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Two from TOM FORD

Before these purchases the most highend makeup that I had bought was from Charlotte Tilbury, I decided that I wanted my first (painfully expensive) makeup purchases to be from TOM FORD, a brand I have lusted over for years! Everything screams luxury to me, the packaging is quite clearly beautiful, everything down to the little TF embossed into the lipstick, but does the quality live up to the packaging, and the price?


When I tried the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipsticks I thought that I had found the perfect matte formulation for me, but then I tried this (sorry CT). I feel like this lipstick was made for me, after around 20 minutes it dries down to a matte finish without feeling heavy or drying on the lips. For me this lasts for around 5 hours looking perfect, but reapplying this again is also not a problem, it doesn’t cling to any dry patches and just leaves my lips looking as good as they did when I first applied it. The ingredients sounds gorgeous so I’m not surprised about the amazing finish and feel of this.

The shade is PUSSYCAT (04), when I looked at all of the shades in the stand this one called to me, it is a deep mauve shade which is what I go for in the A/W months. I cannot wait to pair this with a smoky eye. Although the price tag is ridiculous, if you like high end beauty and love a luxurious lipstick then you need to try one, I’m sure it won’t disappoint. 


Ahh the eyeliner, if you follow me on snapchat (which if you don’t already my username is jodiemelissaxo, come say hi!) then you will already know my thoughts on this. Firstly, when has an eyeliner from a brand been more expensive than their lipsticks? I have always struggled with finding a liquid liner that would last on my (pretty oily) eyelids, I absolutely love wearing winged liner but half way through the day it is bound to have smudged. I had heard so many rave reviews about this so I decided to take the plunge and buy it.

 At first glace this looks fab, it is double ended, the pen is weighted which makes it really easy to use, and the liquid is really black. I used the bigger end and preferred to use that, I found the application to be quick and easy which made me so excited that I may have finally found an amazing liquid liner. After 30 minutes the wing started to smudge, a new record! I thought I must have done something wrong so I tried it again the next day, 30 minutes later there was smudging. I am pretty pissed about this, how can a brand charge £43 for a liner and it not be perfect? 

So the lipstick is gorgeous, but the liner is a fail for me… Have you tried anything from TOM FORD and more specifically this liner? 

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    August 5, 2016Reply

    Blog photography perfect as always! XMorgan //

    Caked to the Nines

    August 5, 2016Reply

    Oh my gosh I wanted to try the liquid liner, but I'm glad I read this review first! For that price, it better stick around for hours and hours without smudging! Such a shame. Love the lipstick shade though :). Their formula is so good!xxNida | Caked To The Nines


    August 6, 2016Reply

    That lipstick shade is perfect, if it wasn't for the quite hefty price I'd buy it straight away! :)Ellen x

    Lucy Films

    August 7, 2016Reply

    Tom Ford makeup is so luxurious – love the look of both of these, one to go on the high end beauty wish list!Lucy | Forever September

    Danielle Woodward

    August 8, 2016Reply

    I love the Tom Ford Lipsticks! It took me a while to try them because I didn’t know if they would be worth the price tag, but they really are and now I can’t seem to stop buying them!

    Becky Smith

    August 11, 2016Reply

    Gosh £43 makes my eyes water, how on earth can an eye liner cost £43?! Especially when it's a product that might not last that long/you might not want to keep too long because it's used around the eye. Crazy! x Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

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