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UPDATE: Finishing University, New Job in Social Media Marketing & Living at Home!

I have been wanting to write an update for so long but had no clue where to start. I’m going to write a whole post dedicated to university and my experience, because I have a hell of a lot to say. In short I have finished my degree and I’m just waiting on the results, I have around a month to wait and I’m already a bag of nerves! So what is my plan now? Well, I have been incredibly lucky and landed myself a job as a content director for a business within the field of beauty, which was exactly what I wanted. Since sharing my blog on social media around a year ago now, my love for blogging has escalated, the promotion and photography side are something I love and could spend all day doing. I knew from around Christmas time that it was my plan to get into the industry some how.

So currently I’m back living at home, which is fine, the plan was potentially to move into a flat that my boyfriend has bought, but with the prospect of being on my own all through the week I didn’t quite fancy it just yet, maybe in a year or so I’ll have a rethink. I’m in the process of adding some finishing touches to my nearly complete bedroom at home to make it all blogger-esque and pinterest worthy, that’s just what I like. I’m taking major inspiration from Kate La Vie, her interior style is perfection! I recently bought my first car too, I have had my license for 3 years and I have been saving for a nice car ever since, so far it has been amazing having the freedom to go where I like and when I like, although parking is still a bit  a massive issue…

In terms of my little blog, well finally I have a new camera, I went for the Canon 700d after deciding that I didn’t really need the 750d, and the olympus pen wasn’t really what I was after. I’ll be using the camera for much more than just my blog, so I wanted something that had a lot of features (that I definitely still need to get my head around). I’m hoping to post atleast 3 times a week whilst working full time, as my job will involve lots of time sitting at a computer, I’m making sure I give myself a break from it all and only providing content I’m really happy with. 

This year has been a real learning curve for me, I have gained so much confidence and I’m really trying to have the mind set that I should just give everything a go, and try my absolute best!

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    June 12, 2016Reply

    Love posts like these! Sounds like you've been lucky with finding the perfect job, It's definitely the kind of job I'd love to have! 🙂 good luck with everything!Ellen x

    Jodie Moores

    June 12, 2016Reply

    Thanks girl I'm glad you liked it! Yes I really have, thank you.. I'm going to write some more job/ employment related posts soon, I find it really interesting xx

    Katy Belle

    June 12, 2016Reply

    Congratulations on your new job, Jodie! Best of luck with it. :)Katy / Katy Belle

    Gemma Louise

    June 12, 2016Reply

    Congrats on having a job already! I've just graduated & my career plans have completely gone out the window with having a baby on the way hahah! Also I have the Canon 700D and it's fab, the best feature it has is the flip out screen, it comes in so handy oxJust Little Things


    June 13, 2016Reply

    Congratulations on your new job Jodie, that's fantastic :)xxx Claire

    Rochelle Fox

    June 14, 2016Reply

    Congrats on your new job!Good vibes, FOXcheck out my latest VLOG and my

    The Sunday Mode

    June 14, 2016Reply

    I so agree, Kate's interior style is always so lust-worthy, I wish she could decorate my place. Congratulations on finishing up school and landing that job as well, I'd love to know a little bit more info about how you broke into the industry! :)

    Lucy Films

    June 15, 2016Reply

    Congratulations on the job and finishing up at uni, must be quite a nice feeling – I also love Kate's interior style is just stunning isn't it?!Lucy | Forever September


    August 7, 2016Reply

    Just found your blog Jodie and love it! Beautiful photos :)Ella xx

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