Recent Beauty Purchases/ First Impressions

I haven’t wrote a haul post in what seems like forever. I love a good haul but for beauty items I want to find out what made someone buy something and what they honestly think of it. I recently took a trip into Manchester to do some shopping, and in the same week ASOS, Topshop and Kiehl’s decided to give students 20% off! With this being my last term as a student I definitely made the most of it, lets just say I was feeling super spendy.

Firstly I want to mention NYX, completely off the cuff purchases as one of the many Boots stores in Manchester had an amazing stand. Annoyingly I happened to be in Boots at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon, so you can imagine how flippin packed it was, everyone was fighting for the soft matte lip creams so I quickly grabbed some products I remembered I wanted to try, rushed to pay and got out of there! I have a soft matte lip cream already in the less wearable shade “Prague,” so I know I really like the formula, this time I picked up Cannes, its just a very typical muted pink/ mauve shade that I love and wear on a daily basis. I also needed a new concealer so went for the HD Concealer, the only reason for this purchase was that I’m so bored of the Collection Lasting Perfection and wanted to try something new, hopefully I’ll love this just as much. During one of the bbloggers chats on twitter I asked about the best primer for pores/ oily skin, I had a couple of recommendations to try the pore filler, so far, really pretty good, it seems to be really helping to diminish the appearance of the pores on my cheeks.

The Urban Decay All Night Spray is a repurchase. If you know me you’ll know I bang on about how amazing this is all the time, so I’ll stop here with that one. I have a love hate relationship with the L’oreal Infallible 24h matte foundation, sometimes it looks fab, and others it just hasn’t lasted and has looked patchy on me! I ran out so I decided to repurchase it, as my skin is becoming oilier with the warmer weather I think this will suit my skin a lot better, as I seemed to love it this time last year. Recently UNiDAYs have really been sorting us students out, when I saw the 20% off at Kiehl’s, I was overly excited, it pretty much made my day, and it was one of the main reasons I was so eager to head into Manchester to pop into their boutique store… After discovering their Ultra Facial Cream back in January my skin has changed so much for the better, so I really wanted to try more of their products aimed at helping to keep my skin moisturised and hydrated. I picked up another Ultra Facial Cream and also decided to try the Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque, I have such high hopes for this mask as I just love the cream, so fingers crossed I will love it.

If you can spot it in the top right hand corner I managed to get a sample of the Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint, the ladies on the counter in the Manchester Selfridges were so lovely and happy to help me even though I only wanted a sample. I have heard so much hype around this and it has been on my wishlist for a while, I always pick up samples of highend foundations before I buy them, so I can’t wait to give this one a go.

A full review of the NYX and Kiehl’s products will be up once I have given them a test run, I’m so happy I finally managed to scribble a couple of beauty bits off my wishlist and finally visit a NYX counter (even if it was packed). Have you made any beauty purchases recently?


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  1. Elisabeth Hayes says:

    I'm obsessed with the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams lately. Great haul!xo, Liz

  2. Hannah Williams says:

    Unidays gave 20% off Kiehls?! How did i not know? I want my skin to change for the better! Also would love to try the Loreal matt foundation! xxBlog:: Hannah Rose

    • Jodie Moores says:

      Yeah they are still doing it I think, and hopefully its a permanent deal! It's such a hyped up product I'm sure you would love it! xx

  3. Jodie Loue says:

    Is the NYX pore filler good at muting pores then? I've heard nothing about it but I am intrigued because I definitely have pores to fill! I still need to try the Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream, I can't believe I missed the 20% off!Jodie //

    • Jodie Moores says:

      It is actually doing a really good job, still getting quite oily in my T-zone but it has really helped make my skins surface look smoother! I think they still have 20% off but I'm not sure, it is amazing and so worth the money xxx

  4. Leanne Saunders says:

    I love haul posts and you've picked up some great stuff I can't wait to read about the full reviews 🙂 Leanne |

  5. Caroline Malone says:

    How did I not know about the 20% off at Kiehls!?! I just purchased the Urban Decay All Night Spray myself and cannot wait for it to arrive so I can start wearing it! From what I've heard it's a good'n

    • Jodie Moores says:

      Ahh I know, I've just checked and the deal is still going from the Unidays website. I hope you love it, I can't go a day without wearing it now xx

  6. Claire says:

    The Nars sample is adorable, you're so lucky, I've found that not many counters give them out anymore. As for the NYX Lip Creams, I'm obsessed!xxx Claire

    • Jodie Moores says:

      so cute isn't it, I was really surprised myself that they had some I'm glad that I asked now. I love them, I just want more shades now! xxx

  7. Lisa Wickens says:

    I need to try this pore filler. Large pores are the bane of my life! Would you recommend it? The kiehls overnight mask sounds wonderful xx Lisa

  8. Cindy Yue says:

    The NYX HD concealer is one of my all time favorites, it does a great job and is a fraction of other ones popular on the market like the NARS creamy concealer. I hope you like it! And also that sample size of the NARS Velvet tint is so lovely, perfect for traveling! Hope you get on with that one as well cause I picked it up a few months back and am so excited to use it now that I'm just about done with my old foundations! Cindy |

  9. The Sunday Mode says:

    I really want to get my hands on the soft matte lip creams by NYX. They're always sold out of the more muted shades when I've looked but Cannes looks lovely so I'll try and track that down.

  10. Emily-Beatrice Marsh says:

    I'm yet to get to a NYX stand in a Boots store, but the one in Birmingham's Selfridges is always heaving so I never end up having a proper good browse. I had no idea Kiehl's had that offer on, damn it! These products all seem fab, can't wait for more in depth reviews!Em | beautyandbullshitt x

  11. Alice ♡ says:

    I really hope they bring a NYX stand to one of my local Boots stores soon, I am so jealous as I love their products, shopping in store is much more fun than online.Alice ♡ // beautybyalicee

  12. Parie Joshi says:

    I need to visit a NYX stand!Parie

  13. Dalal Tahira says:

    I haven't really bought any makeup nor clothes lately (super strange of me!)- as soon as I'm off school I'll be hitting up the online shops and Oxford St asap hah. I hope my local Boots stocks NYX because I definitely need to try the lip creams too. Dalal 🙂

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