I also do some PR and photography for the company too.

There are a couple of things you can do to help you get noticed and stand out from the crowd, some people may have relevant qualifications, but that doesn’t mean they are ahead of you necessarily.

1) Do everything you can to make your own social media profiles as professional as possible. Plus try and manage as many platforms as you can…

As much as I like to think of my blog as a hobby, the fact that it has brought me opportunities that are career related, makes it something worth investing in. When you have your own blog and start using social media to promote it, you are effectively doing the same thing that a brand does. Track everything that you are doing, numbers aren’t crucial to blogging success, but they help to demonstrate that you are doing something right. If you can pin point moments where your followers have increased and you can say why, it shows you have a good understanding of what works well when using social media as a marketing tool.

I know “blogging success” is subjective, but if you are able to demonstrate that you 1) know how to grow social media platforms (not just numbers, engagement is crucial) 2) know khat is essential to their development AND finally provide evidence of you doing it for your own blog, then that is pretty impressive. If you are unsure of the most effective ways to promote your blog then simply Google it! I might do another post on how to use social media to promote your blog in the future, but there are already so many fabulous posts on it out there, some of my favourite are from Media Marmalade.

2) Get yourself to events, no ifs or buts! They’re game changers…

Not only will attending events increase your blog/ social media following as you meet more people, it is also one of the best places to make contacts in the industry. It may seem a little extreme, but it makes all the difference if you take business cards with your blog and social media platforms on them, not only does it show you are serious about what you do, it also means people can remember who you are.

Before you go to the event look at any hashtags associated with it on Twitter to see who is going, spark up conversations with people who are also attending so you have already started networking before you arrive. You never know, someone you meet there may work for a company who needs someone to manage their social media, it is a easy way to get your foot in the door. To find events a lot of the time PR companies will reach out bloggers over twitter, keep a look out on the hashtag #PRrequest.

3) Get as much experience as you can

Like every role, experience within the field is invaluable. Experience can come in many forms, you don’t have to do a placement or internship (although obviously they are pretty great for again meeting more people and understanding even more about how to utilise social media).

This is quite a simple tip, but if you know someone who has a business and they’re not already using social media, then why not ask if you can set something up for them? I work freelance for a jewellery brand and I got this experience through a friend, it means that I can say I work freelance for a brand and offers me again, more experience!

Experience can also come through growing your own blog, I do believe that you have to invest a little money to make money, so buy yourself a DSLR, I’m not taking £1000’s but something that will enable you to take nice photography, I taught myself how to use my camera and now I take professional photos for brands.

There are some fabulous blogging communities that offer the opportunity to manage their social media platforms. I gained a lot of experience by volunteering as a social media manager for “BloggingGals,” by giving up one day a week for a couple of months it meant I was able to say that I have been responsible for the social media of something other than my blog, which is pretty good experience (and volunteering always looks good, it shows that you are driven and passionate about what you want to do).

4) Network, network network

I have touched on this a little throughout this post because I think it is one of the most valuable things you can do. Another method of networking is through Linkedin, setting up a linkedin profile seems a little pointless at first, you start out with hardly any connections and personally I felt a little lost in the crowd of all these fabulous professionals. Once I made more of an effort and improved my profile I found linkedin to be a really handy way to see how people have managed to get roles within social media. Looking at the different routes people have taken to get to a role in social media, you’ll see that it is people with a whole host of different experiences.

At the start of this year I had no confidence, I was socially awkward and I never thought I would be where I am today, one little quote that I try to remember everyday is “fake it till you make it.” I found pushing myself out of my comfort zone scary, but rewarding at the same time and it helped me find confidence with what I am doing. Not confident now? Try to fake it, and it will soon come!

I hope this has been useful! If anyone would like more specific information/ tips on any of the subheadings from this post then let me know (I could ramble about them for hours).
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