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SoEco Makeup Brushes

Any makeup I apply without having used good skincare before hand, or good tools to apply it with never looks the same. I am always on the hunt for brushes, especially for base products as I always wan’t my base to be as perfected as it possibly can be (like most people I guess)! For the past two weeks I have been trying some brushes from the brand SoEco which were kindly sent to me from, and so far… really good!

The Multi Tasking Brush* – Firstly this is so soft, secondly, never has anything blended my foundation as quickly as this, it looks seemless and takes me around 30 seconds to do my whole face! No harsh lines or build up of makeup in certain areas, this brush just helps create the perfect base. I like my foundation to look like skin, I hate it looking too thick or obvious, this helps to achieve a more natural and skin like base because of how easy it is to buff and blend my foundation. I have washed this twice so far and there has been no shedding or loss of quality, which I am so pleased about.

The Finishing Brush* – At first I started using this for my loose powder, but I then went back and had a good read of the packaging and it suggested to use it for blusher. I usually apply my blusher with a dense brush, but this works so much better! This distributes my blusher so evenly and the overall finish is more natural and perfected. Before using this my blusher would look patchy in places, this really helps to add colour seamlessly. For any pale skin girls out there this is also perfect for bronzer, it is really difficult to over do it when using this.

With me being in uni I end up travelling quite alot so a small set of brushes is so ideal for me. The SoEco Eye Brush Kit * (along with my trusty MAC 217) is all I need for a trip. I can do my eyebrows, gel eye liner and apply my eyeshadow with the tools in this kit. Another bonus is that they are all kept nice and compact in the carry case!

Overall I am really impressed with the quality of these brushes considering how affordable they are. All of them have washed really well and have already made their way into my routine replacing previous favourites! Also, for anyone as impatient as me out there, offers free 1st class delivery, these arrived the next day!

What are your favourite brushes for base products?

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    Anne Timmons

    March 20, 2016Reply

    ughhh the second I have money this is what I'm getting <3 I love the SoEco powder brush, but I think I'll need to expand my range now all my brushes are falling apart! This post was very helpful (for me- I'm sorely tempted) but maybe my bank account won't be so happy! Therefore, it was a fabulous post 😛 Love,Anne x

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