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5 Summer Makeup Essentials

I've been itching to write this post for a while now, there is nothing better than having a makeup refresh as the weather gets warmer. I have been loving light weight bases, creamy blushers and lots of highlight. I thought I would share 5 products that will without a doubt be over loved this summer.

I have oily skin and usually opt for a more mattifying base so I'm always unsure about foundations that claim to leave a dewy finish, as they don't tend to last 5 minutes on me. The L'oreal Nude Magique Cushion foundation is the first I've tried that allows me to have a dewy finish that lasts, finally! I use a buffing brush and within a minute it is all blended leaving a light weight base that gives such a nice glow, its one of those foundations that does provide some coverage, but you really can't tell that anything is on the skin. I do still powder my t-zone but I tend to do that with any base I wear. If you haven't already tried this then I would recommend giving it a go!

Another essential is a creamy blush, I love how fresh and light they keep my makeup looking. The Topshop cream blush in Head Over Heels it is the perfect mix of pink/ coral, the quality makes this feel much more like a highend blusher as its so pigmented and blends so well. These definitely don't get enough hype, they're lovely. They are a cream to powder formula except they don't leave the skin looking flat, they're uplifting, perfect for perking up my complexion if I've chucked on a full coverage foundation too.

I've wrote a full review of the Clinique Chubby Contour Stick, although the colour does look warm it manages to provide a natural looking contour, its contouring for anyone that really doesn't like the idea of it, it adds definition without being obvious - I love it! The NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes isn't a typical summer shade, it is a colour I would wear all year round, however its the formula that makes it a winner. I tend to get dry lips all year round by especially in summer, these are a matte formula but don't draw moisture out of the lips, I can wear this without it feeling uncomfortable all day. Lastly is the Benefit Eye Bright, this is such a multi use product, I love using it along the water line to make my eyes look brighter and bigger, but it also works well under the brow bone to make everything a little more defined, if you haven't already tried a nude eyeliner pencil then you need to!

What are your summer makeup must haves?


Easy Hair Removal with Nair

Lets talk hair removal, we all have to do it so I thought it would be nice to share a good little duo that helps out... There are a couple of reasons why each summer I am usually put off getting my legs out... Firstly it's how pale they are without a little help from a gradual tanner, and secondly it's a lot of effort to make sure they're in tip top condition! Throughout winter I had just been using a regular razor and my legs became so dry, I had been looking for something quick but effective so when the odd day of sunshine does occur my legs are ready to go! I was recently sent the new Nair Argan Oil Hair Removal Cream *to try, and it is now my go to product to keep my legs hair free.

Thankfully this cream has no nasty scent like other hair removal creams I am familiar with, so I was impressed straight away. Another thing is how quickly the hair came off my legs, admittedly I do have quite light and fine hair, but within 3-4 minutes I was ready to jump in the shower and wash it off. My legs were left evenly hair free but also so soft compared to other hair removal options, this cream contains argan oil, jojoba oil and coconut butter, so you can imagine how smooth it leaves the skin feeling. After using this for around 3 weeks now my skin no longer feels tight, dry or itchy, but back to normal, a new must have in my routine!

I also received the Ultra Precision Bikini Cream* at first I was sceptical about applying hair removal cream to more sensitive areas, but I'm surprised how good this is, no stinging or irritation. When using this under my arms it left them soft and smooth for a lot longer than using a razor would, so although it takes slightly longer in the mornings with this one, it is well worth it for the results.

Overall I'm really impressed, these products are pretty much scent free, get rid of any hair easily and leave my skin feeling soft. What are your favourite ways to keep hair free in the summer?

A quick heads up - I am half way through my last ever uni exams, I have a Canon 700d on the way *screams with excitment* and I cannot wait to get back to posting 3-4 times a week! Hope you are all well x


NYX Cosmetics: First Impressions

There has been so much hype around NYX beauty products, for months I have been desperate to try pretty much every shade of the soft matte lip creams, that's a lie, I have been desperate to try everything if I'm honest. Popping into Boots on a Saturday afternoon to have a look definitely wasn't the best of ideas, but I did manage to come away with three new bits. I really wanted to try some of their base products as I feel like their lip products gain most of the attention, I took note of some shades I liked the look of though.

All you oily skin girls know my pain when you look in the mirror mid day to find your makeup has disappeared, and your T-zone has gone crazy. The only silicone based primer I like is the Benefit porefessional, it manages to keep my skin shine free for hours and doesn't interfere with my base over the top, I have been wanting to find a cheaper match for ages so I picked up the Pore Filler. Unfortunately this just isn't for me, I did find that it smoothed over my skin well, blurring the pores on my cheeks, but after wearing this for 3 hours my base had separated on my skin and my foundation just looked awful! I'm pretty disappointed with this, I'm going to pass it to my mum and see what she thinks as she loves the porefessional too, so hopefully she is able to make use of it.

