Kiehl’s Calendula Foaming Face Wash

Yes you saw the title correctly, a foaming face wash! Don’t
panic, I know I did at first, actually questioning the skincare specialist at
Kiehls thinking I knew better… If you have oily/ combination skin and have
convinced yourself you shouldn’t be using a foaming cleanser, then this post
might just change your mind.

For years now I have been a cream cleanser addict, I
wouldn’t use a balm, gel and I certainly wouldn’t touch a foaming cleanser. A little bored with my routine and still experiencing some little under
the skin blemishes, I decided to try something new.

The Kiehls Calendula Foaming Face Wash has been developed not to strip
skin of it’s natural oils, rather balance the skin so it isn’t as oily. My main concern with using a foaming cleanser was that it would leave my skin feeling tight and dehydrated, but I haven’t experienced that at all. After using this my skin just feels clean, not particularly moisturised but I know that it has been cleansed of all the impurities from the day. After using this I go in with some treatments and then the Ultra Facial Cream, and my skin feels moisturised, supple and less oily!

I have been using this both morning and night, it has a nice fresh scent but it isn’t too over powering. One thing I would say with this is to make sure everything is rinsed away, there have been a couple of occasions where I have gone to put my moisturiser on afterward and realise that I haven’t rinsed my skin enough because I’m so used to using a fannal with a cream cleanser.

Has this balanced my oily skin?

In a nutshell, surprisingly, yes! Not dramatically to the point where I fall into the “normal” category, but my skin isn’t anywhere near as oily as it was! My makeup is lasting longer throughout the day, I’m having less breakouts and spots are at a minimum. It hasn’t changed my mind on foaming cleansers, I do think most of them can strip the skin, but there is something different about this because my skin loves it!

Kiehls Calendula Face Wash £22


    Heather Nixon

    September 29, 2016Reply

    I've had mixed thoughts on the Kiehls skincare I've tried xHeather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

      Jodie Moores

      October 28, 2016Reply

      What have you tried? I have loved everything I have tried from the brand luckily! x

    Rosa Fairfield

    September 29, 2016Reply

    I love foaming face washes, maybe this is something I need to try.http://ohduckydarling.com

      Jodie Moores

      October 28, 2016Reply

      You definetly do! I love the fact that it foams but isn't stripping

    Parie Joshi

    September 29, 2016Reply

    This sounds really interesting, I've wanted to try fro Kiehls forever – such an interesting brand!Parie xClass and Glitter

    Elisabeth Hayes

    September 29, 2016Reply

    I've wanted to try Kiehl's for such a long time now! This cleanser sounds really nice :)xo, Lizhttp://lipstickandconfetti.com

    The Makeup Directory

    September 30, 2016Reply

    Foaming cleansers definitely gives me back terrible flashbacks to a Clinique blemish one I used years ago and it was so harsh. But I trust Kiehls to do it a lot more gently. This sounds like a lovely one!The Makeup Directory

    Lucy Alice

    October 1, 2016Reply

    I really like Kiehl's products – this sounds fab!Lucy | Forever September

    Jasmine Stewart

    October 4, 2016Reply

    This is one of those products I got as recommended for my skin type when I visited a Kiehl's counter – I hadn't heard much about it so never gave it a go, however reading this it actually sounds great!Jasmine xx Jasmine Talks Beauty

    Jess | The Indigo Hours

    January 1, 2017Reply

    I keep meaning to try Kiehl's but have yet to pick anything up, but this sounds perfect for my skin! I'd be put off by the "foaming" thing too, so I'm glad I've read your review 🙂

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