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I wanted to merge together a post all about my whirlwind of a trip to Paris, everything from must do’s while you’re there, things to watch out for and some outfits I wore during the trip. I actually got engaged during my time there (if you haven’t already seen me post about it 24/7 on every single social media site that is) so I’m going to link that post here… I want this to be more of a generic overview of Paris, whether getting engaged whilst there or not.

Paris is b-e-a-utiful, the pictures don’t do it justice. The atmosphere and style are something so unique that I have never experienced in a city before, lets just say I would really love to be a Parisian lady right now. Considering it is only an hours plane journey I can’t believe it was my first time visiting. We travelled to Paris from Manchester Airport on Friday the 17th of June and came home on the Monday morning, personally this was more than enough time for a weekend away, we managed to see all of the main attractions and that was doing everything on foot!

Both top and jeans are from Topshop


Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Arc De Triumph… They are all places that are a must see whilst in Paris and I loved them all. They are around a 40-50 minute walk away from each other so if you have a hotel some where in the middle of them you can easily walk and get around. I’ll be honest, the Louvre is massive and takes a pretty long time to walk around, but the art work is moving (and I’m not typically that interested in Art), the detail and work that goes into so many of the sculptures is unreal, and off course Mona Lisa is there! Even if you just go and sit in the gardens and enjoy the view of the palace, it is pretty surreal.

Arc De Triomphe

Alongside the Eiffel Tower the Arc De Triomphe is a real symbol of Paris for me, and I just loved it. Like the Louvre the fine detail just makes it so beautiful. I decided to stay across the road (as you can see its pretty busy), I think you get a much better view from there anyway.

Avenue des Champs Elysees

How could I not include a little snap shot of Sephora!? Bad beauty blogger moment but I didn’t buy anything whilst in there.. It was nice to have a look around but I was after some Kat Von D and ABH, not Sephora own brand. Anyway, the stores are as expected, and also well out of my budget considering I’ve just finished uni, never the less lovely to window shop! Although they do have more affordable shops down here too. There are so many luxury shopping destinations in Paris boasting Chanel, Dior and all sorts of amazing designers, maybe one day eh.

Who goes to Paris and leaves without taking a look at the Eiffel Tower? Off course it is amazing, lots of security there at the minute making it take around an hour and a half queue, but I was happy to wait. We decided to go to the middle viewing platform, 1) because honestly I was getting a little scared with how high up we were  and 2) the view was pleasant enough. The Euro 2016 was on whilst we were there, hence the football. There was a fan zone in the park infront of the tower, I actually really enjoyed going in and having a look around, there was such a fun and exciting atmosphere!


The Sunday morning (the day I became a fiancee) graced us with clear blue skies and a rain free day, we stumbled across what was probably one of my favourite “attractions” of the whole trip, a car boot/ market. Surrounded by beautiful Parisian buildings were tables and blankets covered in peoples old belongings. It was just so nice to do something that felt less like a tourist attraction and more like experiencing some french culture!

Lastly, just explore! There is so much more to Paris than the typical tourist attractions. I loved wandering the streets and just seeing where we ended up (although maybe make sure you have some way to get back to the hotel…)

 shorts: ASOS. top: Topshop. shoes: New Look

I would love to head back to Paris again, it is everything I expected and more and will off course considering what happened there be a city I’ll love forever.

Have you been to Paris, I would love to know your thoughts?

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    shannon michelle

    July 11, 2016Reply

    I've never been to Paris, but it sounds so beautiful and reading this post has made me want to visit there even more! also love your photography! x shannonhttps://shannonmichelle1.blogspot.co.uk/

    Angela Chen

    July 13, 2016Reply

    Yay! I was just in Paris too a few weeks ago! You captured the city beautiful! So glad you enjoyed your visit! Angelawww.explicit-affairs.com


    September 9, 2016Reply

    Thanks for sharing your great experience in Paris! I haven't been to the Sunday market yet, would love to go explore sometime! And I found an article about where to take great pictures in Paris, if someone wants to get some ideas :)http://gokyma.com/blog/5-best-places-for-a-photo-shoot-in-paris/

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