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Initial thoughts on wedding planning

After getting engaged the next big thing to think about is, well, when should we get married! Our first thoughts were as soon as possible, then I started to plan and realised it wouldn’t be quite as soon as I thought. As I’ve mentioned previously I want to share the whole wedding planning experience and document it for myself too, so I’m going to share some things that I definitely didn’t consider before planning my own wedding.

One of the most stressful parts of planning is finding a venue!
It would appear that every single venue I like is some where between £10,000- £15,000, fully booked for next year or doesn’t have accommodation, which I feel like is a must to make it easier for everyone. The importance of finding a perfect venue is so overlooked, when I think about it the photography, atmosphere and overall experience is massively impacted by the venue, which is why I’m being a little picky and getting stressed. I have a list of some possible venues so the next stage is visiting them, I feel like everything will become a lot clearer once we have seen some locations and fingers crossed the perfect spot.

Every hour my ideas change
One minute I have a guest list of around 100, the next we’re running off to Vegas to get hitched on our own. It is scary how many different ideas I have, I wouldn’t say that I have a particular, clear cut style so pinning down exactly what sort of  theme I want our wedding to be is pretty tricky, this is probably a contributing factor to the stress of finding a venue.

Everyone else has lots of ideas about your wedding
It has been so much fun and lovely to see how exciting all of our friends and family have been about us getting engaged, however, having conversations with a big group of people can become so overwhelming because so many ideas are flying around. I am very lucky and conversations always end in “just do what is right for you,” that’s something I’ve heard a lot the past few weeks, and I’ll be definitely taking on board.

You dedicate hours to the internet (Pinterest in particular) without getting bored
This has become excessive, do I really need to think about what cake we are going to have now? Probably not… Bridesmaid dresses? again, probably not! I have decided I want a sweet cart, and that is something that is absolutely essential to know at the beginning I think… Lets just concentrate on a venue shall we!

I’m really enjoying thinking more and more about the wedding, and honestly I haven’t had a smile off my face since getting engaged! This weekend we will be visiting some venues that we have in mind, and fingers crossed over the next few months we will find the right spot.

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    Isobel Celine

    July 5, 2016Reply

    Oh my gosh! How exciting for you but stressful at the same time! Just remember, it'll all be worth it in the end! Good luck & congratulations!Isobel xNew post: Video: :

      Jodie Moores

      July 7, 2016Reply

      Thank you Isobel, you definitely just described it in a nut shell 🙂 x

    Natasha Kendall

    July 5, 2016Reply

    I am dreading sorting out my wedding in the future! The stress gets to me the I hear about other peoples issues hahaha. To be honest, I want a really small, private wedding and then to be able to put the £20k odd into a house! No fuss! I hope you find your dream venue and I can't wait to see pics!! xNatasha Kendall

    Miriam Alamay

    July 6, 2016Reply

    Don't worry, your wedding will be beautiful! Just remember to enjoy things no matter how stressful the planning gets. Goodluck! Miriam ♥ A whole lot of serendipity


    July 6, 2016Reply

    I am so excited for you, I can't wait to see your plans come together. I know it will be a beautiful day, congratulations (again!). I can't help it I am such a sap when it comes to weddings, they bring me such joy. Cake tasting is surely the most important thing? Haha lots of love xALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    Elena from Loovelle

    July 7, 2016Reply

    oh congrats! i love wedding related posts so i can't wait for your journey. i'd love to do a romantic barn wedding but its a long way to go still. one day…❥

    Lucy Films

    July 11, 2016Reply

    Wedding planning does sound quite stressful haha but I bet its really exciting – I hope you find the perfect venue soon!Lucy | Forever September

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