I've been after the Urban Decay Naked concealer which I'll probably still be picking up at some points, but the resemblance from the NYX 24 Hour Concealer drew me in, so I thought off the cuff I would give it a try. Honestly, again not so impressed, this really clings to any dry areas around my eyes and I don't find it particularly easy to blend either, it probably doesn't help that the shade I picked up is slightly too light aswel (I blame the busy counter). One good thing is how many shades they had to choose from, something to suit every skin tone. 

So, I was off to a really bad start, but thankfully the soft matte lip cream restored my faith in the brand. I am so obsessed with this and I've added more to my wishlist, I want to have an instagram worthy collection soon. I picked up Cannes which is a gorgeous warm pink/ nude, a really interesting shade which I find really flattering and wearable for everyday. I've actually been reaching for this everyday when I'm stuck with what to go for, which I haven't experienced with a lipstick for a while. I haven't actually been put off the brand, I still want to try more of there products, but I think it will be an online order instead.

What are your favourite products from NYX? 


Lush Haul\ Review

I was feeling the need for a massive pamper session as I'm mid way through exam revision, so off course some Lush bath bombs and a face mask were on the cards. Whenever I get the chance to have a weekend at home, a nice home cooked meal and a bath are the two things I look forward to the most (I'm a bit of a granny really).

I've tried a couple of the fresh face masks which I've bought based on an online review or recommendations, but after explaining my battle with dehydrated/ oily skin to the assistant I was recommended Cupcake. I'm not going to lie, it's a little messy and my the sink ends up looking like I've just washed mud off my face, but the cleaning up is all so worth it as this mask has become a new favourite. Not only does it leave my skin feeling purified, it also feels nourished, the perfect balance when my skin is misbehaving. I use this after cleansing, leave it for 10-15 minutes, rinse and cleanse again, I've noticed a difference in my skins texture and I haven't been breaking out at all whilst using this. I think amongst the food in my fridge there will be a pot of this from now on!

One of my all time favourite bath bombs is Think Pink it smells deliciously sweet and there is something about the left over pink confetti at the bottom of the bath that just makes me happy.
Apart from Ultrabland the mmmelting marshmallow moment bath oil is probably one of the only products from Lush that I have been disappointed in. This oil didn't really give off any scent and my skin didn't feel anywhere near as moisturised compared to bath oils I've tried previously, a little annoying but I know for next time. Lastly I decided to try something new, Blackberry bath bomb. This looks like nothing special from the outside but there is a paper message inside the bath bomb, it's a fun touch, especially as I discovered it mid bath wondering where the hell the floating piece of paper had come from. The whole bath turned purple and I felt truly relaxed with this one, perfect if you are needing to have an exam destress!

I'm definitely going to miss being in walking distance from a lush, when I move back home (only 3 weeks to go!) from uni I'll be a good 50 minutes away from the nearest store! Would love to know what your absolute must have lush products are!


Hydrated Skin with Kiehl's

Kiehl's is a skincare brand I fell in love with at the beginning of this year after discovering their Ultra Facial Cream, since integrating this within my routine all I have noticed is changes in my skin for the better! I have oily skin but if I don’t stick to using regular treatments and drink plenty of water it becomes so dehydrated. I have noticed when my skin is dehydrated not only does my makeup sit awfully and disappear half way through the day, but I also break out a lot more and have those small under the skin bumps, so it is my absolute priority to keep the moisture levels up.

I've wrote a full review of the Ultra Facial Cream and the results I saw from that after around a month of using it. To update you, in short, it is now my all time favourite moisturiser. It provides hydration that doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky or greasy, and it works perfectly under makeup too. If you have oily skin and don’t already use a moisturiser on a daily basis then I would seriously recommend it, my skin isn't as oily as it used to be and I’m putting it down to the fact I've been adding in extra moisture, this stops the skin from producing excess oils.

I had heard nothing about the Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque so I really didn't know what to expect, I usually do a lot of research into my skincare before purchasing it, but I just put my faith in the staff at the Kiehl’s boutique store in Manchester (who were lovely by the way, such a gorgeous store and fab service). Firstly, how the heck this mask isn't one of those overly hyped up skincare products by bloggers I do not know, it is amazing! This throws all of the other masks that are aimed to hydrate out of the window for me, literally nothing I've tried compares.

It has a gel consistency which I wasn't expecting at all as all of the other hydrating masks I've tried are creams, it is cooling and soothing and for the first few minutes after application it tingles on the skin feeling a lot like a chemical exfoliant. After 10 – 15 minutes of wear I wipe off the excess and sleep wearing what’s left of the mask. In the morning my skin is left feeling so soft, but it is always the visible difference that really leaves me impressed, my skin looked so much more plump, a lot of the marks I had from previous blemishes had diminished, and my skin was glowing!

So if you haven’t got the message from this, you need to get a sample or buy this mask as it is a game changer! Kiehl’s as a whole just keeps on impressing me with their products, I was also provided with some samples which I'm also really enjoying using.

Have you tried any products from Kiehl’s? Plus if you have any masque or moisturiser favourites then let me know


Instagram accounts you need to follow!

