The Clinique Chubby Contour Stick

April 18, 2016

Contouring definitely isn’t my strong point. I’ve tried to master it and just failed, resulting with the finish being obvious and fake looking.

Having oily skin I always opted for a powder product, but I always knew a cream contour would blend a lot better, hopefully making it easier to look less like I was trying waaaaaay too hard. I was torn between a couple of options but decided to try the Clinique Chubby Contour Stick. I was slightly sceptical as to whether the one shade “Curvy Contour,” would work for how flippin pale I am, so I tried it on in store. Finally, I feel like I’ve found a product that works for me, goodbye chipmunk cheeks, hello cheekbones! 

Before blending

After blending

I apply this just under my cheek bones (yes I do have some), along my jawline and by the temples. What makes this different to other contour products I’ve tried is how easy it is to blend. It leaves a seamless finish that creates a subtle shadow, making a good difference that isn’t obvious. The shade doesn’t resemble the typical cool toned/ grey contouring shades, it is a more natural and neutral brown that looks more like a bronzer, but blended it is just perfect. I use my fingers first, but often i’ll go in with a buffing brush, to make it even less obvious. Staying power depends on the base I am using, applied over a tinted moisturiser it doesn’t last aslong, on top of one of my more long lasted bases and it lasts the majority of the day!

I’m so happy that I picked this up, I’m seriously late to the party with contouring but happy that I finally have something that works for me. What are you favourite contouring products?

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Jodie V says:

I need to get my hands on this, it looks so seamless once it's blended! I'm such a sucker for a good contour product!Jodie //

Jodie Moores says:

Its gorgeous, I love wearing it! Soooo happy with it xxx

Laura Wardropper says:

Wow I didn't expect it to blend out so well! I've only ever tried contour with powder, I think it's time I step it up a bit, I have a serious case of hamster cheeks!Laura // Laura Wardrobe

Jodie Moores says:

haha so annoying isn't it! I think this would work nicely layered aswel, I'm obsessed with it xx

A Little Dose of Makeup says:

This looks amazing! I have to try this!xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

Jodie Moores says:

You do, it's a really fab product! x

Laura Louise says:

This looks so good! Contouring isn't my strong point either so most of the time I just don't bother but I'll have to try this out! xxlaura | lauzylouu

Jodie Moores says:

I was the same, this makes it so quick and it looks good! x

McKenzie Miller says:

I would like to see what this look like on my skin, I'm so fair! I've always stayed away from bronzers or anything like that, but I think this would be easier to blend since it's creamy!

Jodie Moores says:

I didn't even spend long blending it in on the back of my hand, so I think it could become even more sheer. I tried mine out in store first and loved it xx

Lisa Santos says:

Looks amazing!!

Jodie Moores says:

Thank you Lisa! xx

Tia Katarina says:

This product sounds amazing you've actually tempted me to run out and buy it! The shade looks absolutely spot-on.Tia |

Jodie Moores says:

It would work for so many people, you should try it! xx

Stefanie Meier says:

this is such a beautiful shade xStefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin'

Jodie Moores says:

Great isn't it! x

Alina Bostan says:

I really like the tone of this contour shade, not too cool or warm, just perfect. I've actually never payed much attention to this before but will definitely check it out xBeauty with charm

Jodie Moores says:

Yeah exactly, it really is perfect! Its nothing like the really cool toned shades, I think they make contouring so much harder. I'm so happy I bought it x

Em B says:

i've got this too and i'm obsessed! lovely review:)

Jodie Moores says:

Oo thank you, I'm glad you like it as much as I do, I'm using it pretty much everyday now xxx

Vigi Raj says:

This looks wonderful and hassle free to use! definitely want to try this out xx

Katy Belle says:

I've been contemplating getting this product for a while. Contouring definitely isn't my strong point either, and I usually stick to powder contouring too but I often find it does look too harsh. This product looks as though it blends beautifully! I may just have to bite the bullet and try it out. Great review!Katy / Katy Belle

Scarlett Sherwood says:

I have just recently bought this product and am in love! blends so easily I love it! Brilliant review – described the product exactly how it is :)

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