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Easy Hair Removal with Nair

Lets talk hair removal, we all have to do it so I thought it would be nice to share a good little duo that helps out… There are a couple of reasons why each summer I am usually put off getting my legs out… Firstly it’s how pale they are without a little help from a gradual tanner, and secondly it’s a lot of effort to make sure they’re in tip top condition! Throughout winter I had just been using a regular razor and my legs became so dry, I had been looking for something quick but effective so when the odd day of sunshine does occur my legs are ready to go! I was recently sent the new Nair Argan Oil Hair Removal Cream *to try, and it is now my go to product to keep my legs hair free.

Thankfully this cream has no nasty scent like other hair removal creams I am familiar with, so I was impressed straight away. Another thing is how quickly the hair came off my legs, admittedly I do have quite light and fine hair, but within 3-4 minutes I was ready to jump in the shower and wash it off. My legs were left evenly hair free but also so soft compared to other hair removal options, this cream contains argan oil, jojoba oil and coconut butter, so you can imagine how smooth it leaves the skin feeling. After using this for around 3 weeks now my skin no longer feels tight, dry or itchy, but back to normal, a new must have in my routine!

I also received the Ultra Precision Bikini Cream* at first I was sceptical about applying hair removal cream to more sensitive areas, but I’m surprised how good this is, no stinging or irritation. When using this under my arms it left them soft and smooth for a lot longer than using a razor would, so although it takes slightly longer in the mornings with this one, it is well worth it for the results.

Overall I’m really impressed, these products are pretty much scent free, get rid of any hair easily and leave my skin feeling soft. What are your favourite ways to keep hair free in the summer?

A quick heads up – I am half way through my last ever uni exams, I have a Canon 700d on the way *screams with excitment* and I cannot wait to get back to posting 3-4 times a week! Hope you are all well x


    Lucy Films

    May 29, 2016Reply

    These sound amazing – always on the hunt for something that can remove hair that doesn't involve shaving, I might have to give both of these a go!Lucy | Forever September


    May 31, 2016Reply

    I've always used Nair as my brand for hair removal. Back in the day (I'm talking a decade ago perhaps) the products were terrible, and they burned the skin so it's really nice that these products are such great quality and work well! xx

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