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Lush Haul Review

I was feeling the need for a massive pamper session as I’m mid way through exam revision, so off course some Lush bath bombs and a face mask were on the cards. Whenever I get the chance to have a weekend at home, a nice home cooked meal and a bath are the two things I look forward to the most (I’m a bit of a granny really).

I’ve tried a couple of the fresh face masks which I’ve bought based on an online review or recommendations, but after explaining my battle with dehydrated/ oily skin to the assistant I was recommended Cupcake. I’m not going to lie, it’s a little messy and my the sink ends up looking like I’ve just washed mud off my face, but the cleaning up is all so worth it as this mask has become a new favourite. Not only does it leave my skin feeling purified, it also feels nourished, the perfect balance when my skin is misbehaving. I use this after cleansing, leave it for 10-15 minutes, rinse and cleanse again, I’ve noticed a difference in my skins texture and I haven’t been breaking out at all whilst using this. I think amongst the food in my fridge there will be a pot of this from now on!

One of my all time favourite bath bombs is Think Pink it smells deliciously sweet and there is something about the left over pink confetti at the bottom of the bath that just makes me happy.
Apart from Ultrabland the mmmelting marshmallow moment bath oil is probably one of the only products from Lush that I have been disappointed in. This oil didn’t really give off any scent and my skin didn’t feel anywhere near as moisturised compared to bath oils I’ve tried previously, a little annoying but I know for next time. Lastly I decided to try something new, Blackberry bath bomb. This looks like nothing special from the outside but there is a paper message inside the bath bomb, it’s a fun touch, especially as I discovered it mid bath wondering where the hell the floating piece of paper had come from. The whole bath turned purple and I felt truly relaxed with this one, perfect if you are needing to have an exam destress!

I’m definitely going to miss being in walking distance from a lush, when I move back home (only 3 weeks to go!) from uni I’ll be a good 50 minutes away from the nearest store! Would love to know what your absolute must have lush products are!


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