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My Favourite Affordable Jewellery Brands

Affordable jewellery can be a tough one, there are so many different brands and options that it can become so overwhelming. I wanted to share three jewellery brands that I love, all for different reasons. Whether I’m buying a gift for a friend or myself, or thinking of something to pop on my wishlist, these are the brands I reach for.


Olia jewellery does some absolutely gorgeous pieces at such good prices. All of the jewellery comes wrapped in a lovely white bag, making it all the more luxurious. I have had a bracelet from the brand for around 3 years now, and it is still in really good condition, incredibly impressive considering most of the jewellery is under £20. This brand is perfect if you want to buy a nice gift for someone without paying over the odds, my favourite pieces have to be the bracelets (they look amazing stacked up) or the necklaces.


Honestly, at first I seriously didn’t get the whole Pandora hype. Every Tom, Dick and Harry seemed to have one of their charm bracelets, but I just wasn’t interested. Then my 21st birthday came along and my bestie got me some earrings, and my brother got me a gorgeous ring, since then I have had a change of heart. Of course it is more expensive than other brands, but for the price you are paying I feel like it is worth it. The infinity earrings pictured are Pandora, I love the little diamond detailing inside them, they are small but lovely to wear on a day to day basis. My brother and his girlfriend did good, I don’t think I have taken the ring off since receiving it! I love the design as it looks nice stacked with other rings or worn alone, there is just something about the whole Pandora experience that is really special!


The lovely people at Jewellery Box kindly sent me some of their pieces to try. Although I did find their site quite hard to navigate, it was definetly worth the hunt as I found some real gems. If you are on a real tight budget then the jewellery box is the place to go, the ring pictured is gorgeous worn stacked with other pieces and it is only £5.25! The earrings are a little larger than I thought but still incredibly pretty little studs.

Annoyingly I forgot to include a picture of the bracelet, but I have to give a shout out to the brand Joma Jewellery too, for my birthday another lovely friend got me a bracelet from there and I actually remember nearly crying because it was so lovely, and came with a lovely little card about friendship! So if you have a specific occasion in mind then that brand is definetly one to look into.

What is your favourite affordable jewellery brand?

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    September 5, 2016Reply

    I've never heard of Olia before, but their pieces look gorgeous! Thanks for an amazing post!

    Molly Jones

    September 5, 2016Reply

    i really like Pandora, like you I was never really interested in the brand because everyone had it! But then my boyfriend got me a charm bracelet for my birthday and it's become my daily staple – it goes with everything! I need to try out the other brands you spoke about, all the jewellery pictured looks beautiful!

    Francisca Carvalho

    September 5, 2016Reply

    All of this looks amazing! Pandora is one of my favourite jewellery shops too :).Francisca | Francisca May

    Lucy Alice

    September 6, 2016Reply

    The Jewellery Box do some amazingly priced bits of jewellery, I love their stuff!Lucy | Forever September

    Alina Bostan

    September 7, 2016Reply

    Pandora is an old favourite of mine, they have such adorable pieces and I still love my charm bracelet even though I rarely wear it. I've also experienced Jewellery Box and I love their dainty pieces. Fab post xBeauty with charm

    Jessie-Ann Lewis

    September 8, 2016Reply

    Wow – what beautiful pieces! Pandora is definitely a favourite of mine. I love their rings! I definitely need to check out Jewellrey Box too xxJessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    Jeffrey Sam

    September 11, 2016Reply

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    Stacey White

    September 11, 2016Reply

    Such beautiful pieces 😍

    Melanie Rose

    September 13, 2016Reply

    I've only heard of Pandora before but the others have gorgeous pieces as well! xMelanie | Lilies Beauty – A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    The Makeup Directory

    September 14, 2016Reply

    I was completely the same about Pandora, I didn't get the hype. But actually they have some gorgeous jewellery and I do wear my charm bracelet most days! I really want their rings as they're beautiful!The Makeup Directory

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