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Recently I have been trying to treat my hair in the same way I do my skin, so that has meant seriously upping my hair care game. Last week I bleached my hair again, meaning a little damage has been done, plus I use heat on my hair at least 3 times a week, so I do need a little help keeping everything looking slick as split end free as possible. I have used Lee Stafford products for years, so I wanted to share my favourites that help to keep my hair soft and a vibrant blonde.

The first product I tried was the Lee Stafford Fix It Treatment (£11.49), this is a treatment that is used in between shampoo and conditioner, and is left on the hair for around 5 minutes. Honestly, nothing makes my hair softer than this does, I really feel like my hair is being fixed and using this every time I was my hair makes a huge difference. This is such a fab deep conditioner for anyone with damaged hair, worth that awkward 5 minute wait in the shower where there is nothing left to do…

The Ubuntu Repair Hair Oil (£9.99) isn’t something I use all of the time, but the humid weather makes my hair so frizzy that it ends up looking damaged without this. I use a pea sized amount on the ends of my hair to leave them looking smooth and freshly cut. I have a blunt cut and my hair is all one length, and I’ve found this oil to be a perfect quick fix to making my ends look healthy.

As I mentioned before I have gone and added more bleach to my locks, I’m trying to achieve a cool toned, ashy blonde colour which does require a lot of maintenance, but silver/ purple shampoo really helps. The Bleach Blondes Purple Shampoo (£6.99) is my all time favourite purple shampoo, it smells like parma violet sweets (win) and more importantly doesn’t leave my hair feeling stripped of moisture like so many other purple shampoo’s I’ve tried do. This really does help mute any brassy tones and helps keep my hair an ash blonde a lot longer in between having it coloured.

Have you tried any Lee Stafford products?

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9 responses to “Lee Stafford Hair Care”

  1. Charlotte Roberts says:

    I've been looking for a new hair oil as mine is running out, and the Ubuntu one might be my next replacement – thanks for the recommendation!Charlotte xx – Charlotte Sophia Roberts

  2. Millie Nicole says:

    That Fix It Treatment sounds so good, my hairs been feeling a little dry lately so I'm definitely going to have to check that product out! Millie x // Millie’s Wardrobe

  3. Holly Barker says:

    I love the smell of Lee Stafford products and I haven't bought any for so long. I used to use their heat protection spray, I'm not sure if they even still so it…

    • Jodie Moores says:

      they smell lovely don't they! I'm going to have a look into a heat protector from them, hoping they have one! x

  4. Yiotou_La says:

    I love the Lee Stafford products! I am currently using the heat protection spray and the hair growth treatment. YiotaPinkDaisyLoves

    • Jodie Moores says:

      Such good products for the money aren't they! I love them over a lot of high end hair care I've tried xx

  5. Beautylymin says:

    I absolutely love the Lee Stafford hair growth range & bought that Fix It mask too so having read this, I need to use it asap! xxBeautylymin

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