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The Canon 700D // Should you upgrade to a DSLR?

For a while now I have been wanting to up my photography game, I was sick of not being able to get any depth of field and being stuck with taking flatlays, and not to mention having to edit the crap out of my photos to make them even look semi light. About a year ago when I first started taking my little blog more seriously, never in a million years did I think I would be forking out £££ for a camera, but now I have a DSLR I couldn’t go back to basics. The camera I went for was the Canon 700d… (if you hadn’t already guessed)


I did a helllla lot of research before buying this. I knew I wanted a camera that was fairly new to the market and no more than £500, so that narrowed things down nicely. I did consider the 600D and 650D which are older models from Canon, but thought I might aswel pay the extra and go for this. There is a more up to date version of the 700D (the 750D), but when looking at the differences the main one is the built in wifi, which I felt I could live without, and if I do want it I can pay around £40 to have it installed into the 700D. I did also consider the Olympus Pen camera, this looks great for travelling and much more portable, but I knew that I wouldn’t be travelling that much, and after reading some online reviews I decided Canon was the brand for me.


I decided to buy both the body and kit lens, so for the first few months of using this I just had the kit lens, but my other half kindly bought me the 50mm lens for my birthday a few weeks back.

THE KIT LENS (18-55mm)
This is the lens pictured above, as you can see it is pretty hefty! Obviously the perfect lens for you will all be down to what you are photographing. As a typical blogger does I love taking shots that are up close and allow a lot of detail and a good depth of field to whatever the subject of the image is, this lens does allow you to do that, however the 50mm lens is much better for the close ups as it has a more shallow depth of field (really blured background). It is the shots that I want to take from a certain distance that I love the 18-55mm lens for, this lens has a zoom feature meaning that I can fit so much more in a shot without having to move too far back. I love to take this lens travelling as I can take a variety of different shots with it.

THE 50MM f/1.8 LENS (pictured below)
I’ve seen a lot of bloggers suggest not to bother with the kit lens and just use this instead, and I can kind of see their point. The lens is much smaller in size, so does make it so much more travel friendly. It allows for those beautiful blurred backgrounds we all want when taking product shots too. Another thing I love about this lens is all the light it lets in, making my images clear and bright.

One massive difference between this and the kit lens is the zoom feature, I think this would come into play more so if you were wanting to film Youtube videos, being about a metre away from this lens you would probably just get your face in the shot, which isn’t going to be any good. I do really love this lens as the smooth blurred backgrounds behind the subject, and extra light for my images was exactly what I wanted, but the 18-55mm lens is easier to use when I want to take a quick flatlay or when I need to capture more in one shot.

So that was a very quick overview of the Canon 700d and the two lenses that I have. I’m going to write a post on “going manual” with the camera next, there is no point in upgrading to a DSLR if you are not going to use it in manual mode. Although it can be scary having to adjust all the settings yourself, it is seriously worth it to achieve the photography you want and I got the hang of it within a few weeks. If you are wanting to improve your photography and willing to learn manual then definitely upgrade to DSLR, practise makes perfect!

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    Jennifer Frank

    August 3, 2016Reply

    DSLR's just make blogging life so much easier. I love my Canon and Olympus!Jen / Velvet Spring x


    August 3, 2016Reply

    Super interesting post, I would love like a "My life in Cameras" kind of post because I don't even know where to begin with cameras. I just don't xxxAlLittleKiran | Bloglovin

    Kate Rose xo

    August 4, 2016Reply

    I loved this and it was really helpful! I think I want to invest in a DSLR camera for blogging. xKate//

    Gemma Louise

    August 5, 2016Reply

    I've been using a DSLR ever since I started blogging but only because both of my parents own one each and I was already really into photography! I did end up buying my own last summer though and I have the 700D too, I love it for the flip out screen mostly, so handy to do makeup shots! I have the 50mm lens too, absolutely love doing macro photography with it 🙂 xxGemma Louise

    Roman lesnar

    May 6, 2017Reply

    Decent to peruse your article! I am anticipating sharing your undertakings and encounters. Doreen Reyes

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