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NYX Cosmetics Micro Brow Pencil Review.

product photo of the NYX Micro Brow Pencil with pink petals at the back

After years of over plucking (who also went there in 2009?) my brows have thankfully grown back, but they still definitely need help to look fuller and frame my face. After trying so many different types of products over the years, one I keep coming back to is the NYX Cosmetics Micro Brow Pencil.

Review of the Mirco Brow Pencil

The pencil costs £9, which compared to many similar products on the market I think is pretty good. There’s 8 shades in total (I use the shade Taupe), and this comes with a spoolie on the other side which is essential when using this type of product. The main thing I love about the Micro Brow Pencil is the precision you can achieve to create hair like strokes, and it lasts throughout the day without smudging too.

Before this I’d been using powder and the Benefit Gimme Brow to fill in my brows for a pretty long time. I switched to the NYX Micro Brow Pencil because I just wanted to try something that would give me more of a natural and precise looking finish, and that’s exactly what I can get from this product.

I love the small nib, it’s perfect when looking to achieve a natural looking brow and mimic hairs, rather than just colouring in like I used to! The texture of the product is exactly as I would expect, it’s the perfect balance of waxy and slightly dry ensuring it stays put on your brows longer than an hour. I have oily skin and don’t find this to smudge at all throughout the day. It’s pigmented but not overly, which is the joy of using a pencil as it makes it really easy to use.

The only issue I have is the shade range. I went for Taupe which I thought would be more of a cool toned light/ medium brown, it’s much more warm which as you can see my eyebrows definitely aren’t. Obviously the shots are taken up close which does make it much more obvious, but I think I would still benefit from a more cool toned shade. Overall the collection could benefit from 4-6 more shades – if not more, but this is the price you pay for going highstreet and buying a product that’s more affordable.

How I Fill In My Brows

I thought I would show you how I fill in my brows using the micro brow pencil. I start by combing them through so all of the hairs are tamed and less wild (anyone else wake up with brows all over the place?). As my brows are quite fair I aim to add my colour, so I start at the bottom and use light upwards strokes to try and create hair like marks, rather than just colouring in. I tend to leave the start of my brow clear of product and just use a spoolie to drag a little colour to the front, that way it looks more natural. I usually use a brow gel, here I’m using the Eylure brow gel which is really fab as it doesn’t leave my brows feeling crispy or too sticky like some brow gels can. If I have the time I apply a little concealer around the brows, just to make them look even more defined.

Overall I am impressed and I will continue to use this, I need to get myself down to a NYX counter instead of ordering online so I can see all of the shades and decide in person. I am definitely becoming converted to this type of brow product, it is easy to use and perfect for a more natural look.

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    Millie Nicole

    June 18, 2016Reply

    This looks so good, I'm currently using the Anastasia Brow Wiz so this looks like a great dupe for when that runs out! Millie x // Millie’s Wardrobe

    Lola M.

    June 18, 2016Reply

    This looks great, love NYX

    Gemma Louise

    June 18, 2016Reply

    Love how natural your brows look, might have to include some brow products in my next NYX order after seeing this! xJust Little Things

    Alina Bostan

    June 19, 2016Reply

    Love the finished look on your brows, so natural yet still defined. Need to try out this NYX pencil asap but like you I'd definitely need to check the shades in store xBeauty with charm

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