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A new bronzing favourite

The Rosie Huntington-Whiteley makeup collaboration with Marks and Spencers went big in the world of beauty, I added Rosie on snapchat and it was only then that I caved into the hype and decided I needed a bronzer, a lipstick… Basically, everything! I was actually lucky enough to find the bronzer on depop at a fraction of the retail price and unused, this bronzer has now become an everyday makeup staple.

The colour 

I don’t have too many bronzers in my collection so I needed to try some more, having a pale complexion my usual option is something like The Body Shop honey bronzer as its a pretty neutral shade that isn’t too dark or warm, perfect for me in the winter. There are two shades “Bronzed Beauty,” and “Magic Contour,” I have the latter, which for a contour shade isn’t great for me, but as an overall bronze I love it. Like The Body Shop bronzer this is a very middle of the road shade, helping to provide a natural looking glow without looking at all fake. This is slightly darker and warmer than a bronzer I would usually go for, but it is perfect for the summer or if I’m wearing fake tan.

Formulation/ Pigmentation/ Longevity

The powder matches up to the price tag as it is incredibly silky soft and light weight, I find this blends really easily and sits well on top of my base. One thing I would say is that this stuff is pigmented, not to the point where it is difficult to work with, but I think without a light hand this can look a little over done. One thing I find always sets premium and high street products apart is how well they last on the skin throughout the day, I was so impressed to find this still on my face after 8 hours of wear. On my oily skin that is pretty much unheard of!

Is it worth the money? I actually think it is, the packaging is gorgeous, the product itself feels premium and you get a good amount of product… I am yet to find another bronzer that lasts this long on my skin, which is a massive bonus as no one wants to be topping up their makeup throughout the day, especially in summer.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Bronzer – £18

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      Jodie Moores

      August 18, 2016Reply

      Yeah it is quite a lot of money to spend on a bronzer I must admit! Gorgeous though! x

    S Jones

    August 17, 2016Reply

    When I saw the photos of this i thought it was Charlotte Tilbury! The packaging is stunning and so luxurious xBlushhx

      Jodie Moores

      August 18, 2016Reply

      Ahh yes the rose gold does make it so similar, it feels really weighted and just looks lovely x


    August 17, 2016Reply

    This looks sooo gorgeous! I really wish that this could be available for overseas customers outside the EU/UK 🙁 I want to get some of her makeup but they won't ship, too bad. These would look great in Nordstroms or some other department stores. I'd love to see a swatch of this bronzer on your skin tone! It looks like it would be perfect for me too.

      Jodie Moores

      August 18, 2016Reply

      It's so annoying, I'm forever thinking the same about Sephora! Oo I'll try and post a before and after picture of me wearing it on twitter or instagram and then come back and update this xx

    Alina Bostan

    August 18, 2016Reply

    The shade looks gorgeous and the packaging is just beautiful. I'm yet to try this makeup range, but there's so many things I've seen getting great reviews xBeauty with charm

      Jodie Moores

      August 18, 2016Reply

      Its fab, it doubles up as a nice prop for blog photos too haha! I want to try some lipsticks and eye shadow sticks next xx

    Shay Holly

    August 18, 2016Reply

    The packaging is just so gorgeous!! I need to try some bits from the range

    Alicia Johnson

    August 18, 2016Reply

    Now I need this bronzer in my life. The packaging is beautiful and the shade looks just as beautiful! Love Alicia xx

    Gemma Louise

    August 19, 2016Reply

    I usually go for much darker bronzers than this as I like to contour with mine but the packaging is so so pretty! xxGemma Louise

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