This post is so long over due, if you know me then you'll know that I probably fall under the category of Instagram obsessed, it is by far my favourite social media platform. I love how creative it has allowed me to become with my photography, and I love the inspiration that other accounts share. Over the past week I've been making a mental note and taking screenshots of the accounts I find the most aesthetically pleasing, and I just had to share them all.


If there is one person that knows how to create a beautiful flatlay, then it is Sophie, I feel like I could spot one of her photos a mile off. A fabulous mix of everything, from beauty, stationary and some lush goodies, this is one of the prettiest Instagram accounts that I follow!


If you like amazing looking sweet treats (peanut butter Reeses Pieces cookies was one of her recent posts!), pretty flowers and beauty products thrown into the mix too, then you need to follow Milly! Also her little girl Florence is adorable, nothing cuter than baby pictures!


Katy's instagram is more minimal and on the monochrome side, it gives off this Parisian vibe, which I love! With plenty of Charlotte Tilbury featured (which if you know me, you'll know keeps me happy), she adds pops of colour to her images through beauty products which just works so well.


One of the more unique beauty related Instagram accounts, Amanda's use of props with beauty products to create the perfect image really works. I love how she mixes both lighter and darker back drops as it is just so different to the typical blogger set up, yet equally as gorgeous! The quality of her photos is amazing too, it is accounts like Amanda's that really make me want to invest in a better camera.

Madeleine Shaw

If I'm need of a healthy recipe or some inspiration to get my butt into gear then Madeline Shaw's instagram is the first place I go, I love her book Get The Glow and her Instagram is a little on the go version. No one flatlays a healthy meal and makes it look as delicious as Madeleine does!


One of my more recent finds on Instagram, Imii lives in Paris so you can just imagine the gorgeous shots she manages to take! I love seeing her snaps of different landmarks, and it has definitely made me even more obsessed with Paris, fingers crossed I get to tick Paris off my travel list some time soon.


Lily's feed reminds me of a sunny morning, every photo has gorgeous light to it that make them really unique! Lily's interior shots are filled with copper and gorgeous greenery that just work together so well, like most of the accounts I love there is a mix of beauty, but also some lifestyle/ fashion related content too.

There are plenty of other accounts that I love, I really want to make this a monthly thing once I discover more gems! If there are any accounts that you think I should follow based on my faves then please let me know, also share you own favourites in the comments, lets share the love!


Recent Beauty Purchases/ First Impressions

I haven't wrote a haul post in what seems like forever. I love a good haul but for beauty items I want to find out what made someone buy something and what they honestly think of it. I recently took a trip into Manchester to do some shopping, and in the same week ASOS, Topshop and Kiehl's decided to give students 20% off! With this being my last term as a student I definitely made the most of it, lets just say I was feeling super spendy.

Firstly I want to mention NYX, completely off the cuff purchases as one of the many Boots stores in Manchester had an amazing stand. Annoyingly I happened to be in Boots at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon, so you can imagine how flippin packed it was, everyone was fighting for the soft matte lip creams so I quickly grabbed some products I remembered I wanted to try, rushed to pay and got out of there! I have a soft matte lip cream already in the less wearable shade "Prague," so I know I really like the formula, this time I picked up Cannes, its just a very typical muted pink/ mauve shade that I love and wear on a daily basis. I also needed a new concealer so went for the HD Concealer, the only reason for this purchase was that I'm so bored of the Collection Lasting Perfection and wanted to try something new, hopefully I'll love this just as much. During one of the bbloggers chats on twitter I asked about the best primer for pores/ oily skin, I had a couple of recommendations to try the pore filler, so far, really pretty good, it seems to be really helping to diminish the appearance of the pores on my cheeks.

The Urban Decay All Night Spray is a repurchase. If you know me you'll know I bang on about how amazing this is all the time, so I'll stop here with that one. I have a love hate relationship with the L'oreal Infallible 24h matte foundation, sometimes it looks fab, and others it just hasn't lasted and has looked patchy on me! I ran out so I decided to repurchase it, as my skin is becoming oilier with the warmer weather I think this will suit my skin a lot better, as I seemed to love it this time last year. Recently UNiDAYs have really been sorting us students out, when I saw the 20% off at Kiehl's, I was overly excited, it pretty much made my day, and it was one of the main reasons I was so eager to head into Manchester to pop into their boutique store... After discovering their Ultra Facial Cream back in January my skin has changed so much for the better, so I really wanted to try more of their products aimed at helping to keep my skin moisturised and hydrated. I picked up another Ultra Facial Cream and also decided to try the Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque, I have such high hopes for this mask as I just love the cream, so fingers crossed I will love it.

If you can spot it in the top right hand corner I managed to get a sample of the Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint, the ladies on the counter in the Manchester Selfridges were so lovely and happy to help me even though I only wanted a sample. I have heard so much hype around this and it has been on my wishlist for a while, I always pick up samples of highend foundations before I buy them, so I can't wait to give this one a go.

A full review of the NYX and Kiehl's products will be up once I have given them a test run, I'm so happy I finally managed to scribble a couple of beauty bits off my wishlist and finally visit a NYX counter (even if it was packed). Have you made any beauty purchases recently?
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