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Bryt Skincare Review

Why I haven’t written a skincare post in a while I don’t know, I have been pretty smitten with my routine and almost forgot to share it with you all. A couple of months back I was kindly sent some skincare from Bryt (Bright Young Things)*. Honestly, when it comes to skincare brands I haven’t heard of before I do try them with caution, luckily my skin has been on its best behaviour the past two months, and my guess is these products have made a real difference. 

I decided to try the 3 step process that the brand offers. To cut to the chase, the foam cleanser isn’t for me, simply because I much prefer a cream based cleanser and I always have. I decided to integrate the serum and moisturiser into my morning skincare routine, as it really needed some amping up. I have been using the  Essential Serum religiously each morning, I pat this onto my face and neck and it sinks in almost instantly, my skin is left feeling nourished and almost refined. This serum contains antioxidants and essential oils, since using this my skin appears to be much more balanced and less oily, so I am super impressed so far. 

Moisturising my skin is only something I have been doing consistency for around 8 months, so I’m still enjoying trying different options. The BRYT Day Moisturiser has SPS 15, which is something I look for in a moisturiser especially during the warmer months. I haven’t found this to be too heavy on my skin or clog my pores, it just hydrates and has a mattifying finish, so perfect both on it’s own or under makeup. I apply the moisturiser a few minutes after using the serum, they work really well with each other, a fab little combination for anyone with oily/ combination skin.

I wanted to find out more about the products and the ingredients so I headed to the website, every single one of the products contains a formulation called (Advanced Phytoscience System) which is said to detoxify the skin whilst also being moisturising, which is something I look for in most of my skincare products. I am really impressed with this brand, I honestly think this is the perfect start up skincare brand. Lovely ingredients, not too much of a hefty price tag and my teenage like skin is definitely appreciative of the serum and moisturiser. 

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    Amelia Grace

    June 16, 2016Reply

    Such a lovely informative post!! Sounds like an amazing brand! <3 Amelia |


    June 16, 2016Reply

    I love the nourishing serum and the night cream. Essential for my skin. Love love it!


    June 16, 2016Reply

    Love the style of the packaging :)Ellen x

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